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How Long Do Babies Wear Newborn Clothes?

As you are preparing for your baby's arrival, you are getting everything your baby will need. When you consider clothes, you are balancing two questions. How many baby clothes do I need? How long do babies typically wear newborn clothes? To start answering your questions, your baby will only wear the newborn clothes size for a few weeks. If you are also asking how long do newborn clothes last, the answer is that your baby will outgrow clothes while the clothes are still in good shape. It may seem like you are oversupplying your baby for the short time that your baby will be at newborn clothes weight and fit into the newborn clothes size. So, you may feel like limiting how many items you buy. However, you need enough clean infant clothes ready when your baby needs them, so laundry should be considered. Free Birdees can help you with questions like how long are babies in newborn clothes and how to outfit your baby without overspending on items like too many newborn clothes.

How fast do newborns grow out of newborn clothes?

Use your baby's size at birth to determine when do babies grow out of newborn clothes. The answer to how long do newborn clothes fit is if your baby is over eight pounds, it can grow out of newborn clothes in less than three to five weeks. If your baby is under eight pounds, it will generally wear newborn clothes for three to five weeks. So, remember the answer is eight pounds to the question how many pounds is newborn clothes?

A guide to sizes is that the newborn baby clothes weight range can be from five to eight pounds and 21.5-inches long. In comparison, preemies are under five pounds and 17-inches long. For 0 to 3 months, babies usually weigh eight to 12.5-pounds and are up to 24-inches long. Finally, for 3 to 6 months size, babies weigh up to 17-pounds and are 26.5-inches long. So, how fast do babies grow out of newborn clothes? It can be a short three to five weeks, and that is why we recommend selecting some 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months size clothes now, while you are choosing newborn clothes.

How many baby clothes do I need?

On our blog, we have shared the Top 5 Must Have Infant Clothing Items for Newborn Babies. You need enough clothes to give you time to do laundry and have clothes ready to wear again. A good plan is to have a week's worth of clothes. You should consider two onesies or other daywear items per day for a total of 14 and a pair of baby pajamas or other nightwear items per day. We also recommend three to six swaddle blankets. Among our bamboo swaddle blankets, Free Birdees offers a diverse selection of prints.

Our baby pajamas and other products are made of soft, hypoallergenic bamboo viscose fabric. It is softer and more breathable than cotton. That is why Free Birdees sells only products made with bamboo viscose. Free Birdees offers rompers, footies, coveralls, gowns, and two-piece baby pajamas for your newborn. They also have matching toddler pajamas for older siblings in a selection of popular prints made from bamboo viscose. Having matching newborn and toddler pajamas can foster a connection between your children. Many families enjoy getting matching toddler pajamas and matching pajamas for mom and dad. Then, their family can have a pajama party at Christmas or any time of the year. If you decide that you need more newborn clothes, you can get them after your baby arrives. For now, you can also be getting some clothes in the 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months sizes since your baby will be ready for them quickly.

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How long do babies wear 0 3 month clothes?

The answer to can newborns wear 0 3 months again depends on your baby's size. Although you can roll up sleeves and pant legs on 0 to 3 months infant clothes, you should have some newborn size clothes. Otherwise, your baby will be uncomfortable in clothes that are too large. As you are contemplating buying larger sizes, you may wonder how long do babies wear 0 3 month clothes? The answer is eight to ten weeks, but again, you need to have enough clothes to have time to do laundry. You can start your baby's 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months wardrobe with the same 14 daytime outfits and seven sleepwear items, and then add more clothes if you need them.

How to choose infant clothes?

Of course, you need clothes that are easy to change, but what other issues should you consider? In our article, What Kind of Clothes Are Good for Newborns?, we offer tips on selecting clothes for newborns. The first thing you should know is children from newborns to toddlers can't regulate their body temperature. Newborns also have sensitive skin. So you need to select clothes made from soft and breathable fabrics. As mentioned, at Free Birdees, we chose clothes made of bamboo viscose fabric. Read the article for more tips on dressing your baby for different times of the day, different activities, and when to add hats, socks, and mittens.

The prints used for infant clothes are another issue to consider. Many parents advocate unisex clothes for two reasons. The first reason is messaging. The second reason is economics. The first is that limiting girls to certain designs and boys to other designs limits a child's view of their place in the world. So, these parents seek designs that aren't labeled as traditionally boys or girls. The second issue concerns handing the clothes down to your next child. If you buy gender-specific designs for a girl and your next child is a boy or vice versa, you have to buy all new clothes. Our article on Unisex or Neutral Baby Clothing will guide you through these choices.

Organizing Your Baby's Clothes

You should buy several sizes of infant clothes since the answer to how long do newborns stay in newborn clothes is at most five weeks. So, as you select your baby's wardrobe, it is time to organize the clothes. Our article, How to Organize Baby Clothes, provides tips including whether to hang or fold certain items. This can actually depend on how much closet, shelf, and drawer space that you have. You have to work with the closet space available, but you have more control over the drawer space. A good tip in selecting a dresser is that your child can use the dresser through their teen years. So, choosing a larger dresser with deeper drawers will accommodate bulkier clothes as they grow older.

If you hang clothes, then you can use closet dividers to separate the sizes. These organizers are like the ones used in clothing stores. They fit over the clothes bar and are labeled for newborn, 0 to 3 months, and 3 to 6 months sizes up to 2T.

Traveling With Your Baby

Taking your baby outside, on errands, or on a trip requires special preparations and considerations. So, while you choose infant clothes needed every day, you can select items you will need when you go out with your baby.

Under six months old, babies shouldn't be in the sun. Keep them in cool, shady spots. When they reach six months, keep them in the shade between 10 am and 4 pm. When they are in the sun, they should have a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. The skin around their eyes and their eyelids is more prone to UVR damage. Even up to ten years old, children's eyes allow more sunlight than an adult's eyes. So, they should wear a hat and sunglasses that block 99 to 100-percent of UVA and UVB rays. A sun hat protects your baby from direct sunlight but doesn't protect them from sunlight reflected from surfaces. Larger plastic lenses that are scratch-proof and impact-resistant with flexible frames are the best choice. They should fit snugly, and you should check them often for scratched or warped lenses. Amber and copper-colored lenses block HEV rays and provide better contrast. However, babies start seeing colors at six months old, so grey lenses that cause less distortion of colors are another option. Sunglasses also protect your baby from sunlight reflected off of snow, as well as dust, sand, and other particles. Having a spare hat and sunglasses is a good idea. Another item is a stroller blanket. At Free Birdees, our stroller blankets are also made of soft, breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo viscose. They are available in a selection of fun prints. When your baby is in the sun, you should also protect their skin with long sleeves and full-length pants. Our clothes made with breathable bamboo viscose fabric will help prevent them from getting overheated.

When preparing your diaper bag, make sure that you have extra outfits for your baby and even a top for yourself. The number of clothes you need for your baby depends on how long you will be gone. Remember you will have to change the sizes of the clothes in the diaper bag since the answer to how long do babies wear newborn is only about five weeks,

If you want to travel with your baby, you should wait until they are at least three months old because their immune system is more developed. If you are traveling by car, you can use the clothes in your baby's diaper bag. However, you should have the clothes you packed for your baby in an easily accessible spot. If you are flying, you will need enough clothes in your carry-on luggage for the flight and extra clothes for any delays.

For your trip, plan on one to two outfits a day, several pairs of baby pajamas, and several blankets, as well as possibly swimwear, jackets, coats, scarves, hats, mittens, and boots. Don't forget the sunhat and sunglasses. If you are going to a grandparent's house, you may have some items stored there as long as your baby hasn't outgrown them. Having a combination of sizes there will be convenient. If you are staying at a hotel, you can probably find anything you need in an emergency. If items may be hard to find, then make sure you have extra items with you.

Since your baby will have outgrown newborn clothes by the time they can travel, you should plan on 0 to 3 months or 3 to 6 months sizes. In addition, traveling will somewhat disrupt your baby's routine, so they will be less fussy if their clothes are comfortable. Our Free Birdees clothes made with soft, breathable bamboo viscose fabric will keep your baby happy.


Again, the answer to how long does a baby stay in newborn clothes is five weeks. While the answer to what is the weight limit for newborn clothes is eight pounds. Then, babies are ready for 0 to 3 months size clothes. That is not very long before you have to start moving to 0 to 3 months clothes. So, as you select newborn clothes, we recommend getting 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months sizes. Don't skip and just start with a larger size. Your baby will be uncomfortable and lost in the clothes. It can cause your baby not to sleep well and to be fussy.

The question of how many items you need is based on laundry considerations. If you plan for a week, then two daywear items and one set of pajamas or other nightwear items per day will mean a total of 14 and seven items.

Remember, Free Birdees offers toddler pajamas and pajamas for mom and dad that match our newborn sets. They are also made of the same soft and breathable bamboo viscose fabric.