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Top 5 Must Have Infant Clothing Items for Newborn Babies

As parents are trying to find new options for the best baby clothing, viscose bamboo infant clothing is rapidly increasing in popularity and catching up to the demand of cotton baby clothes. With viscose bamboo being stronger, softer, and more breathable than cotton, it is no surprise that this material is used for some of the best infant clothing. It is Free Birdees’ goal to provide baby clothing that is comfortable, fashionable, and doesn’t contain flame resistant chemicals.  They have created some of the best newborn clothing that is a must have in your child’s stylish wardrobe.

The Softest Swaddle (Take Me Home) Blankets

Best Swaddling Take Me Home Blankets

The popular swaddle blanket is the best option for your newborn baby. The blanket’s soft and gentle fabric will make your baby feel as comfortable as possible. The soft bamboo viscose fabric is sourced from the best quality materials mother nature has to offer. 

With a more comfortable sleep, this soft swaddle blanket will instantly save many parents from unwanted grey hairs and give your baby the sleep they need. Furthermore, you can find a vast selection of Free Birdees unique one of a kind prints, such as Cranes, Astronaut Sloths, beautiful Floral prints, and many others that are cute and trendy. Free Birdees strives itself in having a diverse selection for all interests and hopes to appeal to everyone. 

The Perfect Newborn Gown Gift Sets

Best Newborn Gown Gift Sets

With all the photoshoots and pictures parents take of their newborn, these adorable newborn baby gowns will not only keep your baby looking precious, but comfortable as well, preventing an embarrassing meltdown that we all know can happen. Made with the softest and warm hugging material, these newborn gown sets will quickly become a staple in your baby’s fashionable wardrobe. 

With a large selection of newborn gown set prints, Free Birdees offers an exclusive variety that will satisfy customers from all different interests. Some of their bestselling prints being the Atlantic Blue Aviator Newborn Gift Set, Powder Pink Koala Newborn Gift Set, and Grass Grizzly Bears Newborn Gift Set. These in-house designed prints were made to look adorable and feel amazing.  They also carry stylish solid colored gowns in beautiful and vibrant colors. 

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The Best Two-Piece PJ Pajama Sets

Best Baby and Infant Pajama Sets

Free Birdee’s baby pajama sets are the perfect pajamas for a cozy night’s rest. The soft and cozy pj's will ensure your baby rest soundly all night long. 

Free Birdees offers a wide variety of prints with the pajama sets, such as Highland Cattle, Alpaca, Lambs, and many more. With the simple, but exciting animal themed prints, your babies are guaranteed to fall in love with it and become the new model on the block!

The Most Stylish Coveralls

Best Baby and Infant Coveralls

Free Birdee’s baby and infant coveralls are made with viscose bamboo, and come in many styles that are easy to dress your wiggly little ones in. Unlike footies, which have foot pads, Free Birdee’s coverall features a single zipper that begins at the neckline and extends to the left leg, making it easy for parents to change their little ones in record time before they zoom off to play with their toys. Made with a stretchable and breathable material, it can be worn all year round, all around the house. 

The Most Comfortable Stroller Blankets

Best Stroller Blankets

Free Birdees baby and infant stroller blankets are perfect for all four seasons and will keep your baby warm and comfortable. They are a multi use item that can be used in the car for those long road trips or in the stroller for the morning, afternoon, or night walks. It can also double as a picnic blanket for a cozy, but safe blanket to sit on and be used to change your babies diapers when out in public. The breathable material and the softness of it will guarantee your babies comfort and make sure you’re happy too. With the many conveniences and luxuries this blanket comes with, it is the perfect choice for any weather at any time. 

Free Birdee’s also offers ruffle details for little girls, making it the perfect gift for a baby shower or an expecting mother. 

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