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Buttery Soft Bamboo Baby Pajamas

Looking for the best bamboo baby pajama sets? Any parent can and will tell you that their little ones grow so fast! With the way time flies and the individual rate that kiddos grow, it is always a challenge to find clothing that is adorable, comfortable, and will last. This is especially true when it comes to pajamas. Finding great pajamas that fit perfectly is no easy feat. Searching in-store or online there are a few options available, however, none fill all needs necessary. While it can a bit intimidating to shop online for baby items, buying baby pajamas online can be a lot easier and simpler, especially for a new parent that is unable to leave the house as often. With free shipping and returns for a hassle-free experience, the most adorable Bamboo Baby pajamas can be found online at Free Birdees.

Where to Find the most adorable Bamboo Baby Footies and Pajamas

Free Birdees is a high-quality brand dedicated to supporting your baby’s growth and natural everyday movements! Free Birdees currently has a selection of both Baby Coveralls and the most adorable Baby Footies. This brand puts the needs of your family first! They currently have footies for babies ages 0-24 months and children ages 2T- 3T years! Some of the reasons why these Bamboo Baby Footies are so great and should be your number one choice include: 


First of all, the looks available on these Bamboo Baby Footies are incredibly unique and can range anywhere from beautifully selected solids to one-of-a-kind patterned designs. These designs elevate the pajamas into modern bamboo Baby Footies, perfectly in style for all seasons! Along with being beautifully crafted, the designs selected for these Bamboo Baby Footies sparks the imagination of all children as they are able to have exposure to many unique colors and prints. 

Current One-of-a-Kind Designs:

Selected Solids: Cloud, Heavenly Pink, Plume, Sky, Mist

The solid colors chosen for these items are very different to everyday colors found in baby clothing. The colors, such as the plume item, are jaw-droppingly vibrant and rich! 

Patterned Designs: Highland Cattle, Alpaca, Lambs, Blue Lagoon Rhinos, Powder Pink Koalas, Pale Orchid Hippos, Ocean Blue Sharks

As a part of being an eco-friendly brand, the prints available emphasize animals that are currently classified as endangered bringing awareness and appreciation to the species represented. 


Flexible bamboo material that is of high quality and is very viscose supports stretch, movement but also, body temperature regulation. Babies are able to regulate their body temperatures throughout the night remarkably well. Of course, this can be frightening as with natural movement pajamas should not be to tight or too loose. Bamboo baby pajamas give our little ones a better range of movement and offers maximum support and comfort. They also come with fold-over gloves to prevent babies from scratching themselves for sizes up to 6-12 months. The materials used in making these pajamas are always eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, providing your child with the very best! 

Everlasting Time

Many reviews on the most adorable Baby Footies from Free Birdees have stated that the colors of the bamboo baby pajamas stay vibrant and wash well, only getting softer with each wash! One review stated that the pajamas were “buttery soft” and really well made. Another such review commented that due to the durability and timelessness of these bamboo pajamas, older siblings are able to wear and eventually pass down their favorite pajamas to their brothers or sisters. 

With over 25 individual designs to choose from, selecting the very best bamboo footies and baby coveralls is very convenient and will offer a variety of long-lasting wear! Using their children’s favorite animals or colors, parents have been able to find designs that are beautifully suited to their child’s interests on Free Birdees’ Footies section. Surely, there are options that will spark your eyes or your child’s eyes immediately!

Comfort & Support

During the hot summers parents often find themselves removing and adding layers of clothing onto or from their little ones constantly. It is difficult to interpret whether or not your child is staying at a consistently ‘good’ temperature especially at a younger age before they are able to communicate with you. Vice versa, during the cold wintery months is also difficult to gage what is appropriate wear for a new born, toddler, or even an older child. The ‘buttery soft’ modern bamboo Baby Footies from Free Birdees are fantastic for just this! These bamboo baby pajamas keep little ones cool in summer and cozy in the winter due to the snug but breathable material they are made up of. Along with the changes of the seasons arrive some seasonal allergies. While these pajamas may not necessarily protect from environmental allergens, they are hypoallergenic and will not cause additional irritation or rash developments to the delicate skin of your child from prolonged wear of the clothing! 

Favorite Features: Anti-skid foot pads that allow for many walks, hops, and jumps! Extra Room at the crotch for diapers! 


Selecting the appropriate size for your child’s pajamas, especially when it comes to footed pajamas, is typically a tricky business! Nevertheless, Free Birdees have innovated their sizes to account for three separate but dependent features.

  • Age of child
  • Length of child
  • Chest size 

Sizes typically available include: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, and 18-24M. These are not including the assortment of sizes available for children ages 2T-8Y. Typically, the average chest size for children 24 months and younger is around 8 inches. Exact measurements are given and a diagram is available for precise measuring. 

The sizes ensure that the designs are fit true to size!

When created, these adorable bamboo baby footies and coveralls are sewed in a slowed-down manner to ensure the very best of craftsmanship possible. With a family that includes two or more little ones, matching bamboo footies and other outfits can be a fun family treat! Each child can take on their own inner animal, or perhaps match as a set of powder pink koalas! 

Bottom Line

Finding clothes that fit your child best and that are adorable, comfortable, and long lasting is not something that seems like an easy accomplishment. But it can be! Using eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bamboo material, Free Birdees provides a unique assortment of clothing, blankets, and accessories. The bamboo baby footies that can be found on Free Birdees have incredible reviews that really emphasize the wonderful softness, stretchiness, and durability of the pajamas and other items found on the site. They have found an innovative way to meet the growing needs of little ones all around, from adding anti-skid pads to the bottom of little hoppers' feet to using breathable material so that your child sleeps restfully at night! The coveralls and footies are ready to keep your child warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Buttery softness should be an everyday requirement of clothing so that plenty of snuggles and cuddles can be shared! For this butter softness, no product reins in comparison. The tremendously adorable and modern bamboo Baby Footies can only be found at Free Birdees!