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Where to Buy Holiday Family Matching Pajamas

It’s officially that time of the year to bring out the holiday decor and festive spirit within all of us! Of course, that means the adorable holiday pajamas for the whole family is an absolute must! Not only can they be adorable in the family photos, but a great way to show your holiday spirit throughout the whole month. When it comes to Christmas, many of us want to go big or go home, and that means choosing the best holiday pajamas that have both comfortability, but most importantly, uniqueness! That is why we have created our top picks from luxury pajamas to worthy holiday photo pajamas that the whole family can rock 24/7!

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Family Holiday Pajamas

The perfect way to show your holiday spirit and love is to take out the Christmas pajamas and jam with your family! Also, you can’t forget the holiday photos and matching holiday pajamas, guaranteed to impress all your relatives and friends. Jammies are the best way to show everyone how much you love the holidays, and there are perfect ones for everyone in your family!

Matching Family Holiday PJs

Undeniably the best part about the holidays is getting to twin with your whole family and rock the same outfits! Whether you want more of the classic Christmas prints or more interesting ones such as a Charlie Brown themed print is all up to you. When the holidays come around, Free Birdees will release their limited-time Christmas pajamas for the whole family made from bamboo viscose. They use bamboo viscose because of its superior quality and comfort, knowing customers want to look good and feel good too! The joy about Christmas is not only receiving gifts, but giving, so next time you are looking to give, you can add one of Free Birdees holiday throw blankets or any other holiday blankets to go with their adorable PJs!

Boys Holiday Pajamas

If your family is struggling to decide on which jammies everyone wants, it may be a better option to let everyone decide on their own. You can still pull off adorable family pajama sets for photos by having a color theme, or having the kids and adults match each other. For a boy’s holiday pajamas, some ideas can include their favorite holiday characters like Snoopy, red/white stripes, or a cute solid holiday color.

Girls Holiday Pajamas

For girl’s holiday jammies, you can get them a super cute matching mommy and daughter outfit, a holiday-themed onesie, jammies with ruffles, or any of their favorite characters. If you decide to not have a family matching PJ set, just make sure that everyone is able to have a say on what they want to wear, and work around that!

Mom and Dad Pajamas

Another option that is available is the adults dressing up together with their matching couples holiday pajamas. There are great women’s holiday pajamas, as well as men’s holiday pajamas. Although the options are endless, a good idea is to have adults wear solid Christmas colors, and the kids shine with their adorable holiday jammies. Of course, there are other ideas such as a simple Christmas phrase/quote on a shirt or cute plaid holiday pajamas.

Cutest Prints for Matching Family Holiday PJs

In order to get that perfect holiday photo, family holiday PJs can bring the whole photo together and amaze everyone with the adorable and matching outfits! Taking the time to buy and look for an outfit for the whole family shows how much you love each other and will make your family look trendy and adorable, especially at the holiday pajama party!

Hannah Anderson Green Pine Tree PJs

This holiday pajama set is perfect for a holiday photo because it has simple designs with cozy and cool colors. These pajamas are also the perfect example of luxury pajamas that are not too flashy, but have some character and style that will look good on everyone in your family, even the dog!

Footed Pajamas - Family Matching Snow Blizzard Day Hoodie Onesies

Holiday onesie pajamas are the definition of fun, made to be the showstopper at the party or gathering. With a bright ocean blue color and icy snowflakes, everyone at the party will feel your holiday spirit throughout the whole room. In addition, pockets are included for functionality and comfort, so you can get the best of both worlds in these awesome matching family holiday pajamas.

Sleepytime PJs Matching Family Christmas Pajama Sets, Fleece PJ Sets

There is no better dream than sitting by the fireplace with your piping-hot hot cocoa  and fleece PJ set, enjoying the time with your family. Fleece instantly gives a warm and cozy feeling, and is one of the softest materials! The best memories in life are made when times are simple and peaceful, so wearing some comfy fleece PJs during the holidays is a recipe for happiness.

Softest Materials for Holiday PJs

While celebrating with all your family and friends, making sure you feel comfortable and cozy in your PJs is a must have, so we want to make sure you know which materials are the best for your comfortability. Different materials work better in different weathers, so choosing the best option can make a big difference!

Bamboo Pajamas

Once the bamboo’s natural walls are broken, its fibers will be released and spun into yarn, which is how bamboo is one of the softest fabrics you can buy. Bamboo pajamas are also referred to as breathable pajamas, which makes it versatile and adaptable to any occasion and weather. Wearing bamboo viscose on a hot day will keep you cool, and wearing it on a chilly day will keep you warm, so buying bamboo pajamas are perfect to wear for the whole day without getting uncomfortable. In addition, bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it so you can enjoy yourself with your family and bamboo PJs.

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Another great material used in many kids holiday pajamas and softest pajamas is cotton. Naturally soft and breathable, this material is an amazing insulator, so when Christmas comes rolling around the corner, cotton will be your best friend to fight off those winter chills. It is also hypoallergenic, like bamboo, and durable, ensuring your matching family holiday pajamas last for many more future Christmas. And if the weather gets warmer, cotton is able to absorb the sweat from your body and let it evaporate back into the air, making it great for those spring and summer weathers as well!


Although most flannels are 100% cotton, they are unique because of the way they are made. Flannel products are woven differently from your average cotton shirt, resulting in a more insulating fabric. Furthermore, many think flannel can only be worn during the winter, but it is breathable and absorbent, so you can still wear flannel when the weather gets warmer. Flannel is also brushed to create that warm and fuzzy texture you feel on all flannel clothing items. With its iconic square patterns, flannel makes for the best holiday pajamas and the best holiday gifts for your friends and family!

Fit Tips

Since most of us purchase our baby holiday pajamas online, it can be a challenge to gauge your child’s size, especially if you have toddlers. Getting matching pajamas is fun in all until one of them doesn’t fit, so there are some easy and helpful tips to avoid that problem.
  1. The first thing you should do is take a look at the company’s size chart to get an idea of where your child is, and use a tape measure to measure their waist.
  2. Purchase your kid’s holiday pajamas from a reputable brand to ensure the quality is nothing less than what you expect, and a great brand that sells high quality bamboo toddler holiday pajamas and adult holiday pajamas is Free Birdees.
  3. To be safe, always look for a company, like Free Birdees, that offers a free return policy, so you do not have to worry if all goes wrong. Figuring out sizes can be surprisingly hard, so taking the extra precautions can save a lot of time and money!


The holidays are always the best time to revisit your family and have a great time making new memories. Having matching holiday pajamas can be a great tradition to start or continue on, and make the holidays feel so much more special. No matter how you spend the holidays, having matching pajamas can make your whole family feel more united and together. When it comes to where to buy holiday pajamas, Free Birdees sells the softest and most adorable matching family holiday jammies. The quality is unmatched from most brands, for Free Birdees uses bamboo viscose, and all their prints are unique and trendy! The holidays are the time to shine, and do that with your holiday pajamas!

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