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What Should my Baby or Toddler Wear to Bed in Summer

Falling asleep in the summer can be a challenge for many babies and toddlers because they do not have bamboo baby pajamas! Children naturally have a hard time sleeping in the heat and with uncomfy baby clothes, things will become a disaster. So getting a good night’s sleep will almost be impossible for your baby. This is why purchasing breathable and temperature controlling clothes is crucial for your baby’s development and growth. Sleep is one of the most important times for toddlers and babies because that is when they are able to recharge their batteries and lower their chances of developing health issues, so keep reading to learn how you can help your baby 

Best Summer Nightwear Outfits

 We all have our favorite pair of pajamas, but they may be made out of polyester or a material that will not keep your cool. Those types of pajamas are great Christmas PJs, but definitely not great summer PJs. So to make sure your baby enjoys their summer to the fullest, here are some great bamboo options from Free Birdees that will guarantee your baby stays happy and cool during the summer heat.    

Short Sleeve Pajamas

Free Birdees Short Sleeve Pajamas is the perfect 2-piece outfit your baby can wear when going to sleep. They designed it to be used specifically for the summer, for they know the struggle many parents experience in the summer. The short sleeves ensure your baby will stay cool, but warm enough so they stay comfortable and are able to get in a good night’s sleep. To go with the short sleeves are the softest and most breathable pants, but depending on the weather, you may choose to ditch them because we know some find it easier to sleep with less clothes on! 

Breathable Bamboo Pajamas 

The best way to beat the summer heat is by wearing breathable baby clothing that will keep your baby from overheating and waking up in the middle of the night. If you take a look at Free Birdees’ bamboo baby pajamas, you will find it is made of 95% bamboo viscose. This ensures your baby’s PJs will have the perfect balance of stretch and comfort, so they can have no problems sleeping. As parents, you constantly have to sacrifice your sleep to care for your baby, so don’t let a pair of bad pajamas make you have to sacrifice more than you need too. Free Birdees’ knows the difficulty and physical strain it puts on parents when caring for a newborn, so putting your trust in their bamboo baby pajamas is something you will not regret. 

Bamboo Footies and Coveralls

Another option when it comes to nightwear are bamboo footies and coveralls. This type of clothing is different from pajamas because it is just one piece instead of two-pieces. Many refer to footies and coveralls as onesies, so that is why it may sound familiar. In addition, many toddlers and kids prefer this type of style because it is more comfortable and cozy. Bamboo coveralls and footies look quite similar as well, but have one distinct feature that makes them unique. Footies are equipped with anti-skid pads, so a fall or slip will not happen as often. They are perfect if you know your baby is clumsy or cannot always seem to keep their balance. Coveralls are just like footies, but without the anti-skid pads. They are great for kids who prefer to feel the floor with their own feet and do not like to walk around with their feet covered. Overall, both are great options perfect for the summertime weather! Freebirdees footies and coveralls are also crafted with bamboo viscose, so your baby will still experience the most comfortable and softest baby clothes they have ever worn before!

Best Accessories to Pair with Nightwear

Nightwear doesn’t just include sleeping in your PJs or footies, you also have your blankets and crib sheets that contribute to one’s comfortability one way or another. Especially during the night, a crying child at 2am is something you do not want in your daily routine, which is why it is crucial to have the softest items possible. We all want toddlers to sleep soundly throughout the night, and getting high quality bamboo crib sheets and a toddler blanket might do the trick! 

Bamboo Crib Sheets for Babies

Making sure what your baby is wearing during sleep is one thing, but you also have to make sure that what they are sleeping on is breathable and comfortable as well! Many parents fail to realize that crib sheets can play a major role in how good your baby’s sleep is. Crib sheets that will make your baby overheat and wake up in the night are a big no, so that is why cribs sheets made of bamboo viscose from Free Birdees are a must. Not only are they the most comfortable, but they also come in over a dozen fun and unique prints to keep things exciting and new!

Bamboo Blankets

Bamboo blankets are a great addition not only for daytime, but also nighttime as well! As a friendly reminder, blankets should not be in your newborn’s crib until at least 6 months old, and even then, you should wait for your newborn’s first birthday to incorporate loose items such as a blanket. A great starter blanket would be Free Birdees swaddling blankets. It is crafted with bamboo viscose, making it ultra soft, breathable, and eco-friendly! This is the best blanket for newborns as it is perfect for swaddling, a practice where you wrap your baby in a blanket to calm them down, and swaddling is performed when your baby is just born! It also is lightweight and thin, making it great for a light covering during bedtime. As the temperature spikes during the summer, it is a great idea to purchase a lightweight blanket that will keep your toddler warm but not overheating, and a swaddling blanket will do just the job. If you’re looking for a warmer and larger blanket, Free Birdees’ toddler blankets are a must that come in a variety of prints. Some of our favorites are the brand new Cinder Fire Trucks & Dalmations, Highland Cattle, and Heavenly Pink Unicorns & Rainbows. 

What Makes Bamboo so Great

We’ve all heard of the amazing materials made in baby and adult clothing, which can include cotton, polyester, silk, and many others! But what makes bamboo stand it from the rest? As we all know, bamboo is amazing for our planet, being on the most eco-friendly plants. It is able to produce oxygen while absorbing the carbon dioxide in the air. It also is an easy crop to grow, and no chemical sprays are needed as bamboo is able to lure the pesticides away naturally! With climate change continuing to advance, it will soon be too late when the damage is irreversible. Bamboo is one step towards a healthier environment! Here are some reasons why bamboo is not only great for the planet, but your clothing. 
  • Breathable: Although other materials are breathable as well, bamboo viscose may be better at it for numerous reasons. If you didn’t know, bamboo viscose is the bamboo used to make all the clothing. Bamboo is able to dry much faster than cotton, and it doesn’t cling to your body as much. This makes any physical activity great as you won’t be too sticky and gross from all the sweat! Bamboo will make you feel much more comfortable, and you will be able to breathe in your clothing. 
  • Keeps its cool: Bamboo viscose naturally stays cooler than other fabrics, meaning you will be warm in the winter, cold in the summer. Of course, this does not mean you still shouldn't bring a jacket or vice versa, but it will help with regulating your body temperature on hot or cold days! This is especially great for toddlers as you never know when they are feeling uncomfortable, and bamboo will help them stay at the comfortable warmness/coolness. You might find this helpful for nightwear as well!
  • Hypoallergenic: Only fabrics with natural fibers are hypoallergenic. The two most popular would include cotton and bamboo! As allergies are extremely common among the regular folks, sticking to clothing you know will not cause an allergic reaction may be your best bet. For children, this rings important, as they may not have gotten tested for specific allergies and you do not know if they are susceptible or not!
  • Moisture-wicking: One of the most helpful, bamboo clothing is known to be moisture wicking, more than cotton! As bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, it is able to keep your body dry and cool even on the scrochering days! In addition, moisture wicking might be great for nighttime, as many of us tend to sweat if in a hot room or environment. Toddlers tend to be the most picky when it comes to their comfortability, and having them stay cool by wearing bamboo clothing is an easy and simple fix. 


Summer clothing can always be a little harder to find for toddlers, as you want to make them feel comfortable but not get too cold at the same time! This is why getting breathable, lightweight clothing is a must, and bamboo is able to do just that. For daywear and nightwear, the summertime temperatures can vary depending on what region you live in, but bamboo is always a great option as it is again thermo-regulating. There are endless options out there, and hopefully a nice pair of bamboo jammies can create the best sleep your toddler will ever have!