Best Baby Sleep Sacks

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      Best Baby Sleep Sacks

      If you are looking for the best infant and best baby sleep sacks, Free Birdees bamboo sleep sacks are very cozy and a better choice to blankets for your infant or baby.  

      There is more to sleep sacks. They are not just sleeping bags, but that are the better and safer choice for your baby and infant compare to loose blankets. 

      According to American Academy of Pediatrics you are not supposed to use any blankets in your baby or in fact crib. Therefore, sleep sacks are the better choice to give your beloved baby a cozy good night sleep.  

      While you may find a wide range of sleep sacks, Free Birdees offers softest and the best sleep sacks made of bamboo. 

        Sleep sacks are one of the softest and most cozy items your baby can have. Unlike your usual sleeping bag, baby sleep sacks are like a blanket for babies where they can stay warm in a little pocket of buttery softness. Made from bamboo, our sleep sacks are incredibly breathable so your little birdee can stay comfortable all night long. And at 1.0 TOG, which correlates to 21-23℃ or 69-73 ℉, this provides the ideal temperature for your newborn baby. When it comes to organic cotton vs bamboo, we prefer bamboo because of its breathability, sustainability, and temperature regulatory effects where your baby will stay cool when warm, and warm when cold.

      Sleep Sack Design

      Free Birdees designed their sleep sacks to have a generous fit. The zipper is also meticulously designed for your birdee and the parents. The inside zipper has high quality lining to keep your baby’s skin safe and wider zipper pull guards to discourage chewing on the zipper. It is also a two-way zipper, meaning easy diaper and cloth changes for parents! Your little birdee will be able to rest peacefully in a high quality warm and comfortable sleep sack. With plenty of designs to choose from, if your baby boy or baby girl loves to dream, they may find a dinosaur inspired sleep sack or powder pink koala sleep sack a great choice to cozy up to.