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2020 Holiday Gift Guide and ideas for children and Family

How to Navigate Holiday Gifting

Do you ever find yourself dreading the end of the year because that means it is time to come up with holiday gift ideas? What do you mean I am supposed to cook a turkey, decorate my house with lights and garland, and come up with holiday gift ideas for all my family, friends, neighbors, children's teachers, and countless other people, then wrap them all? The holidays are not supposed to be so stressful. Well now you can dread no more! Here is your ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. Here you can find holiday gift ideas for children, holiday gift ideas for toddlers, and holiday gift ideas for wife! The best holiday gift ideas are family holiday gift ideas. Plus find something for everyone else on your shopping list, all in one place.

A Stress-free Holiday Gift Guide

Coming up with unique holiday gift ideas for all those people can not only be difficult, but also quite stressful. So take out some of the stress and think of holiday gift ideas that will work for the whole family and all your friends. Everyone wants to have a cute holiday outfit, so why not shop holiday fashion?

Family Holiday Gift Ideas:

As the end of the year approaches it means it is time to put together those cute holiday cards. Does every family strive to find that perfect family photo that makes you look like you have your life put together? Or is that just me? What makes you look like a put together family more than a photo with matching pajama sets! And of course only the best holiday pajamas can make the cut. Well look no further than freebirdees.com to find the coziest holiday pajama gift ideas including matching pajama sets in many colors and styles.

If you are going to spend the money on these unique holiday gift ideas then make sure you are getting cozy pajamas. Freebirdees pajamas are made from bamboo so they are incredibly soft and comfortable for the whole family. Shop for adults and children, with options for men, women, infants, toddlers and child sizes up to 10T.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers:

Toddlers grow incredibly quickly. You get all these clothes in one size then blink your eyes and all of the sudden they need the next size up. This is actually true for children of all ages, not just toddlers, so some great holiday gift ideas for children would be clothing! The coziest holiday pajama gift ideas at freebirdees is a great place to start.

Although holiday pajamas are fun, clothing for the whole year also makes for suitable holiday gift ideas. When shopping for clothing, bamboo toddler clothes are the way to go. That is because there are many benefits to clothing made from bamboo. First of all bamboo is sustainable, much more so than cotton and other popular clothing fabrics. It is also breathable. Breathable fabric is really important because it keeps your child warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is hot outside That means it is great for every time of the year. The breathability is due to the ability of bamboo fabric to wick moisture away from your skin. The moisture will sit on the surface of the fabric until it evaporates making your child's skin feel dry and therefore they will stay warmer, or cooler.

The bamboo fabric is also stretchy so it will hug your child comfortably but also grow with them. This is incredibly important because, as I mentioned before, they grow so quickly and it can be frustrating to have to buy new clothing all the time. Beyond that, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic. So whether a member of your family has sensitive skin or an allergy, this fabric will be safe for them.

And finally, bamboo fabric is very soft. Speaking from experience, toddlers will not wear clothing if it is not comfortable. That is why the comfort of bamboo toddler clothes is definitely the way to go. So whether it is cozy pajamas for the whole year, or a cute holiday outfit, make sure you are only getting the best. Freebirdees makes more than just pajamas for little ones as well.

Be sure to check out all the products freebirdees has to offer. Not only do they have footies, coveralls, and pajama sets for night wear, but also other clothing options as well. There are hat and gown sets for babies, twirling dresses and rompers in sizes for newborns up to 24 months. Plus, they have all those, and underwear in child sizes up to 10T. These make for great holiday gift ideas too.

And back to the topic of particular children, I know mine will only wear clothing if they like the colors and patterns. Freebirdees offers a wide range of colors and patterns. Their Christmas outfit ideas are by far some of the cutest I have seen and will therefore be a big hit with even the pickiest of dressers.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Wife:

A Holiday Gift Guide may never be more important than when you are buying for a woman. It seems like buying for a woman can be the most difficult. You want to be sure you are getting them something you know they will enjoy and be able to get some use out of. Well cozy pajamas make great holiday gift ideas for adults too, not just children. Freebirdees makes cozy pajamas for people of all ages and sizes. And not just holiday pajamas, but pajamas for the whole year. With the variety of colors and patterns you cannot really go wrong!

When it comes to holiday fashion, pajamas definitely make the cut. That is because in many households, or at least in mine, we wear pajamas all day long on Christmas. By Christmas day all those obligatory holiday parties are over and there is no longer a need to actually get dressed up. So the best Christmas outfit ideas, as far as I am concerned, are cozy pajamas. Plus, cute Christmas day photos in matching pajama sets are perfect for next years holiday cards!

Your Holiday Gift Guide Goes Online:

Not only is it stressful to come up with good holiday gift ideas, but it is also very stressful dealing with holiday shopping! Stores are packed with people running around just as stressed as you are and that makes it no fun for anyone. So why not take your shopping online? That way you can sit on your couch, in your own cozy pajamas, and do all your shopping without having to see another frantic holiday shopper. At freebirdees.com there is free shipping and returns. And, for all the last minute shoppers, orders can be placed up to 10 days before Christmas and will still arrive in time. So hey, why not buy yourself a festive new pair of holiday pajamas while you are at it?
Another benefit to being able to shop online is avoiding leaving your house during a pandemic. This year COVID has been an added new element for stress this holiday shopping season. Avoiding large crowds is key in preventing the spread of COVID, and many stores have new maximum capacity limitations in place to prevent over crowding. Plus, social distancing in the store means when that person in front of you is staring at the same product you need for ten minutes, you just have to stand there and wait for them to move. So take the in person shopping risk right out of the equation and spend all the time you want looking at one product without worrying about being in someone else's way. And, with free shipping and returns it makes it much more reasonable to shop online and not have to worry about over spending or having to spend more money on a return or exchange if something does not fit quite right. A little thoughtfulness, like offering the free shipping and returns, is always appreciated during the holidays.

That's a wrap:

So lets wrap up all this holiday gift ideas talk shall we, so you can get back to actually wrapping your gifts. If you are looking for good holiday gift ideas for friends and family, children and adults, that friendly neighborhood boy that shovels snow from your walkway, anyone at all, think about cozy pajamas. And you can look at it this way, everyone sleeps, so pajamas are a useful gift for all the people you are buying for this holiday season.

The holidays are supposed to be about giving thanks, spending time with loved ones, and merriment. How did that manifest into a time of running around, being completely stressed out and trying to come up with different holiday gift ideas for each person on your gift list? It is time to get back to the relaxation and merriment. Streamline your process this year, holiday pajamas to all, and to all a good night!