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Key Benefits of Bamboo for Baby Clothing

There are many benefits of Bamboo Pajamas for babies and children.  Parents and caregivers are all-too-familiar with the challenges of getting babies and children to relax and enjoy a safe, blissful night's sleep. Pajamas shouldn't be too snug, but they shouldn't be loose enough to get caught or tangled in bedding or crib railings/fixtures. Babies also have a unique ability of regulating their body temperature during the night, so knowing how many layers to use can be daunting. Let's take a closer look at the uniqueness of your baby's sleep needs and why he or she will love the freedom and comfort of Free Birdees Pajamas. Our flexible bamboo material makes Free Birdees the softest baby pajamas brand in the world.

Bamboo Provides Better Range of Movement:  Due to the stretchy quality of viscose bamboo fiber, Free Birdees pajamas move with your baby to offer maximum comfort. Bamboo baby clothes fit like a second skin, ensuring feelings of warmth and security without restricting movement. The Free Birdees brand also boasts an impressive collection of knotted baby gowns. As the name suggests, these snuggly gowns tie securely at the base, but, unlike traditional newborn gowns, Free Birdees gowns won't create or lock in moisture.

Bamboo Pajamas help prevent Moisture Buildup: Bamboo fabric is known for its moisture-wicking, antibacterial benefits. Kun, a natural agent in bamboo fiber, safely and effectively prevents the growth of bacteria. Simply put, bamboo baby clothes absorb like a super-soft paper towel, keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Bamboo May Help Better Temperature Regulation: Since a baby's temperature is mostly regulated through the face and head, it's crucial to keep blankets and other loose bedclothes away from this area to prevent overheating.

Bamboo baby clothes are the perfect solution since they help your baby to regulate body temperature naturally without the guesswork involved with layering up or dressing down. Bamboo material actually contains micro holes that effectively dissolve moisture, so your baby will feel secure and swaddled in flexible, breathable comfort provided by Free Birdees. However, if your baby would like a bit more security and warmth, Free Birdees offers a line of swaddle and stroller blankets that are super breathable and flexible, just like the bamboo pajama sets. The temperature-controlling benefits of breathable bamboo fabric will give you added peace of mind as you layer and swaddle your baby.

Less Allergies and Rashes: Bamboo baby clothes are hypoallergenic, therefore eliminating allergy-induced rashes and sneezing caused from irritating fabrics. The breathable nature of Free Birdees' bamboo fabric will also help to prevent sweat-induced heat rashes.

Softer, Kinder Material: Bamboo material is smooth and satiny, so it's gentle on Baby's delicate skin. As the manufacturer of the softest baby pajamas in the world, Free Birdees pajamas will comfort your baby with flexible, porous material that actually adjusts to encourage a stable body temperature and overall sleeping environment.

Finally: Aside from all of these key benefits, Free Birdees offers an adorable assortment of designs to suit your baby's unique, ever-developing personality. From llama prints to traditional solids, there's truly something for everyone. Check us out to discover our versatile product line, and start giving your child the gift of a better, safer night's sleep.

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