Toddler (2T-12Y) Footies

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      Softest Toddler Footies

      Designed for all toddlers who love to play around or relax at home, your birdee will be moving around freely and comfortably in these toddler footies! Crafted for 2-3 year olds, this is a crucial time in their life to be learning and playing everyday. It seems like yesterday they were just crawling around the house to now be able to out-tire you in a match of tag! With these kids' footies, they will be able to run around or relax around the house with comfort because bamboo, derived from bamboo viscose, makes for amazingly soft, comfortable daywear. Whether they are playing around in the summer time or the winter time, these toddler footies are sure to be the hit of the household.

      As a parent, we know the joys of being a parent and having to navigate through the thrills and excitement of parenthood. For any toddler boy or toddler girl, children’s energy may be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Thankfully, our bamboo footies have anti-skid pads on the feet so your little birdee is free to run around with more exhilaration, less slip. Footies can also be great for any toddler girl or toddler boy because of its versatility.

      Due to the extra room at the crotch for a night diaper, day diaper, or underwear, you can even use footies as toddler pajamas! You never know that these can quickly become your toddler’s favorite pajamas. As well, these baby and toddler footies have easy access zippers that are double ended so it makes diaper changing that much easier! Parenting does not need to be made more difficult with uncomfortable clothing, which is why Free Birdees created zippers for easy changing, adorable prints, and pillowy soft bamboo clothing.