Bamboo Toddler Blankets

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      Best toddler blankets

      Imagine cuddling under this oversized bamboo blanket with your birdees! It is silky soft and extremely breathable so that everyone feels just the right amount of coziness. It is made with the best quality bamboo viscose material and is machine washable. With extra layer keeping your toddler and baby warm, these are the finest blankets to snuggle with your kids. Be forewarned that your husband might want one of our blankets all to himself!

      Softest toddler Blankets

      Are you looking for 100% bamboo blankets? Did you know Free Birdees blankets are 95% Bamboo from Viscose and 5% Lycra. They are softer than organic cotton blankets. They are the perfect blankets for toddlers and kids. 

      Toddler blankets are one of those items that your little birdee will cherish and hold on to forever. That is why Free Birdie's prioritizes bamboo toddler blankets made with the highest grade yarn to ensure long lasting durability. Now when you see your little birdee get all cozy and snuggly with a bamboo blanket, or when they are using it in harsher ways (possibly dragging it on the floor!) you can be assured that the best toddler blanket is made to last. Bamboo toddler blankets are known to be the softest toddler blankets because of its bamboo viscose qualities and care put into during production. During those chilly nights where the entire family is watching television on the couch, these bamboo toddler blankets will be a must have with some honey hot cocoa and cuddles with mom and dad. 

      Just the right size Blankets

      You will find Free Birdees’ toddler blankets to be the perfect in between of a small blanket for toddlers versus a larger one. Measuring 40” by 59”, this toddler blanket size is suited for any toddler who wants an amazingly soft blanket for kids to cuddle with! Whether they use it as a toddler bed blanket or an item they cherish like a stuffed animal, the size is perfect for any and all occasions.

      How to transition toddler to blanket

      If your toddler is struggling to transition from a sleep sack to a blanket, here are a few tips and tricks to a stress free process! First, you need to make sure your toddler’s motor skills are developed enough so they are able to pull a toddler blanket off freely. Next, transition during the warmer seasons (summer or spring) to reduce the likelihood of waking up cold. With bamboo viscose blankets, you can be assured that the amazing breathability will provide the best blanket for toddlers. You’ll also want to introduce bedding during the day. For example, when they are feeling cold during the day, wrap them up in a blanket to demonstrate a blanket’s usage. And of course, adorable prints like your birdees’ favorite animal or color will be a must have. Thankfully Free Birdees has plenty of unique and in house designed prints to choose from!