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Bamboo Baby Clothes Review, Pros and Cons

Whether you’re shopping for a new baby of your own or a friend or loved one’s baby shower, nothing delights new parents more than cozy, safe, and cute baby clothing. Free Birdees bamboo clothes cover all of those bases. The one-of-a-kind designs coupled with the high-quality Bamboo viscose materials used to make their baby clothes, as well as their comfort and durability, have parents flocking (pun intended) to the cutest of boutiques for Bamboo clothing.

What’s more, their baby clothes are so comfortable, cozy, breathable, and stretchy that they may even help you and most importantly, your baby, sleep sounder at night. Speaking of your sleep, they even sell a line of luxurious adult Bamboo sleepwear; their adult line makes for perfect co-sleeping conditions as well as the best ensembles for adorable family-pajama photographs.

Lastly, in addition to sleepwear, their line of lavish Bamboo bedding can further improve your baby’s slumber. Read on to hear about all of the wonderful ways Bamboo clothing and bedding can benefit you and your child.

Why Bamboo Clothes Are Worth the Price

It should come as no surprise that baby clothes made from Bamboo come with a higher ticket price than your run-of-the-mill, mall-bought clothing. Better products made of better materials cost more to produce and fashion. The reason Bamboo clothing will have you paying more at checkout is simple; processing Bamboo as a textile is a multi-step process that’s more involved than processing, say, cotton.

The good news is that with a little research, you can certainly find affordable bamboo baby clothes. But is the higher cost worth your hard-earned money? Simply…yes. In terms of quality, Bamboo is a superior textile for baby clothing to most other textiles. It’s lightweight, breathable, incredibly soft, and absorbent. Essentially, Bamboo does everything a new parent would want their baby's clothing to do. If the cost of your baby’s Bamboo clothing has you second-guessing whether you should take the plunge, know that it washes super well so even if you only invest in a few Bamboo outfits, you can easily keep a constant rotation in your child’s wardrobe. Furthermore, there are many places to purchase affordable bamboo baby clothes.

The Benefits of Bamboo Clothes That You May Not Have Considered

Bamboo clothing, pajamas, and the like, have a variety of wonderful benefits that you may have never considered. Each of the benefits reviewed below come together to create a comfortable and peaceful night of sleep for your baby and in turn for you. Undoubtedly, new parents desperately look forward to longer stretches of sleep; here are a few ways Bamboo clothes might help.

Bamboo Clothing is Supremely Breathable

Bamboo as a textile is incredibly porous and lightweight. As such, your baby will feel comfortable and cool when wearing Bamboo as opposed to the stuffy, hot feeling they may experience when wearing cotton or polyblends. Babies can easily become overheated by blankets, sleepsacks, swaddles, car seats, skin-to-skin contact, etc.

Unfortunately, babies aren’t able to communicate their discomforts with you in any other way than crying. Parents know that there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to help your screaming baby. Clothing your baby keeps the guesswork out of what’s causing your child’s discomfort. If your child is wearing breathable Bamboo, you’ll rest assured that overheating isn’t the child’s issue; Bamboo clothing allows you to quickly move on to problem-solving other issues.

Furthermore, Bamboo clothes have the unique ability to help a baby thermal regulate their body temperature. This useful feature of baby Bamboo pajamas helps your baby to maintain warmth on cool nights and remain cool on warm nights. Conclusively, this amazing facet means that your baby clothes made from Bamboo are cross-seasonal.

Baby Bamboo Clothes are Very Soft

No matter the Bamboo baby clothes brands you’re researching, Bamboo baby pajamas all have one thing in common: they’re super soft. Often likened to Egyptian cotton, Bamboo is one of the softest clothing textiles. But what makes Bamboo so soft? Bamboo fibers are innately round and soft to the touch, unlike cotton fibers which contain small spurs that can be irritants to sensitive baby skin.

Part of what makes Bamboo so soft is the processes by which it’s milled. Essentially, Bamboo stalks are chopped, pulped with natural compounds, and finally milled into a fluffy, fibrous material. This multi-step process results in one of the most luxurious clothing textiles on the market. If you’ve never touched Bamboo cotton baby clothes before, you may be reluctant to make your first purchase. However, if you can imagine a supple cross between cotton and silk, you can imagine just how soft Bamboo is.

Bamboo’s High Resale Value

If your family is complete and you haven’t got a baby to pass your Bamboo infant clothing on to, rest assured that there’s a high resale value on these items. Essentially, buying Bamboo baby pajamas is an investment. While your child will thrive comfortably in his/her baby Bamboo clothes while he/she fits in them, so can other babies thereafter. As you likely know, there’s a thriving online consignment market where second-hand shoppers would delight in purchasing your baby’s hand-me-downs.

Bamboo is eco-friendly and will withstand the test of years of washes and wears. As such, your baby Bamboo clothes can easily be sold for a lucrative return on your investment. One of the many reasons the resale value of Bamboo is so high is that it still looks new after much use. Besides that, adorable patterns, sets, and colors make Bamboo infant clothing more desirable to shoppers than generic brand-name baby clothing prints. One of a handful of brands similar to Posh Peanut, Free Birdees sells the best bamboo clothes.

What About Bamboo’s Durability?

In a nutshell, baby Bamboo pajamas are incredibly durable. But what makes them so durable? Because Bamboo fibers are processed naturally, without harsh chemicals, the integrity of the fibers is upheld. The chemicals used to process other baby clothing fabrics are often refined with grating synthetics that break down fibers making them less durable. Because the Bamboo’s integrity is maintained, so too is the integrity of the clothing it's made from. As a result of keeping Bamboo’s inherent strength intact, the clothing crafted from Bamboo will remain unscathed by soil, wear and tear, and excessive washes.

Although Bamboo is highly durable in and of itself, you can further sustain your fabrics by following a careful washing regimen. It’s recommended that baby Bamboo pajamas, Bamboo baby blankets, and Bamboo baby crib sheets, among other popular items, be washed on cold and air-dried. Special care for these amazing Bamboo baby items will keep them for generations to come. Without a doubt, Free Birdees’ Bamboo baby pajamas are the best.

Bamboo Clothing is Stretchy and Will Grow With Your Child

Although Bamboo clothing comes in standard baby sizes, your child will get more use out of Bamboo clothing in each size bracket than traditional baby clothing. The reason is simple: Bamboo has a lot of give. It’s a super stretchy material which means your baby will get way more wear out of it than standard-sized baby clothing.

Besides growing with your child, Bamboo’s stretchy structure allows it to comfortably move with squirmy babies. As a parent, you know that babies are always on the move; between twitchy reflexes, learning to roll, and all their other adorable movements, it’s imperative that their clothing moves with them. You’re in luck though, because Bamboo onesies for babies have the utmost stretch when compared to other common textiles used in crafting baby clothes. So if you’re in the market for the best Bamboo baby pajamas, you’ve come to the right place. Premium Bamboo clothing and linens have just the right amount of stretch for babies on the move.

Eco-Friendly and Baby Safe

If you consider Bamboo clothes for no other reason, consider them for their safety and eco-friendly properties. A foremost consideration is your child’s safety; Bamboo clothes are highly sustainable and processed with all-natural, non-toxic materials. As such, you can rest assured that your baby’s health won’t be adversely affected by Bamboo pajamas.

Furthermore, by shopping for Bamboo clothing for your child you can positively impact the environment. Let’s face it, you have no choice but to clothe your child. However, by choosing Bamboo clothing, you’re choosing to purchase 100% biodegradable clothing that won’t clog landfills. So if you’re only buying Bamboo clothing because it's safer for your child, that’s reason enough. However, if you’re comparing organic cotton vs. Bamboo viscose fabric, Bamboo is environmentally superior. Surely, improving your footprint on the planet for future generations, including your baby, is another great reason to shop Bamboo.

The Few Disadvantages of Bamboo Baby Clothes

Undoubtedly, the advantages of clothing your baby in Bamboo far outweigh the disadvantages. However, we’d be remiss not to mention the most common problems with Bamboo clothes. To begin, Bamboo tends to shrink more than cotton fabrics; however, the stretchability of Bamboo counters that problem. Furthermore, by carefully washing your baby’s Bamboo clothes you can easily avoid shrinking them. Simply, machine or hand wash Bamboo clothes in cold water and hang them to dry.

A second of the few common problems with Bamboo fabric is that it wrinkles more than other common baby clothing fabrics. Again, the remedy to this issue is quite simple too. Turn clothes inside out and iron on a low heat setting and they’ll be as good as new.

The Best, Most Popular Bamboo Baby Clothes Brand

If you haven’t heard of Free Birdees baby clothes, you’ve been missing out. One of the most popular online baby boutiques for Bamboo clothing, they make gorgeous Bamboo clothes like rompers, pajamas, and more as well as bedding and other fine linens. Each of their luxurious products is made of the softest Bamboo fabrics. All of their products are designed with an eye for unique, one-of-a-kind prints. So not only will your little one sleep more soundly in Bamboo jammies but he/she will look adorable doing so.

What’s more, if you’re looking for special matching family pajama sets or unique mommy-and-me maternity sets, this is the place to shop. Whether shopping for an upcoming holiday spirit, a sweet family photoshoot, or even a child’s school pajama day, this is the place to pick up the most unique and adorable sets.

With more than 7,000 five-star reviews, moms agree that Free Birdees pajamas are safe, cozy, and insanely adorable. Beyond, children’s clothing and pajamas, Free Birdees also has an amazing line of cozy yet fashionable women’s loungewear that is perfect for post-partum recovery. So whether you’re shopping for your own bundle of joy, a baby shower, or a new mom, Free Birdees is one of the cutest boutiques to shop for Bamboo clothing.

Free Birdees' Reviews Don’t Lie

Free Birdees' Reviews most certainly don’t lie. New parents and gift-givers alike agree that they have the best Bamboo baby pajamas on the market. Countless Free Birdees reviews gush on about how beautiful and cozy the products are. Pages and pages of Free Birdees reviews assert that the “Free Birdees difference” is palpable in the soft Bamboo pajamas their babies are clothed in. Likewise, the beautiful prints hit it out of the park; the images are realistic and colorful and don’t fade when washed. The unique prints are like nothing you’ll find in your local mall stores. Gender-neutral, holiday, and other adorable prints such as gumballs and tractors, to name a few, will make your little one stand out from all the other babies.

Better yet, other Free Birdees reviews reveal that children sleep their soundest, coziest slumber when outfitted in Bamboo jammies, a Bamboo baby blanket, and Bamboo baby crib sheets. The dreamy designs coupled with the soothing fabrics work together to give your baby his/her best nights of sleep. Perfectly comfortable for all seasons, Bamboo jammies allow your baby to regulate his/her body temperature in both cold and hot climates.

The Top 10 Bamboo Baby Products to Consider

Undoubtedly, your baby’s comfort extends far beyond the comfort of his/her pajamas. Although babies spend a lot of time in their pajamas during the first weeks, months, and years of their lives, there are other notable ways to incorporate the comfort of Bamboo into their routines.

From crib sheets to baby blankets and rompers to swaddles, Bamboo clothing is a sustainable way of life that will see your baby through the beginnings of his/her life in sheer comfort. Beyond infancy, Bamboo styles such as twirly dresses, underwear, and coveralls are other adorable Bamboo styles your child can grow into. Take a look at some of the noteworthy Bamboo items you should surely add to your child’s wardrobe.

Why Buy Bamboo When Shopping For Baby Pajamas

If you’re in the market for adorable pajamas like Kickee pants, you’ve landed in the right place. From Bamboo footie pajamas to two-piece sets and footless styles to holiday designs for every special occasion, Free Birdees sleep sets run the gamut in both style and design. As a result of the many-faceted prints and patterns you’ll find here, you can be sure there’s something for any baby on your shopping list. From classic stripes and polka dots to whimsical animals and trendy tie-dye, the styles are inclusive.

Additionally, the children’s pajama sets come in a vast array of sizes from Newborn to 12Y. This means that when you’re shopping in this adorable boutique, you can easily shop for all the children on your list in one central location. Furthermore, if you dream of clothing all your little ones in fashionable matching sets, you can do that here too. Lastly, the sweet line of tonal solid jammies is perfect for mixing and matching or coordinating children if you prefer that to completely matching. Either way, you can pick up the highest quality, most adorable baby pajamas here.

Bamboo Rompers Perfect for Romping

The best Bamboo baby clothes are not hard to come by at Free Birdees. One of the cutest and most comfortable styles for play are their one-piece rompers. Available in a variety of patterns and designs, the Bamboo romper for babies is the perfect outfit to don your baby in for a day of romping in the playpen, learning to crawl, or rolling around in the yard. The Bamboo romper for babies is comfortable, durable, and best of all an easy outfit for diaper changes. What’s more, the Bamboo rompers are available in shorts and long-pants styles so no matter the season or the weather, they’re the perfect outfit. Additionally, these rompers give babies the freedom to comfortably move around because they’re pajamas like Kickee pants.

In addition to being cute and easy, just like Bamboo jammies, the rompers are super soft and cozy. This means babies can easily transition from activity time to nap time without having to change outfits. Comfortable for both play and rest, the Bamboo rompers are a must-have for any baby wardrobe. Another thing to love about these rompers is that they make for an excellent diaper bag outfit. Simply roll up this one article of clothing, and your bag’s ready for accidents and outfit changes. Wonderfully adorable and intensely comfortable, you can’t go wrong with Bamboo rompers.

Precious Bamboo Blankets

Without a doubt, Bamboo baby blankets are the coziest and most cute blankets you can grace your sweet baby with. If you’re shopping for an amazing baby gift, consider a luxurious Bamboo stroller blanket. Measuring 40x59 inches, these stroller blankets are the perfect size for tucking your little one in for a stroll around the park. The perfect blend of organic cotton vs. bamboo viscose fabric, these blankets are as breathable and stretchy as they are comfortable and cute. What’s more, the stroller blankets are available in many of the same patterns and prints as Free Birdees’ pajama sets so you can even match clothing to the blanket.

What’s more, once your baby has outgrown the neighborhood stroller rides, these also double as toddler blankets. Whether cuddling up on the couch, staying cozy during long car rides, or snuggling it to sleep, a Free Birdees’ bamboo baby blanket is all your child needs to feel at home. With exclusive prints, high-quality fabrics, and designs made by moms, these lavish Bamboo baby blankets will not only last your child their lifetime but may even be passed down as heirlooms to their children.

’Tis the Season for Holiday Matching Pajamas

Look no further than Free Birdees for the vastest selection of dynamic Bamboo holiday pajama sets. With prints depicting cute seasonal images and sets for many annual holidays, your child will have the most holiday spirit when wearing these precious jammies. Each of the holiday sets is available in two-piece, onesie, and footie designs, and they’re all donned in vivacious colors and sweet pictures. From Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Easter to Springtime scenes, and everything in between, your child will feel even more excited for the holidays when donning these pajamas.

Best of all, all of the holiday patterns have matching blankets, bedding, underwear, and beyond available to coordinate. These exquisite sets make the perfect gifts for young families; there’s surely nothing cuter than a brood of children in their matching holiday pajamas. Laudably, the holiday prints are available in a wide array of sizes up to 12Y.

Underwear for Boy and Girls That They’ll Love to Wear

The superior comfort and breathability don’t stop at bamboo cotton baby clothes. In fact, your child can enjoy the benefits of Bamboo through potty training and childhood with Free Birdees’ beautiful collection of Bamboo underwear. Designed to fit true-to-size, these underwear start in a size 2/3 and end at 9/10. With styles for both girls and boys, they have both brief and boxer brief cuts. Just like Free Birdees’ bamboo viscose baby clothes, the underwear prints are unique and adorable. Conveniently, the underwear can be purchased individually or in sets of two or three.

Free Birdees reviews suggest that even children who prefer to not wear underwear at all adore these cozy Bamboo underwear. The sweet colorful images coupled with the comfortability of these buttery-soft undies have little ones begging for their Bamboo underwear. Best of all, these underwear make potty training a breeze; little ones are inspired to use the potty for fear of having accidents in their favorite undies.

Bamboo Sleep Sacks for Snuggles and Safety

One of the coziest and safest ways to tuck your little one in at bedtime is in a Bamboo baby sleeping bag. These wearable blankets ensure that your baby is snug, secure, and able to regulate his or her body temperature in breathable Bamboo linen. Sleep sacks from Free Birdees are available in the usual lightweight, adorable prints as their other garments. The sacks are sleeveless, leaving babies’ arms free for stretching and the like. Furthermore, The sleep sacks are loose in the bodice leaving plenty of room for your little one to stretch his/her legs too.

Without a doubt, Free Birdees’ sleep sacks are the best baby sleep sacks your money can buy. Available in cute prints, lovely solids, and matching hats and headbands, these sleepsacks are not only cozy but they make for adorable newborn photo outfits. The sleep sacks are all outfitted with a two-way zipper closure which means your baby will remain securely inside all while allowing for super easy diaper changes. What’s more, unlike other baby clothes designers, Free Birdees’ designs are not treated with harsh flame resistant chemicals: even more reason to love this safe and worry-free brand. A bamboo baby sleeping bag is the most perfect gift for a new baby in the family or an expectant mother.

The Cutest Toddler Coveralls You’ll Ever See

These precious toddler coveralls are the perfect cross between pajamas and a romper. Not surprisingly, one of the best bamboo baby clothes brands has the most adorable coveralls on the market. The toddler coveralls are made with the signature buttery soft Bamboo viscose fabric. As a result, your toddler can enjoy the same comfort and breathability of the pajamas, sleep sack, and bed linen lines. Additionally, the gentle touch of the coveralls’ fabric ensures optimal comfort for even the most sensitive skin. Each coverall is made with the same high-quality fabric and slowed-sewing method that Free Birdees is known for. This process ensures the longevity of your child’s clothing.

Best of all, all of the colorful funky patterns you love in the pajama and bedding lines are available for the coveralls too. Some of the adorable prints your child will adore include tractors, cowboys, butterflies, and popsicles to name a few. If you prefer a more subdued coverall, you’ll also find lovely solids and classic patterns such as stripes and flowers. Each set of coveralls is fashioned with an easy-to-open-and-close two-way zipper; the two-way zipper coupled with the roomy crotch makes these coveralls super conducive to diaper changes.

Twirly Whirly Twirling Dress

It should come as no surprise that the best organic bamboo baby clothes brand also makes the best twirling dresses. These empire-waist twirling dresses are designed with a flouncy skirt that makes it perfect for twirling around the yard. The twirling dresses come in both long- and short-sleeved designs, both of which have the most whimsical ruffled shoulder caps. A fashionable keyhole, ribbon-tied back gives these darling dresses an extra dash of flair. All of the nuanced touches make the twirling dresses cute, flirty, and much loved by little girls. Best of all, the dresses can be dressed down with sneakers and shorts or dressed up with ruffle socks and a sparkly hair bow. The versatility of the twirling dresses is loved by girl moms.

The twirling dresses come in lovely, bright patterns that make them perfect for any occasion. A comfy playground dress, a pretty picture-day outfit, the best holiday dress, or any other occasion you can think of, the twirling dresses are a must-have staple for your little one’s wardrobe. Some of the cutest twirling dress patterns depict blue lagoon rhinos, twilight stars and moons, orchid hippos, and beautiful sea-mermaids, which are some of the many designs you can choose from.

Show Appreciation for Mom With Bamboo Women's Robes and Joggers

Let’s not forget about pampering the moms who bring sweet babies into the world. With all moms put their bodies through during pregnancy, labor, and post-partum, they deserve to recover in comfort and style. A buttery-soft, breathable Bamboo women’s robe is just what a new mom needs. Perfect to pack in a hospital bag for childbirth or wear around the house in the days, weeks, and months following a baby’s birth, a new mom will delight in one of these super cozy robes. This is the perfect robe for nursing moms too; a light, easy-access robe makes late-night feedings a comfortable breeze.

When mom has to dress up a bit more than a robe, Bamboo women’s joggers are a wonderful solution. Whether welcoming family to meet their new bundle of joy or running out for a doctor’s appointment, these joggers are cozy and fashionable. Best of all, the women’s joggers are available in pretty solid colors designed to match with the precious baby pajamas and outfits. The joggers fit loosely in the hips and thighs while being stylishly tapered in the calves and ankles. They also have a functional drawstring which leaves a little extra room if needed.

The Sweetest Footies for Babies and Toddlers

There’s no pajama-style more iconic for babies than cozy bamboo footie pajamas. Babies love to feel snug and cozy in their jammies and footie pajamas give them that snuggly, secure feeling. But if you think that any old footie pajamas will provide your baby with optimal comfort, you haven’t tried Bamboo footies. If you’re looking for stylish, luxury brands similar to Posh Peanut, look no further. Best of all, here you’ll get the same great quality as Posh Peanut for a fraction of the cost. Better yet, our variety of patterns, prints, and solids is unprecedented. In fact, we’d argue that our deluxe line of footie pajamas is the best in any market.

But what’s so great about our footie pajamas? In a nutshell: everything! Not only are they available in an array of sizes from Newborn to 12Y, but each size is also available in nearly 30 different patterns, prints, and solids. The Bamboo viscose fabric coupled with one-of-a-kind designs make these the perfect bamboo onesies for babies. Essentially, they are the only gift you should consider for the new bundle of joy in your life.

The Best Baby Swaddles

These gorgeous blankets are the best baby swaddles. The perfect cozy Bamboo fabric with just the right amount of stretch makes these exceptional blankets for swaddling your little one. Furthermore, the measurements of the swaddle blankets are 40x29 inches leaving plenty of fabric for snuggly wrapping and tucking your little one in for slumber. When not swaddling your little one, these luxurious Bamboo blankets are suitable stroller or car seat blankets as well as floor coverings for tummy time. Best of all, these thin, breathable swaddle blankets fold up compactly, so they’ll easily fit in a diaper bag too.

These beautiful swaddle blankets come in many of the same patterns and prints that the pajamas, coveralls, and other accessories do. As such, the swaddle blankets, together with a pajama set, sleep sack, hat or headband make a perfect gift set for a new baby. Whether shopping for your little one’s newborn photoshoot, a baby shower gift, or a welcome-home-baby gift, the Bamboo swaddle gifts are a much-appreciated and super thoughtful gift. From feminine branch birdees to bright red tractors just right for a little boy as well as gender-neutral prints such as hamburgers and french fries or milk and cookies, there’s an adorable swaddle blanket just right for any new baby in your life.

Hands Down, the Best Pajamas for Summer

Without a doubt, Bamboo is the right fabric for the best baby pajamas for summer. As the summer months and hot weather approach, you probably find yourself considering the best options for comfortably clothing your baby. The inherent lightweight breathability of Bamboo makes it the optimal fabric for dressing your little one. Bamboo viscose baby clothes are light, stretchy, and airy: the perfect blend for warm-weather cozies.

What’s more, Bamboo is a thermal regulating fabric, so even in long pants and long-sleeved pajamas, Bamboo allows babies to regulate their body temperature. Best of all, Bamboo has natural moisture-wicking properties that allow sensitive baby skin to remain dry throughout hot days and nights. Moreover, its ability to moisture-wick allows trapped humidity to escape pajamas thereby reducing the heat within clothing. With all things considered, it’s no wonder moms agree that our Bamboo ones are the best baby pajamas for summer.

Final Thoughts About Improving Baby’s Sleep With the Right Pajamas

Undoubtedly, the more comfortably a baby is clothed, the more restfully he/she will sleep. If you’re shopping for the best Bamboo baby clothes to improve your little one’s sleep, day or night, you’ve landed in the right place. With the greatest selection of the best organic bamboo baby clothes, you have a bevy of wonderful one-piece, two-piece, and coverall options as well as linens like crib sheets, sleep sacks, and swaddle blankets to choose from. Beyond those options, the high-quality fabrics in unique and lovely patterns, prints, and solids are marvelous.  

Unquestionably, our naturally breathable, stretchy, moisture-wicking Bamboo pajamas create the perfect sleeping conditions for your little one. Surely, if a baby is sleeping more restfully so too are mom and dad. Whether shopping for your own new bundle of joy or looking for the most thoughtful gifts for new parents, we’ve got the best bamboo baby pajamas around.