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10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas for 2021

Everyone wants an amazing and fun baby shower gift ideas, but not many know the simple tips & tricks that can bring your baby shower ideas to the next level. With all the anxiety and excitement surrounding your soon to come little one, we are here to make your life a little easier and guarantee your unique and exciting baby shower will be something no one will ever forget. From modern baby showers to more unique ones, we have you covered with the best newborn gift sets!

If you’re wondering what to do at a baby shower, don’t stress! We racked up the top 10 best baby shower ideas that will ensure your guests will be amazed. Follow a few of these 2021 ideas and we can guarantee you will have the best time of your life and ease off some of those pre-baby nerves!

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Here Are the Top 10 Babyshower Ideas

An All Mom Shower

If this is not her first time having a baby, listen up to this idea! The mother most likely does not need more baby clothes/accessories, so focus solely on the mother. After all, going through a pregnancy can be extremely taxing mentally and physically, so all mothers need some appreciation here and there! For this, you can ask the attendees to bring gifts for the mother, and what’s great about this is that it can be anything you want! As long as it makes the mother’s life easier and more convenient, all ideas are great. Below is a list that can help you find the perfect gift.

  • A cute and funky candle and a book for the perfect cozy nights
  • An awesome Netflix subscription for those family movie nights
  • A modern weighted blanket to ease stress and keep warm!
  • A simple and creative recipe book for those picky eaters, trust me I know the feeling!
  • A pair of modern maternity pajamas
  • A Unique baby shower Cake

A Cute Idea, Make Everyone Welcomed!

Instead of the average Joe baby shower, switch it up and make it co-ed! As it is usually ladies only, there’s no reason why to not invite the husbands-to-be friends and all celebrate this exciting new chapter! This is also great if the gender of the baby is still unknown, so you can get the best of both worlds! Make sure to focus gifts on the baby, and a swaddle blanket or a newborn gift set may be great gift ideas. If you do choose this route, there are a few things to keep in mind and some unique baby shower ideas for unknown gender. What to do at baby shower ideas?

  • Neutral decorations, keep it simple!
  • Alcohol for everyone (Beer, wine, champagne)
  • Make sure to have fun games! (Partners are recommended)
  • Have a variety of food everyone enjoys
  • A photo booth with funky props
  • Give a pop quiz and relive those school time memories!

Perfect Baby Shower Idea #3 - Spoil the Mom!

Everyone needs some time off, and a perfect all mom day may be the perfect baby shower idea. Pamper the mom-to-be and take her to the spa, get her nails done, have a relaxing massage, and/or get her hair and makeup done. As many of you know, carrying a baby can take a huge toll on the mother, so a relaxing day with her ladies may just be what she needs. After your rejuvenating massage or glitz and glamour session, go to your favorite restaurant, dessert place, or someone’s house to exchange gifts and have a glass of champagne. After all, the mom deserves it!

Creative and Crafty Baby Shower gift Idea #4

Another great option is to bring the creative side out of people and have the ultimate craft session. With a white onesie, paint, and a little bit of imagination, you and your attendees can have a blast creating unique baby outfits that you can personally craft and design. You can also be old school and paint on a regular canvas, or white hangers that would be perfect for the incoming baby! Some other ideas are adorable baby bows, headbands, bibs, and baby building blocks. Want to take it to the next level? Like the saying, everything is a competition, make the bride choose the top three or five favorite art pieces and reward them with a prize!

Unique Baby Shower Idea #5- Mom-Osa Bar

As cheesy as it sounds, this is a fun twist to something that is easy and entertaining! Being fairly self-explanatory, all you would need is a mimosa, your ladies, and don’t forget to bring the energy! Creating a sign is also recommended to fully capture the incredibly funny pun and would add a nice aesthetic. Also, feel free to venture outside the ingredients of a mimosa and have other options for those who can’t drink alcohol. With some orange juice, lemonade, and sprite, you can create a virgin mimosa for those kids who may be at the party or the bride herself!

 Amazing Baby Shower Idea #6 Take it to the Outdoors

Bring the party outside and let everyone enjoy the nice weather and non-confined spaces. With the fresh cool breeze and beating sun in your face, there are many things you can do with your friends and family. Bust out the cornhole or create your own games, as anything works and you can be as creative as you want! It’s always nice to switch things up and take your things outside, but make sure to keep your food simple and something you can prepare ahead of time. Make this day different from your normal baby shower and have fun with the natural environment mother nature has gifted us. Some ideas are below for what you can do!

  • Make the dads (or moms!) go to work and have a barbeque
  • Set up a fun raffle or diaper changing challenge
  • What's in the Bag game, have random fun goodies in each bag!

Creative Baby Shower Idea #7 - Bake it up!

Another awesome way to get the whole party involved is having a baking competition. Every family can bring their own signature dessert and everyone can have a blast trying it all out. You can also create an ice cream bar with all the classic toppings like cherries and chocolate sauce. That will definitely get all the kids ecstatic and maybe a little crazy, but hey, we're at a party anyways right? The options are limitless and this is a fantastic way to let your kids help out with the desserts and let their creativity blossom. This will bring everyone together and you all can enjoy the deliciousness of your sweet creations in the end. In addition, there always has to be cake, so here are some unique baby shower cake ideas to spark your imagination.

  • Vanilla wafer cake if you wish for a gender-neutral cake
  • Flowerpot cake for your little baby girl
  • Vanilla layered cake with a colorful surprise in the center to reveal the gender of your baby (can also add blue and pink bows on the top to symbolize a gender reveal cake)
  • Add a sprinkle of confetti to dazzle everyone

When planning a Baby Shower Idea #8 - Don’t forget the kids!

Can’t decide whether to invite the crazy kids to the party? Well, don’t hesitate because kids will only make everyone laugh and lift the whole mood up. All the kids can have their little party in or outside the house while you responsible adults can have fun getting a little warm with your “kid-friendly” drinks. Also, you won’t have to stress about who will have to take care of them if they are at home because you parents are free babysitters… your wallets will thank you later! The kids will make the memories more memorable and they can also experience the joy and excitement for themselves, so don’t be selfish and bring the kids! A great gift option for this idea is to create a gift basket for the bride. Here are some unique baby shower basket ideas!

  • Fill it up with baby essentials (Lotion, baby wipes, baby utensils)
  • Add the cutest baby clothes, pajama sets and footies!
  • Pick a color theme and put any baby items related to that color
  • Make it educational and add some fun books and interactive toys
  • Babies are always hungry, add some yummy treats/food

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas #9 is to always give some positivity

A parent-to-be life can be scary and frightening because of how much your normal routine may change. Money may get tough and sleep may become non-existent, so make sure you offer your help and support. Give some encouraging words and don’t forget the warm and fuzzy hugs! You never know how they are truly feeling so make sure to tell them you will always be there and they are not alone in this new and uncharted journey. Don’t try to get the point across through sadness and intimidation, but encourage them and show how much happiness a child will bring to them.

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Finally, #10, A clever baby shower gift idea is to add a theme

Let's have a ParTEA! A tea party at your baby shower is a simple, but exciting way to get everyone to join in on the fun. Relive those childhood memories, but make it better this time! This is a great way to get your kids involved and have some delicious sips of hot tea while at it. You can make cute, small sandwiches and pastries to go along with your tea as you enjoy talking to everyone. Also, adding a tea bar will bring the inner child out of you and let you relive those good old memories.

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