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      Swaddle Blankets

      Whether it is summer or winter, a swaddle blanket is a newborn must-have to keep them comfortable all season long. Crafted with luxury bamboo material, these bamboo swaddle blankets have the perfect amount of stretch to keep your birdee snug and comfortable. You will not need to worry about your baby feeling overheated or too cold, the breathability offered by these swaddle baby blankets is a result of bamboo viscose made material. Free Birdees not only offers the softest swaddling blankets, but with one-of-a-kind prints such as Wild Bisons and Milk and Cookies, your little birdee deserves only the cutest swaddle blankets.

      How to use Free Birdees’ swaddle blankets

      Swaddling- the practice of wrapping your newborn in a baby swaddling blanket to mimic the snug feeling of being in a womb- helps your baby fall asleep and relax. How to use swaddle baby blankets may be a new task to many, so here are a couple guiding steps.

      1. Grab your favorite bamboo swaddle blanket. Free Birdees has plenty to choose from and new prints come out each month. They are limited, so grab them while you can, especially if you see a favorite print.
      2. Spread blanket flat, then fold the top corner to make a small upside down triangle
      3. Place your little birdee on the blanket so their back lies in the center of the triangle
      4. Wrap right side of swaddle blanket over their chest, and fold under body
      5. Lift the bottom side of blanket over their feet, so it is snug fitting
      6. Wrap left side of swaddle blanket over their chest, and fold under body
      7. Lastly, watch your birdee rest in the most buttery soft bamboo swaddle!