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How many baby clothes do I need

With the due date for your baby quickly approaching, there may be many questions that keep pulsating in your mind: "how many baby clothes do I actually need?" or "what should go on my list of newborn baby clothes essentials?" Seasons change quickly and babies seem to grow at the speed of light, growing from newborns to infants to toddlers seemingly in the blink of an eye. The clothing needs for new baby infants is always changing quickly. You may wonder things like "How many baby clothes do I need first year?", and "how much baby clothes should I buy once my child reaches the toddler stage?" Swimsuits, baby pajamas, onesies, dress clothes, swaddling blankets: the list keeps growing and shopping for baby clothes can be overwhelming. Plus let's be honest, a newborn isn't exactly neat and tidy, resulting in multiple outfits being worn per day. But how many baby clothes do you actually need?

Shopping for Baby Clothes

Let’s start by saying this: shopping for baby clothes isn’t as stressful and overwhelming as it might sound. Many people spend hours worrying about how many clothes for baby boys and girls they need. However, shopping for baby clothes does not need to be a stressful event. In fact, it can be fun. Free Birdees is a great website for reducing the stress of clothing shopping. Whether you're looking for infant baby clothes or accessories like blankets, Free Birdees is a one-stop shopping destination that carries high-quality baby clothes for your baby's needs in their first year of life.

Best Baby Clothes Boutique Online

Free Birdees is a line of baby clothes available online that is designed with functionality and comfort in mind for your baby. They carry lines of all of the newborn baby clothes essentials in fun patterns and soft, breathable fabrics. Their clothes and accessories are made from bamboo viscose, which is designed to be gentle on your newborn's or baby's skin while being breathable and flexible. As you watch your newborn grow from newborn to infant to toddler, their needs will change and so will their baby clothes. Free Birdees offers a variety infant, toddler and baby clothes designed to fit your child as you watch your baby grow.

Baby Clothes Essentials First Year: Newborn and Infant Baby Clothes

If you're wondering "how many baby clothes do I need first year?" or "how many newborn onesies do i need," this is a great place to start. First, let's define the ages of newborns and infants. Newborns are most commonly referred to from the period of birth to around 3 months. Infants are frequently labelled from birth to around their first birthday. Second, let's think about different occasions for which you may need to dress your newborn or infant: nap time, special occasion, every day casual wear, play time and night time. The list goes on and on. Let's start with newborn baby clothes essentials for night time.

Baby Pajamas:

Night time is a difficult time for first time and seasoned parents alike. Parents are often willing to sacrifice almost anything for their newborn or infant to sleep through the night. Baby pajamas are high on the list newborn baby clothes essentials and are likely the first thing you think of while considering what to dress your baby in for the night. However, there are so many options on the market: baby pajama sets, baby footies, newborn gown sets and more. How many do you actually need of each? The key here is to put comfort and functionally first, while keeping the changing seasons in mind.

Pajama Sets

Baby pajama sets are great for a quick in and out for naps. They are easier to take on and off for naps or a cozy, comfy day. Plus, they're lighter and less warm than a onesie, so adding them to your summer baby clothes list is a great idea. Free Birdees pajama sets offer loads of fun patterns and soft fabrics for your newborn. Plus they offer extra length on the top to keep your baby's tummy tucked in at night. 2-3 sets are sufficient for occasional use by a newborn or infant.

Baby Footies and Coveralls

Baby coveralls and footies are a great way to snuggle up your baby for a long night of sleep. They are both cozy and comfortable, putting them on the list of baby clothes essentials first year. Free Birdees offers both baby footies and baby coveralls with secure zippers to make clothing and diaper changes a breeze, making them one of the newborn baby clothes essentials. These are great for infants on the move during the night as they are secured by one piece of fabric. They are also great for colder nights or babies who are prone to be cold. 3-4 pairs are recommended for occasional use during the summer and more frequent use during the winder.

New born Gown Sets

New born gown sets are an adorable and comfortable way to snuggle your newborn in for the night. These provide easy access to diaper changes throughout the night and are great for a come-home set. They are one of the most important baby clothes needed first 3 months. Free Birdees offers unique and one-of-a-kind prints, versatile for a night of sleep or adorable newborn pictures. 2-3 sets are perfect for your newborn.


Rompers provide all the comfort and flexibility of a pajama but offer the versatility to be worn anywhere. They're great for your summer newborn clothes checklist or can be paired with warmer clothes for a winter outfit. Wondering "how many newborn onesies do I need?" The answer is "the more the merrier." As these are an essential to everyday outfits, 5-7 baby rompers are great for your newborn or infant. Free Birdees' baby rompers are made from soft bamboo fabric and are known for being both breathable and comfortable, making these one of the essential baby clothes needed first 3 months. They also feature stretchy material and snaps on the left shoulder for an easy on and off.

Twirling Dresses

A baby twirling dress is a great way to dress your newborn or infant up for a special occasion without sacrificing comfort and easy clothing changes. Free Birdees' twirling onesies feature extra room for movement and snaps for easy diaper changes, making them newborn baby clothes essentials. This baby twirling dress is both cute and functional. They're light and cool for the summer, so you should add them to your summer newborn clothes checklist. The number of baby twirling dresses that you need depends on how often you want your infant to be dressed up, but typically 1-2 twirling dresses allows for the occasional fancy outfit.

Summer Baby Clothes List

Summer can be an especially difficult time to get baby clothes. In summary, here is a list below of essentials to help you dress your baby for the summer
  • Pajamas Sets: 2-3 sets
  • Footies and Coveralls: not as essential for summer, but 3-4 pairs is sufficient
  • Gown Sets: 2-3 sets
  • Rompers: 5-7 rompers
  • Twirling Dresses: 1-2 dresses

Toddler Baby Clothes

Toddlers can be both easier and more difficult to dress and more difficult. The increase in their age may mean less frequent diaper changes and a more consistent sleep schedule, meaning that they can stay in the same outfit for longer amounts of time. However, a toddler may also become more fussy about what they're wearing. They may dislike the restrictiveness of footies and may prefer a pajama set, or they may like the comfort and security that the footies provide. Take note of your child's preferences prior to purchasing, especially in regards to pajamas.

Pajama Sets, footies and coveralls

Pajama sets are great for the toddler who is on the move at night and should definitely stay on your baby summer clothes list. Pajama sets tend to be cooler and less restrictive than a footie or coverall. Footies or coveralls are great for snuggling your toddler up during the winter. Free Birdees carries footies and coveralls for children 12-24 months, as well as 2T-3T. They offer pajama sets in 12-24 months, as well as 2T-10Y. They continue to offer soft fabrics and unique patterns for all age ranges. The number of each of these should be dependent on your infants preferences, although for the younger age range 3-4 pairs of each allows for versatility dependent on the seasons.


Rompers are still a practical and comfortable everyday outfit for your toddler. At Free Birdees, rompers are offered for ages 12 months through 3T and feature side zippers for easy clothing changes and diaper changes. Unique and one of a kind patterns are offered for all age ranges. 5-7 pairs are recommended for every-day use.

Twirling Dresses

Twirling dresses are a great way to dress up your toddler for everyday or special occasions. Free Birdees offers soft and functional twirling dresses for toddlers 12 months through 6 years of age. Unique patterns are picture-friendly, making them perfect for a family photo.

Accessories for all ages

Also on the list of newborn baby clothes essentials are accessories such as swaddling blankets and stroller blankets for babies. These can be essential to the comfort of your baby in their first years of life and can help promote a deeper sleep.

Swaddling Blankets

A swaddling blanket can be like a magic wand for some children at bed time. A nice, tight swaddle can be the difference between hours of red-faced wailing and a peaceful night of sleep. When considering a swaddling blanket, quality and comfort should be of utmost importance. Free Birdees swaddling blanket combines both of these things. First, their swaddling blanket are made from a bamboo fabric which is soft on delicate baby skin and comfortable to the touch. Second, the stretchy fabric allows for a perfect swaddle, designed to keep your baby snuggled up all night. Typically, 2-3 of these blankets is the perfect amount in case one of them becomes dirty or lost.

Stroller Blankets for Babies

A stroller blanket for your baby is also essential to keep your baby cozy, especially on daily outings. These blankets are versatile, as they are not just used for strollers but may be used for car rides or everyday naps as well. Free Birdees line of stroller blankets are soft, versatile and breathable. 2-3 of these blankets is appropriate as well, in case one becomes dirty or lost.

The Bottom Line

Shopping for baby clothes can be a daunting task. The amount and types of baby clothes should depend on your baby's age, the season that they're born in, and the child's own preferences. Make sure to keep enough type of clothing so that if a pair or two become dirty, there are back-ups available, especially in the first months of your newborns life. As the clothing needs for new baby boys and girls can vary quite a bit in these first few months, it's important that extras are kept on-hand. Nevertheless, it's important to keep in mind that the comfort and functionality of the baby clothes that you are buying is highly important. Free Birdees' products combine the comfort of their soft bamboo fabric with the functionality of their easy access for diaper and clothing changes. Plus, they have lots of unique and adorable designs for your infant and toddler alike. Free Birdees makes it easy to shop for baby clothes, so instead of stressing out about "how much baby clothes should I buy" or "how many clothes for baby boys and girls," you can focus on those precious early years of the baby's life. As a result, you should make Free Birdies your go to for newborn baby clothes essentials.