We strive to keep all of our wonderful Free Birdees customers happy. If you have an issue for any reason, please contact us at hello@freebirdees.com. We respond to all inquiries and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

IMPORTANT:  Prior to removing the tags and washing your new Free Birdees clothing, please ensure you are satisfied with the fit on your little one, especially if you are not used to snug fitting (non flame-resistant) sleepwear.   

All return items must have the original tags and packaging attached. For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept used or washed clothing. We’re a small family business, so appreciate your support. 

Product Information

  • Where are your clothes made?

Pretty much all of the bamboo viscose clothing on the market today is manufactured in China, including ours! They have the best quality and the most robust supply chain, from raw materials to sewing workmanship. Since we wanted to ensure we produce the highest quality products, our team spent over 2 years to find the most sustainable and highest quality vendor partners that treat their employees with respect and pay fair wages.

  • Do you spray flame retardant on your fabric?

Free Birdees is an eco-friendly and baby friendly brand, so we do not spray flame resistant chemicals on our fabrics. Because of this, we adhere to strict CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations requiring snug fitting clothing for sleepwear. 

  • What is the difference between a footie and a coverall? 

A footie is essentially a one-piece outfit for babies and toddlers that have a covered foot to keep your child’s feet enclosed in the outfit. Our footies have added anti-skid padding on the feet to help with traction on slippery hardwood floors.
Coveralls are one-piece outfits that don’t have enclosed feet for those who prefer the flexibility of children being barefoot or wearing shoes. 
  • Do your Footies, Coveralls, and Newborn sets have built-in mittens? 

Yes, these styles all have fold-over gloves to help with baby’s scratching. They are included in sizes up to 6-12 Months.

  • What sizes do you carry? 

We have a line of solid color styles as well as limited edition prints. 
For solid colors, our footies and coveralls start at Newborn and go up to size 2T. Solid Pajama sets start at 6-12months and go up to age 6. 
Our limited prints come in a variety of styles. Footies and Coveralls start at Newborn size and go up to size 3T.  PJ sets start at 6-12 months and go up to size 10. Little Girls twirling dresses start at 3-6 mo and go up to size 6. Baby and Toddler Rompers start at size 3-6months and go up to 3T. Boys Boxers and Girls underwear start at size 2-3 and go up to children’s sizes 7-8.  
We also offer Men’s and Women’s Adult Family Matching Pajamas. Men’s sizes start at Small and go up to XL.  Women’s Sizes start at X-Small and also go up to XL. 

We typically start pre-selling our Matching Family Holiday Pajamas September each year.

  • What matching children’s accessories do you produce? 

In addition to our baby and children’s newborn gift sets, footies, coveralls, dresses, and rompers, we also produce matching girls hair bows, fitted crib sheets, boys boxers, and girls underwear.  We also have a variety of children’s blankets starting with swaddling blankets for newborns, stroller blankets, toddler blankets and double layered throw blankets for the entire family to snuggle under.  

  • When will you restock current prints?

We strive to continue to create unique one of a kind in-house designed prints at least 4 times a year in limited production runs to maintain the highest quality products possible. Once we sell out of our prints, we will not restock them, so if you like what you see, don’t wait, be sure to buy it before we sell out! 
In limited occasions, we may have extra fabric post production that we’ll turn into a custom style. These however will be extremely limited in quantity and offered first to our VIP Flock Members
  • I missed my opportunity to purchase a print design, it’s all sold out, how can I purchase that item?

We are an eco-friendly company and are constantly looking for ways to ensure we have the best quality bamboo viscose children’s clothes in the market. We want to make sure they last for a long time and encourage the re-sale of gently used items on BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) groups. It brings us joy to see that our products maintain its condition and value and can continue to be enjoyed and passed down to others. One BST group we recommend is the Free Birdees Flock Resale Club Facebook Group. 

  • Do you have solid colors available year-round?

Our solid color styles are always in high demand. We think of them as our essentials collection and will keep restocking them as long as the color maintains its popularity.  Solid colors are available in Baby & Children's Newborn Sets, Baby Footies, Baby Coveralls, Baby and Toddler Blankets, Hair Bows, and Baby Pajamas. 

Shipping, Order Details, Payments

  • Where do you ship from?

All orders ship from our warehouse in Sunny Los Angeles, CA.  Please visit our shipping policies for more details. During holidays and new launches, you might experience a small delay. 

  • Do you offer Free Shipping and Returns?

We are so confident that you’ll love our super soft baby clothes that we offer both free shipping and free returns on orders over $30 to ease any hesitation you may have to try our baby and children’s clothing. Refer to our Returns Policy for more details. 


  • Where is my order? The tracker says delivered.

We use USPS shipping exclusively, there is sometimes a time lag between USPS's tracker status change and when the package is actually delivered to you. Please give it a day or two after you receive the order delivery confirmation from USPS.  In the majority of the cases, our customers have received their package, a day or two later. You should be getting it soon! 

  • Do you Ship Internationally?

At this time, we do not ship outside US addresses. 

  • Do you offer Gift Wrapping?

We are an eco-friendly company and try to minimize as much waste as possible, so we do not offer Gift Wrapping.  We do offer a free notecard and provide a hand written note if provided when adding your item to the cart prior to checkout. 

  • My purchase is a gift and I don’t want the receipt to be included in the shipped package, can that be excluded?

We never include receipts and price information in shipping inserts.

  • Can I change my order?

If you need to change your order, please contact us immediately via hello@freebirdees.com.  We will try to accommodate your request as long as your order isn’t already processed and shipped. 

  • What payment methods are accepted? 

We accept PayPal, Afterpay, and all major credit cards. All payments paid by e-Check through PayPal must clear in order for your order to be fulfilled.

Returns & Exchanges

  • How do I make a return or exchange? 

Returns are simple, we have detailed instructions on our returns page here

Sizing and Fit

  • Why do the pajamas seem snug fitting?  

Our children’s sleepwear pajamas are intentionally designed to be snug fitting to adhere to strict children’s sleepwear guidelines. 

  • Should I upsize or downsize?

All of our clothes are designed true-to-size.  We have spent countless hours fitting hundreds of children to design our products to fit true to size. We made sure to fit little birdees of all ages and height and weight percentiles. 

  • Do you have a recommended children’s size guide or baby size chart? 

Babies and Children come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as they grow, so in some occasions the fit might not be 100% perfect. Please refer to our size guide for our recommendations. Size Guide

  • Why do some of my items fit slightly differently?

We are always innovating in order to try and produce the best baby and children’s clothing on the market.   During each production, we are constantly making small improvements from our customers' feedback.  Snaps, zippers, and small details are often improved to ensure the highest quality available in current production standards.

Care and Washing

  • How should I wash my Free Birdees products?
Most of our products are made from Viscose Bamboo, and we suggest washing them on cold/gentle cycle inside out. Lay flat to dry for optimal longevity or dry low and cool iron if needed. Follow all care tag instructions and our recommended Care Instructions
Bamboo Viscose is known to be buttery soft and the softer the fabric may lead to more pilling, which is common. Laying flat to dry really keeps the fabric new. Most moms prefer to line dry for optimal texture and lasting color.
Due to the delicate nature of our fabrics, we recommend NOT to wash with other items that have zippers, buttons, velcro, or hardware. Snagging may occur. Wash separate with other baby items.

Sales, Clearance, Discounts

  • Do you ever run Sales or Clearance events? 

We are a direct to consumer brand that designs and manufactures the best quality baby and children’s clothes available at competitive pricing so don’t run many sales or clearance events.  In the limited times that we do, be sure to join our Free Birdees Flock VIP Facebook Group or join our Free Birdees Rewards program to be notified of exclusive promotions. 

  • Do you have coupons? 
We do not offer special coupons, we are really competitively priced for premium quality and limited quantity offerings. Our philosophy is also to always "invest" back to offer you the best quality clothing, free shipping, an amazing rewards program, excellent customer service among so many other things! Our goal is to keep you as a lifetime happy customer!
Free Birdees is a direct to consumer brand -- we offer everything directly to you with no middlemen. Therefore, we can offer the best quality pieces to you at the every-day great price! We offer one of the highest quality bamboo viscose apparel for babies, children & adults. All prints are of limited & exclusive quantities.
Make sure you sign up for our awesome rewards program that earns you free pajamas quickly!


  • How does Free Birdees think about Social Impact?
At Free Birdees, we’re not just striving to create the best baby and children’s clothing, but to leave the world better than we found it. We want to help make a difference through the things we make and the community we create. 
That’s why before we sold a single baby footie, toddler pajama, or baby blanket, we partnered with 1% for the Planet, a non-profit organization that educates and inspires business to support environmental causes. We have pledged to donate 1% of our annual sales revenue regardless of profit to the betterment of our planet. If you’ve bought anything from Free Birdees, you’ve also contributed to their work. Because we’re all in this together.
  • What Causes does Free Birdees Support?
Making a positive impact has been a part of our business since the beginning. We want to teach our kids and future generations to help not only preserve our planet, but to also be good stewards of humanity. 
Some Non-Profits we have donated to include:
  • 1% for the Planet
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • WildAid
  • The Thurgood Marshall Fund
  • Color of Change


  • Are you open to work with Collaborators and Influencers?

Most definitely! We love working with collaborators and influencers, just email us hello@freebirdees.com.

  • Do you do Wholesale? 

Currently we only sell online on our website. If plans change we’ll be sure to make an announcement on our VIP Free Birdees Flock group