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How to Organize Baby Clothes

How to organize baby clothes can be a hassle in your life, but the reality is, the organization can be key to a happy life and mood. Seeing how organized everything is brings a new feeling into your life, and can definitely be rewarding in the end. Sorting baby clothes does not have to be difficult, for they are just tiny versions of your clothes! We also know that organizing and cleaning up the house feels like a chore, but when you realize the benefits of having an organized life, you will never want a messy house again. Nothing is impossible, including keeping a toddler’s closet clean despite the many other responsibilities you have to juggle!

Baby Clothes what to Hang and what to Fold

It can feel like you are drowning in a sea of clothes, and you desperately need help on how to fold baby clothes. Whether you have a lot or a few baby clothes, organization is always needed, especially to those who love to keep buying (don’t worry we all are guilty of it!) That is why sorting baby clothes into their own categories is so important, and knowing how to do that starts with what you should hang and what to fold. Don’t worry, both choices are fine, it really depends on your circumstances and preference!

Pros and Cons of Hanging Clothes

Sorting baby clothes by hanging can be a great way if you have the space for it and want to see all your baby clothes at one time. Although it takes longer to hang them rather than folding them, it will not cause a mess when you are trying to find clothing (folding can make stacks of cloth tumble to the floor). Something to keep in mind is that it depends on how much storage you have, and if you are able to have railings for clothing or just drawers/ storage bins. Hanging clothes makes life easier in a sense that you will be able to find clothes much quicker, and some people may like sorting baby clothes by hanging than folding. However, if you want to save time, and you go through clean clothes often, hanging baby clothes will not be your best friend, but if you are wondering how to organize baby outfits, hanging is the best option!

Pros and Cons of Folding Clothes

On the other hand, the best way to organize newborn clothes for space-conscious people would be folding them. Not only will it save you time, it will save you space since you do not need a full on closet, but just shelving or some other space. A commonly asked question when sorting baby clothes is if folding clothes will ruin them. The answer is most likely not, unless you have non-stretch baby clothing which can leave creases if folded. This is why folding or hanging clothes is based on your preferences, and how your baby room is structured to fit your needs. If you do decide to fold your clothes, keep in mind that it will be difficult to reach the bottom clothing, as baby clothes are small and most likely to topple over if you try to slide the bottom clothing out of the stack. However, with some storage bins, drawer dividers, or some other creative ways to store baby clothes, folding is an amazing option.

How to Organize Infant Clothes

Keeping things tidy and sorting baby clothes can be very difficult as a busy mom, but there are many simple tips and tricks to make it much more manageable. Organizing is something we all can improve on, but there is no need to be perfect, for overdoing something isn’t healthy. Any effort towards improving your lifestyle and health is an amazing accomplishment, so never feel overwhelmed or stressed about it! Here are some baby closet organizer ideas to help you better your life.

Keep most used newborn clothes close to changing table

You all know your go-to or most used infant clothes, so it is crucial you keep them near the changing table. This is because the average newborn needs to change their diaper every 2-3 hours, which is a lot, so having your go-to and clean clothes right next to the changing table will save you so much time and effort. Also, your newborn will be growing out of its clothes very quickly, so being prepared with larger sizes does not hurt when it comes to thinking ahead!

Size organizers

Getting some size organizers in your baby’s closet can do wonders and save you money! After a baby shower, soon to be parents are always bombarded with cute baby clothes that are all different sizes, some bigger and others smaller. To help you organize all these different newborn clothes’ sizes, buying size organizers is a lifesaver. Not only will it pop out in your baby’s closet, but it will also make it super easy to see where the smaller sizes are and where the bigger ones are. In addition, you can also use these for shoes or accessories, because we know that they can be easily lost since some are so tiny.

Drawer dividers

They are cheap and will help make organizing baby clothes so much easier. The dividers will save you money and help optimize the amount of space you have in the drawers. Small things, like socks and underwear, can get lost or misplaced easily, so having these dividers will ensure you do not lose or misplace them. They are also versatile because you can put anything in them other than clothes, like swaddle blankets or hair bows, which you can find on Free Birdees Website. They are a children’s clothing boutique that sells high-quality bamboo baby clothes and accessories with the cutest and most adorable prints!

Organize the baby clothes by type

Keeping all your baby’s clothes jumbled up and scattered together in the drawers is a big red flag, for it will be impossible to find what you need. Instead, have drawers dedicated to one clothing, like one for only socks and the other one for only underwear. You will also know where everything is, so when you have to hurry out of the house, you won’t be stuck trying to find another sock or shirt.

A hamper by your changing table is essential

Who wants to carry dirty clothes while you hold your newborn, definitely not me. Therefore, having a hamper nearby will change your life. We all have a hamper somewhere in our house, so placing it strategically will make a huge impact on your life. When you have a newborn, you have to start thinking creatively and smart because the small organizing hacks can surprisingly change your life forever!

Baby Closet Organizer Ideas

A common question is how to keep baby clothes organized because life can get messy, especially with a newborn and an influx of baby clothes, so having gadgets to help you be organized is crucial. There are many cool and creative gadgets that are super cheap and can be found in your own house, so there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a walking closet or just a regular closet, you will be able to use all these ideas!

Closet Dividers

Most, if not all closets, have a white rail that is usually at the top or bottom of a closet that is designed to hang clothing. With a jumble of clothes hanging, it can be hard to find the outfit you are looking for or the right size of the shirt, which is where closet dividers come in. They just slide in on the rail, so you will have different sections in your closet to make your life more organized and clean. You can also get them with cute designs and prints, which makes them functional and adds some jazz to your closet!

Door Storage

Many people fail to realize your door can also double as an amazing place to store smaller things, like baby cleaning products or baby accessories. If your closet has a door, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use that storage on the inside of the door to fit more clothes. You will be able to store socks, small baby accessories, shoes, and any other item that can fit them. Another method for sorting baby clothes is using your door that you get into the room! Many people also forget that the entrance door is always the perfect spot for storage, whether it is shoes or small items.

Hang Baby Shoes on a Railing

As weird as it may sound, this is one of the many genius baby closet organizer ideas, where you can buy clips that allow baby shoes or any other type of shoes to hang on the railing! You can also buy a hanging storage bin that clips on the railing, and you put each pair of shoes in their own compartment. We know this may not be for everyone, but it is a great newborn closet organizer if you have shoes in the closet already, or decide to implement it for the future! However, we understand getting those dirty shoes in a closet is not for everyone, but it is something you should know in case you want to try it one day!


We know how to organize baby outfits can be difficult for many, and realizing how little space we have in our closets. The solution, however, is that you most likely aren’t utilizing your space to the max, and it may be time to fix that. Even if it means buying one storage organizer, or going above and beyond and implementing a whole new organization system, it takes work to have an amazing nursery closet organizer. Hopefully, the tips we have provided on how to fold baby clothes, and the amazing organizing habits you should start to develop are things you can use for the future and maybe tell your fellow mommies! Just remember that how to keep baby clothes organized does not have to be a struggle, and taking things one at a time is key to success, and ultimately an organized baby closet!