Baby Pajama Sets

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      Bamboo Baby Pajama Sets

      While the older birdees may feel a sense of pride with graduating to this style, the 2 piece bamboo pajamas also offer great diaper changing ease for baby moms & dads. We start this style for any birdees that can sit up with a little help so that pulling a top over their head is no longer an acrobatic trick for parents! Our bamboo pajama sets are buttery soft and breathable and oh so gentle on the young one's sensitive skin. Made of the highest quality bamboo fabric, these are the best pairs of pajamas to avoid night sweats on your little boys and girls.

      All of our PJ sets, of solid colors or fun prints, can be mixed and matched for mom’s and birdees’ full rein of creativity and permission to have some fun with color and prints!

      Softest Baby Pajamas

      Winding down for bed in one’s favorite pair of bamboo baby pjs is the ideal night. Bamboo made pjs offer breathability, stretchiness, and softness that will ensure a good night’s rest for your little birdee. As parents, you will not have to worry about your birdee feeling too hot or too cold when wearing our super soft pjs. Bamboo viscose keeps you cool when warm which can help improve sleep by keeping you cool all night long! Free Birdees has 3 different styles of pjs- long sleeve and pants, short sleeve and pants, short sleeve and shorts- to guarantee that everyone has a style for them! Having a good night’s rest should be flexible for your child’s needs and preferences, which all starts at finding the best girl pajamas and boy pajamas.

      Baby PJs all day

      Who said pjs were made just for the night time! Whether it is a night out in a sleep bag or running around the house during the day, these baby girl and baby boy pajamas are meant to be worn for any occasion your little boy or little girl desires. Due to the breathability of bamboo, you will find that your birdee can do everyday activities in bamboo baby pjs while feeling great in our one of a kind designed clothing.

      Cuteness overload

      We offer dozens of prints so you can have an even more customizable experience during the night or day. Whether your little birdee wants to look at the stars or dream about farm buddies, there will be a print for them. Getting ready for bed can turn into an exciting experience when your little birdee gets to change into their favorite baby girl pajamas or baby boy pajamas. Baby clothes do not have to be a boring thing when you are able to choose the exact color and theme your baby girl or baby boy likes!