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      Softest Baby Footies

      Keeping our babies safe can be one of the hardest challenges. As they start to learn how to crawl and walk, we can never know what they will do or what trouble they will get themselves into. This is why a pair of footie pajamas are essential to keeping your baby comfortable. Baby footies are different from regular pjs because they cover the feets as well. These footies help keep feet warm and the grippies on the soles help prevent slipping on floors. Along with keeping our babies warm, we also want to keep them fashionable and comfortable, so Free Birdees eco-friendly bamboo baby footies are the perfect option.

      Stylish Baby Footies

      With our unique bamboo viscose material that we use in all our baby clothes, we are able to design products that give babies the stretch they need to move around, but also the comfortness to stay joyful and energetic all day long. When comparing organic cotton vs bamboo, they are similar in the sense that they both offer superb comfort and feel buttery smooth on the skin. Bamboo accels cotton on the fact that it is much more breathable and eco friendly.

      The structure of bamboo fibers give it natural breathability properties,adding to the comfort and giving babies the freshness they need. Free Birdees also prides itself on making your baby look the cutest in town, which is why we design dozens of new trendy prints every year for our bamboo baby pajamas. Ranging from the sophisticated animal print designs such as our highland cattle, to fun frosted blue milk and cookies, there is a cute print for every preference and is guaranteed to make your baby boy or baby girl stay awesome!