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      Women's Bamboo Robe

      Free Birdees' Women bamboo robe are soft and breathable, made of viscose bamboo that offers great comfort. They are high quality and and gentle on the most delicate skin.

      After a jam-packed day and a relaxing shower, the last thing to complete a mother’s night is a perfect women’s robe. With Free Birdees using the highest quality of bamboo viscose in all their products, you can expect the softest women's robes that give you all the great qualities of a robe along with the best comfort.

      Why do you need a robe?

      Women’s robes have been the classic loungewear for centuries because of its comfort and versatility. Perfect for any occasion, the robe can be used in the mornings when you just wake up or after a nice, long shower for extra warmth. We all know the freezing feeling before going into a shower, for you have to wait for the water to warm up, so a women’s robe is a great piece to put on to ensure you keep warm and cozy. It is a must have for every mother because it offers privacy after the shower and helps improve sleep quality by keeping you warm. It is also fashionable so you can look your best at all times and keep on rocking throughout the day.

      Free Birdees offers the best bamboo women’s robes because of their attention to detail and high quality viscose bamboo they use on all their products. The bamboo material ensures the women’s robe is breathable, comfortable, and stretchable. Suitable for all sizes, Free Birdees long bamboo robes will adapt to your body shape and create the perfect fitting when worn. These robes are great to use anytime.

      For Pregnant moms, these robes are perfect! Since mother’s bodies are constantly changing during pregnancy, our robes guarantee all pregnant mothers can feel comfortable and cozy during this time of great change. Along with its great fitting and buttery softness, the bamboo women’s robes sleeves are the perfect length to ensure they will not interfere with chores around the house and all the different prints and colors will be perfect to match with your little kiddos PJs!