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Best Christmas Pajama Gifts for the Family

Thankfully, something you can never go wrong with is an adorable pair of Matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family! Whether it is a pair of jammies for the holidays, or for every night wear, it will always be an item in demand. Are you still deciding what gifts to purchase for the holidays? Especially during the holidays, cute christmas pajamas for kids bring out the holiday spirit in everyone and make your toddlers feel so much more cozier. In addition, the holidays are the perfect time to show off your goofy side and play jokes on others! Products like funny Christmas pajamas for couples can be a huge hit when you’re unwrapping all the presents!

Pajamas for Christmas

When school/work is out and Home Alone is on the T.V, the only thing you are missing are the Christmas pajamas for the whole family! In order to get the full holiday experience, comfy and cozy PJs for everyone is a must. Wearing some jammies all day long is the holiday dream, so here are some family PJ ideas you can use to complete your Christmas experience!

Newborn Baby Pajamas for Holidays

Looking for the perfect family holiday pajamas for your newborn may be difficult because of how delicate their skin or health is, but there are brands like Free Birdees that make sure their products are ideal for newborns. The secret to their ultra soft pajamas is bamboo viscose, which is breathable and ensures your newborn stays cool in the warm weather and cozy in the cooler temperatures. If you're looking for holiday PJs, their 2 piece holiday pajamas are extremely soft and offer easy diaper changes, making your life easier!

Funny Christmas Pajamas for Adults

Who said only the kids can have all the fun? Pajamas for Christmas can be very trendy, and we all know the adults have the inner child inside of them. Followme’s men’s holiday onesie will definitely make you relive the childhood dream again. They have many hilarious Christmas onesie pajamas available for all the men and husbands. A few of the prints can include their gingerbread man, santa, and elf onesies. Not only do they have men’s PJs, but cute Christmas pajamas for women too! Their adorable snowman onesie and matching elf onesie can make the ultimate Christmas couple.

Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

A great way to show your love and holiday spirit with your family is by getting matching holiday pajamas, so your family can rock those Christmas photos and show everyone what Christmas is all about. It may be hard for everyone in your family to all like the same jammies, so that’s why Free Birdees created prints that are suitable for everyone. Plaid pajamas are also perfect for the whole family because it is simple and looks adorable on everyone. With the classic red and black square pattern, it can never go wrong on Christmas.

Cute Christmas Pajamas for Kids

Although the presents are the highlight of Christmas as a kid, the pajamas are what make Christmas so fun and exciting. Running down the stairs in your christmas onesie pajamas is something that every child will remember, so might as well make them look cute in the process! You can never go wrong with the classics, like the Grinch or a Santa suit, for everyone loves a popular Christmas character. Reindeer onesies or Free Birdees exclusive Airstream and s'mores are also great for your little girl or boy because most come with an adorable hood showing off the mini reindeer antlers for everyone to see!

Best Types of Christmas Pajamas

When you’re purchasing christmas pajamas for the whole family, it is crucial you get the best of the best! As you may be spending your whole day in jammies, being comfortable can be more important than looking cute. Depending on your preferences and where you live, you may want to look for something that isn’t as warm as the normal pajamas, or vice versa for the extremely cold temperatures in the winter!

Bamboo Pajamas

If you haven’t heard of bamboo as a cloth material, you will be shocked at how great it really is. Bamboo is eco-friendly, meaning that your purchase of bamboo products will help better the environment! Bamboo viscose, the material Free Birdees uses to fabricate their soft pajamas, is breathable, naturally thermo-regulating (meaning that you will be cool in the summer/warm in the winter), hypoallergenic, and stretchy! If you haven’t tried bamboo pajamas before, it can be one of the best Christmas pajama gifts that will be a guarantee hit! Perfect for your family as well, Free Birdees sells children pajama sets in over a dozen prints! So for this holiday season, make sure to spend time with your family and make it even better by showing off your brand new bamboo breathable pajamas!

Silk Pajamas

If you're feeling a bit more fancy this holiday season, silk can be a luxurious material that showcases your classy style and makes everyone want one! Apart from silk’s elegant look, it is also one of the best materials for pajamas because of its softness and durability. It is breathable, and has an incredible sheen to it, giving it that luxurious look. There are some down sides to silk, as the fabric does get weaker when in contact to water or sweat. Ironing it can cause fading, and machine drying isn’t recommended (air dry them!) However, silk is still an amazing fabric for clothing, and can be a great gift for your family and friends. Just don’t be shocked at the steep prices high quality silk pajamas can be!

Flannel Pajamas

An oldie but a goodie, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of flannel PJs for the winter! There’s a reason why it is so popular during the cold, for flannel is a thick and insulating material, keeping you toasty all day long. Flannel also makes for the most breathable pajamas. Unlike plaid pajamas, flannel is a material and plaid is a design. However, the iconic red and black plaid pattern is mostly made with the flannel material. Most flannel are made with cotton, but can also be made from wool, which will generally be higher in price. Flannel is machine wash and dryer safe, and obviously super comfy! When it comes to an affordable, durable, and super soft pair of jammies, flannel can make for the perfect pair of PJs or the best kid’s pajamas gifts.

Cute Pajama Prints for the Holidays

What are pajamas if they are not adorable and unique to you? Especially during the holidays, children's pajama gifts may not be your toddler’s favorite gift (it’s hard to beat a new bike!) but it definitely will be the most adorable. Pajamas are such a loved item for many reasons, and its ability to be customizable and geared towards your interests makes it much more special. Whether you want to purchase pajamas as a gift, or for the holidays, there are dozens of prints available to you.

Highland Cattle Print

Free Birdees best selling print for their bamboo pajama sets, this is a must have in every kid’s wardrobe! Not only is it extremely comfortable, the highland cattle print is something all children will love! With a light blue color base, it gives off the best spring and summer vibes. So the next time you are looking for the best Christmas pajama gifts, this print will be perfect for the incoming warmer weather!

Reindeer Print

Looking for an adorable pair of jammies to wear for the holidays? Free Birdees’ exclusive reindeer print showcases a solid evergreen color long sleeve with red reindeer printed long pants. If you’re feeling monochromatic, you can get the long sleeve in the red reindeer print as well! Since Free Birdees knows matching family holiday PJs are an important tradition, their reindeer print is available for the whole family! Also, they keep their design simple and sweet to make sure it fits for everyone in the family, kid or adult. In addition, you can never go wrong with the classic Christmas color scheme, red and green, for we all grew up knowing it and you cannot go through Christmas without wearing those colors!

Blue Lagoon Rhinos

Along with Free Birdees Highland Cattle print, this is also a best seller and loved by all. Its calm, ocean blue color with grey rhinos is the perfect fit for everyday life and goes well for any occasion. Especially if your toddler is in love with wildlife and rhinos, this print was made for them! To make things better, this print is part of Free Birdees’ endangered animals collection, where part of Free Birdees’ proceeds go to the WildAid Organization, so not only are you getting an adorable pair of jammies that can be a great gift, but your purchase is going to a helping cause.


When it comes to family bonding, Christmas PJs can be a great way to feel connected and united. The holidays are supposed to be a happy time spent with family, and a break from all of our hectic lives. Pajamas for Christmas are such a universal item, and are loved by all. Even switching it up and adding a holiday blanket or funny Christmas pajamas for the whole family can be a great idea, but at the end of the day, pajamas are unique to you! Don’t miss out on the fun of purchasing gifts for your family during the holidays, and despite pajamas simplicity, you will be surprised at how appreciative your family will be for a new pair of comfy jammies!

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