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What do I want for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is to see our family happy, smiling, and together on Christmas morning. Then, I'd like to stand back and take it all in and memorialize the moment with a lovely family photo of everyone in maching family pajamas. We don't need to have a photographer come in and do a photoshoot, although that would be nice. Since everyone will already be wearing a comfortable pair of pajamas, it would be more festive to wear maching family pajamas. The photo will allow me to experience this magical moment every time I look at it. I can also make copies of the picture and send it to people on my Christmas card list.

So, what should a family wear for Christmas photos? Pajamas make practical Christmas gifts for every member of the family. Shop on our website for a wide selection of maching family pajamas, matching kids pajamas, and last minute gist ideas for Christmas. Because our pajamas are made of bamboo, they are incredibly soft, enabling your body to breathe while wearing them. Once you try them, you will not want to wear anything else. Here are some of our great gift ideas and picks for this year.

Matching Family Pajamas

Why not start a new family tradition with maching family pajamas? You will create memories that will last a lifetime. Once you are all dressed up in your matching family pajamas, you can take a photo and give it as a family Christmas gift to the rest of your family. Each year the family can select a new pajama theme. For the first year of family bonding, consider wearing our beautiful reindeer pajamas. These pajamas will perfectly match the personality of each of the members of your family. A picture of you and your family in these colorful festive pajamas will be the envy of the rest of your family. Even if you choose not to have everyone wear maching family pajamas, there's plenty of designs to fit your family member's individual personalities. As a family Christmas gift, the stuff I want for Christmas is matching family pajamas that show the heart of our family's Christmas joy.

Matching Kids Pajamas

The designs we are offering this year are very kiddie friendly. Once you see our adorable kid pajamas, you won't be able to resist dressing up the kids. Your children will enjoy being comfortable in their pajamas on Christmas morning. Imagine seeing the smiles on their faces as they rush to open their presents. There will be no reason for them to stop to put on clothes because these kiddie friendly pajamas will be appropriate attire for the entire day. Children look so adorable in matching outfits regardless of the style. Our matching kids pajamas will have your children seeing snowflakes and playing with reindeer. In addition to our Christmas holiday collection, we have a wide selection of everyday pajamas. So even after the holidays are over, your children can still enjoy bonding together with their matching kids pajamas.

Christmas Blankets

Don't forget to add some nice warm cozy Christmas blankets to your wishlist. Our selection of bamboo blankets is so comfortable. You will want to snuggle underneath them all day long. Blankets make a fantastic last minute gist ideas for Christmas. Our blankets are approximate 4.5 feet x 6 feet, so they are large enough to be an excellent idea for a family Christmas gift.

In addition to the adult-sized blankets, we have a large selection of baby blankets and toddler blankets. The swaddle blankets are the perfect texture and size for wrapping your baby, so he or she feels cozy and safe. The bamboo material is lightweight. It will provide the proper amount of warmth and comfort.
We have Christmas blankets that will help keep your babies and toddlers warm in their cribs. Our blankets also can fit into your baby's stroller. Your toddlers will love how they feel when you wrap them in a lovely Christmas blanket.

What you should ask for to go along with your bamboo Christmas pajamas to put you in the holiday spirit is one of our Christmas blankets.

The Best Push Presents for Dad

If you were to ask your dad what he wants, he would probably say, "I don't know what I want for Christmas." That's because dads usually spend their time checking off gifts for everyone else's Christmas wishlist. They often don't make a wishlist of their own. This year should be different. Dad, you should be thinking about things you want for Christmas as well. We have a lot of great gift ideas just for you.

If your dad is like most men, he will prefer practical Christmas gifts instead of something he will only use once or never use. Let your family Christmas gift to dad be his very own pair of Christmas pajamas. Our winter highland cattle pajamas and other styles are masculine enough for the day and provide a nice look for the rest of the family. Even if dad does not usually wear pajamas, he will change his mind when he experiences these bamboo pajamas' comfort. Another idea for best push presents for dad are Christmas blankets.

Great Gifts For 60 Year Old Man

Sixty-year-old men are still young and continue to participate in a variety of activities. They enjoy everything from fishing to dancing to camping. We did our best to capture the love of camping in the Holiday Airstream & S'mores men's pajama set. So, if you are looking for great gifts for 60 year old man, look no further. Add a solid top to these pajamas, and they will make a style statement for a man of any age.

Big Sister Gifts for 7 Year Old

When you are seven years old and want to buy something special for your big sister, what should you ask for? Well, you can't go wrong with unicorn candy canes and a cute sassy top. They are cheerful and fun to wear. Unicorns never go out of style for little girls. It would be adorable for your seven-year-old and big sister to dress up wearing matching kids pajamas. Many of our designs for our kids pajamas are so popular that they cross over to the older children and adult sizes.

Gifts for Boyfriend

If you have a special person in your life, you want to get a gift that makes him feel that he holds a special place in your heart. You could purchase a gift card for him, or you can buy him something more personable. What a better way to show him how much you care than with a pair of Christmas pajamas or a lovely Christmas blanket? He will enjoy being able to lounge in his new soft bamboo pajamas. While purchasing a pair of pajamas makes excellent gifts for boyfriend, a matching pair would allow you both to enjoy them.

Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can be a difficult age to buy for at any age. If you get something that makes them look too young, they won't like it. They also don't want to wear anything that makes them look too much like dad. At Freebirds, we've designed a great looking set of pajamas that's just right for the young man in your family. Check the list of our gift ideas for the 15 year old, 16 year old, and 17-year-old young men in your life.

Christmas Gifts for 15 Year Old Boy

I doubt if any teenage boy has ever said, "I don t know what I want for Christmas." He's probably got a long list of electronic equipment, sports paraphernalia, or the latest computer technology on his wishlist. One of the gift ideas he may not have thought about is a handsome pair of bamboo pajamas.

As a teenager, the clothes you wear make such a statement about your personality and sense of style. You can choose from the stylish reindeer, cattle, plaid, or airstream pajamas. The solid top and decorated bottoms provide a more grown-up, not too busy look for young boys. That makes them the perfect Christmas gifts for 15 year old boy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boy

What a difference a year makes? When it comes to an even more grown-up style, there is something precious about the sweet 16. We attempted to capture that difference in our pajama selection. One option is the candy stripe pajama bottoms with a solid top. The stripes offer more of a masculine appearance that even Santa Clause will love. Reindeer pajamas also present the perfect Christmas Gift ideas for 16 year old boy.

Christmas Gifts for 17 Year Old Boy

At 17 years old, you're practically an adult, so it's no wonder that these stylish adult-sized matching pajamas will appeal to you. With these stylish pajamas, you can display your independence as a young person.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 50 years old is a milestone worthy of celebrating with anyone on your gift-giving wishlist. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to give them something that will bring comfort to their lives that they can experience over and over again. Every time they put on these comfortable bamboo pajamas, they will remember the love and joy they felt as you helped to celebrate them on that special day.

His and Hers Gifts

What do you get for the couple who has everything? We have the answer for you. Some suggest that when you are buying for a couple, you find something they have in common. That way, they both will be able to use it, and they can enjoy the gift together. However, what can be more fun and festive as a couple than wearing beautiful matching pajamas? They will allow you to look incredible and show your togetherness as a couple.

What is the Best outfit for family pictures?

Without a doubt, the best outfit for family pictures is a fun pair of pajamas. Taking a photo with your family dressed in maching family pajamas will showcase your family's one of a kind personality. You will have fun dressing up together. Your pajamas will be a lot more comfortable than a formal suit and dress.
Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, but it's not too late to purchase maching family pajamas. When it's time to buy a gift for the special people in your life, our pajama selection leaves you with no shortage of options. We have something for every member of the family. Here's a list of last minute gist ideas for Christmas.

  • Adorable matching kids pajamas.
  • Adult pajamas for his and hers gifts.
  • Christmas blankets.
  • Maching family pajamas.
  • What You Should Ask For

When someone asks you what you want for Christmas, are you the kind of person who answers, "I don t know what I want for Christmas?" The things you want for Christmas this year should include something fun and festive. You can find a great family Christmas gift and special gifts for your friends on our website. You'll be able to cross off every present on your Christmas wishlist. If you are tired of giving the same old predictable gifts, try something different. We have a lot of gift ideas on our website. For example, think about what should family wear for Christmas. We have an array of pajamas that make coming up with last minute gist ideas for Christmas easy.

So, if you need last minute gist ideas for Christmas, we've got you covered. Our comfortable soft bamboo pajama sets will appeal to every member of your family. Whether shopping for your six month old baby, the 15 thru 17 year old teenagers, or looking for great gifts for 60 year old man, you will find something that fits your needs. We have everything from big sister gifts for 7 year old to 50th birthday gift ideas. When you all come together on Christmas morning, you are already dressed for a fabulous family portrait in your festive Christmas pajamas.