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Christmas Outfit Ideas

As the festive season is around the corner, we all know that it is the best time to celebrate with the family. Christmas is all about having good times and creating unforgettable memories. This is quite evident from the ambiance to the type of outfits people wear during that time. Most families tend to have different Christmas outfit ideas for various occasions, such as the Christmas picture outfit ideas. This is all incorporated into the holiday mood, and as Free Birdees, we are here to offer you unique Christmas outfit ideas for 2020.

Family Christmas outfit ideas.

Being a time where everyone is at home and the chilly weather might not be suitable for outdoor activities, there are plenty of activities that can be done in the house. Therefore, proper dressing for indoor fun and games are available. Here are some of the Christmas outfit ideas that are suitable for the family Christmas night.

Cute bamboo outfits

Cute and cozy bamboo outfits for the winter season are a go-to, especially when it's Christmas. These are some of the most comfortable clothing that is suitable for the family during movie time. These outfits have the softest fabric made of bamboo, and they are readily available at the Free Birdees. The quality is top-notch, thus assuring you of the most chilled and relaxed moments in the house.

The bamboo outfits are suitable for the whole family as they come in different sets and gender. This gives you diverse choices to select from our online store. Additionally, the various sizes are available for all our customers.

Patterns and plaids

It is one of the most common outfits that many people acquire during Christmas. Patterns and plaids often bring out a warm and happy mood that is present during Christmas. It is undoubtedly on the list for a family Christmas outfit idea as the colors create a beautiful ambiance in the home. The plaids are certainly a go-to because of the comfortable blend between the Christmas tree. Also, it is an easy combination for the family. The colors to incorporate in the outfit you select can range from bright to neutral.

Velvet and fluffs

It is one of the must-haves in this season. Christmas is a time where you can easily rock that velvet jumpsuit for that family Christmas dinner or party. This is one of the clothing that you can spruce up with any other jacket for more warmth. The comfortability in velvet is second to none hence allowing you to enjoy the party.

Fluffs are also one of the go-to designs when it comes to the festive season. The faux fur jackets and feather jackets allow you to stay in style even over the years. This trend's flexibility will enable it to go well with any clothing, thus one of the perfect combinations for a festive season.

Family Christmas photo ideas

Family Christmas photo outfit ideas is an imperative category that is one of the highlights in the season. For one to get cute images for incredible memories, the attires should be in sync. As many people are quite undecided on what to choose, here are some of the Christmas picture outfit ideas that will make the perfect combination for your family Christmas photo outfit ideas.

Matching plaid and stripes

Plaid and stripes are one of the things that stands out when you dorn an outfit with these selected patterns. Wearing matching plaid as a family elevates the mood and allows the picture to have the Christmas feel. Additionally, cute family pictures will enable you to remember the good times and family Christmas outfit ideas that were there before.

One of the main concerns about this style is the need to add more patterns. There is no need to add more color to prevent too many unmatching color schemes. Therefore when taking the picture, it is essential to select a white or a plain color as the background. This allows viewers to focus on the family rather than the distractive environment.

Neutral colored outfits.

For the family, it is straightforward to select such outfits. Neutral colors such as grey and navy blue are a good selection of colors. Neutral colors bring out cohesiveness in the group photo and allow viewers to pay keen attention to you. Moreover, the neutral colors easily blend in with bright hues on the background. The color combination allows the image to have a good design.

Bright colored outfits

When selecting Christmas outfit ideas, it is essential to factor in the color. Bright colors usually are the primary theme for any Christmas household. In line with the family photo, you would want to blend the bright colors to bring out the right color combination when taking the picture. As most images can be taken in the house or next to the Christmas tree, it is essential to match the same color's outfits. For example, green and red make a beautiful color scheme. Additionally, in cases whereby the choice of the Christmas tree is a bamboo design, it will easily complement the color blend.


Often when selecting an outfit, it depends on the occasion, and Christmas is no exception. For the right combination in the picture, it is essential to choose cute fabrics that are more comfortable and cozy. The softest fabric made of bamboo is one perfect example that can be used on different apparel. The material can be knitted to create cute scarfs or sweaters with different designs bringing out the cozy holiday feel.

Additionally, different fabrics such as lace and sequins are an excellent addition to the Christmas outfit ideas. You can have winter-themed family Christmas photo ideas as a family, hence wearing off-white or white laced or sequined dresses depending on the photo's venue. This is a crucial point to note when choosing the idea. Moreover, the white choice of color brings life to the party, not forgetting clear and precise pictures.

Fabrics portray different styles and are easily added to the themes of the day. There can be various themes, such as a bamboo theme where it is vital to wear cute outfits to bring the piece to life. This highlights the main parts of the picture that need to be focused on.


Sweaters, especially the tacky ones, are always in style during the Christmas season. These sweaters could be knitted and could have funny Christmas designs that bring out the season eloquently. Sweaters are one of the cozy items that a family can have and is suitable for any photo. The sweaters can be worn in different prints as long as the photoshoot location is in the house. The sweaters are ideal for a fireplace or Christmas tree photoshoot creating a cute family photo.

Matching pajamas

This is an ideal outfit when you are in the house during the Christmas season. Matching clothes tend to bring out new moods and are always colorful. This is an essential factor to consider when taking a photo. Having matching pajamas allows you to take such a cute picture right beside the Christmas tree and near the fireplace. It brings out the comfort, feels, and warmth present in your home; moreover, it can be used as your holiday gift card photo.


Christmas is a time to make merry and have the best times with our friends and families. However, the most important thing to consider is the mode of dressing during this season. Having different Christmas outfit ideas allows you to enjoy every bit of it. With Free Birdees, our main aim is to cater to your coziness and warmth during this time. Additionally, we aim to give our clients the best Christmas outfit ideas for 2020. Therefore you can choose us to make your Christmas splendid and unforgettable today.