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      Bamboo Pillowcase

      At Free Birdees, we put quality and design first, including our bamboo viscose pillowcases that are ultra soft and comfortable. Our pillow cases are breathable and stays cool which is why premium bamboo pillow cases will be essential for blissful and relaxed sleep. Bamboo’s amazing breathability allows for pillowcases to be super soft but not have an uncomfortable warm-to-the touch feel. Therefore, at night, your little birdee will rest sound asleep on the softest pillow cases made from bamboo viscose. As well, the adorable, one-of-a-kind prints will amaze everyone at how cute your child’s pillow case is. You can even match the pillow case to their crib sheet, blanket, or PJs!

      Bamboo pillowcase benefits

      The importance of a good night’s rest for your little birdee is our top priority, which is why our pillow cases will provide the needed comfort and longevity of a night’s rest. One of the benefits of a bamboo pillow case is that it is gentle on your child’s skin. Since they are spending an ample amount of time sleeping, you will want to ensure they get the best of the best when it comes to their delicate skin. Your little birdee will be able to have a sound and quiet rest while napping on a pillow of clouds! Bamboo pillow cases also have natural temperature regulating effects by wicking away moisture that you sweat off, creating a “no distraction” experience for your precious sleep time. During those hot summer nights, your little birdee can sleep on the softest, most breathable pillow case while dreaming about the stars and galaxies from far far away!