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Babyshower idea during covid-19 - virtual baby shower ideas

Are you planning a baby shower ideas during covid? Traditional event planning is starting to become a thing of the past. With the introduction of technology, handheld devices, and the recent Coronavirus pandemic, families are finding new ways of celebrating major milestones. As social distancing practices continue on, more people are looking for unique and creative virtual party ideas and gatherings even miles apart despite COVID-19.

Birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, and national holidays are all being affected by the change in how we celebrate and come together. One thing that doesn’t change is the fact that families are growing and thus, the need for the best virtual baby shower ideas continues. With the cancelation of in-person activities happening all over the world, one option is to have a virtual shower. There are many pros to having a virtual shower while having the opportunity to have all family and friends involved your way.

Before social distancing and COVID-19, most intimate events usually consisted of local family and friends coming together or many others having to travel from far distances to help the Mother and Father-to-be to welcome their new bundle of joy. Now, with the introduction of technology, online programs, and some pre-planning, we have the wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family from all over who might not have been able to physically attend.


  • What Does a Virtual Baby Shower Look Like Today?
  • How to Have a Virtual Baby Shower Online
  • The Technology You Need (“Venue”)
  • Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower
  • Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
  • Sharing an Agenda
  • Shower Decorations
  • Baby Shower Games
  • Shower Food
  • Baby Shower Gift Ideas


What Does a Virtual Baby Shower Look Like in Today?

Virtual baby shower ideas or online baby showers are very similar to traditional baby showers except for the fact that everything is done online or from the comfort of the guests' own homes. Everyone meets over their computers, smartphones, tablets, or televisions and communicates via an online communication application. Some of the most common online technology to use during COVID-19 are: ZOOM, Webex, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Portal. You can also use smartphone applications such as Facetime, Facebook Messenger Rooms, WhatsApp and Google Duo.

How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower For Your Loved One

In order to throw a virtual baby shower, you must first plan. Planning a shower starts with thinking of which online platform you will use. You will also want to take into consideration which theme, if any, you would like to center your virtual baby shower around. Themes can range from gender-specific themes, to animals, movie themes, color themes, and even hobbies such as sports or art. Having a theme in mind will make it easier for the planner to help bring your shower dreams to reality and ensure you come up with the best baby shower ideas .

The Technology You Need (“Venue”)

In the past, expectant mothers who lived out of the country or were in the military, were the main participants in hosting online baby showers. Although participating this way is not the same as face-to-face interaction, with added technology, having a virtual baby shower is beginning to become quite the experience. The best way to have a virtual baby shower is by having everyone join in on an online platform in their own homes without having to worry about Coronavirus. When deciding on a “venue” or what technology to use for a virtual baby shower, it is important to test out different platforms just as you would test out different venues. We are beginning to look online for event options because of COVID-19. Depending on the amount of people you are looking to invite and the types of activities you are planning on doing can be a determining factor in what technology to use. Some popular, free options for hosting meetings and events online are ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger Rooms. WebBabyShower is also a great new platform where over 10,000 customers and families have used to help setup and plan their virtual baby shower for over a decade. Webex, Facetime, Google Duo, and WhatsApp are all applications for individuals or small groups to attend through video conferencing and online meeting rooms while practicing social distancing during COVID-19. This way, everyone can participate in the virtual baby shower ideas that were created by the host and parents.

Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower Online

The host of a virtual baby shower can be the parents of the baby or a friend or family member. There is no right or wrong way to choose a host for your baby shower. Usually, this person is the one who knows the “Mom-to-be” pretty well and can work with all of the preparation ideas she might have. As with in person showers, the host will be the one answering questions online, helping to speak or interact with the guests, collaborate on the best baby shower ideas, and explain games or the agenda items for the day of the baby shower.

In addition, you may choose some fun virtual backgrounds for the video calls, while having some nursery rhymes as background music. 

Virtual Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Depending on which online platform you decide to use to throw your online shower during COVID-19, this is how you can send your invitations virtually as well. An example of this is through Facebook events, email Evite invitations (, or you can even send invitations to the meeting through the platform itself. This way, all of the RSVPs and communication can be stored in a central location. Information on attendance and guest questions can be sent to you or your host via email.

Sharing an Agenda

Having an agenda provides the virtual baby shower ideas, helps to keep everything on track, and allows for the guests to know what to expect. This can be sent ahead of time as part of the online baby shower invitations or can be given during the actual event. A time-frame helps to make sure the activities run as smoothly as possible. The host should send the virtual invitations with an approximate time-frame of the event so guests can prepare to be on their online platform and ready to go.

Shower Decorations

When it comes to decorating, one of the good things to come about because of COVID-19, is that there is less of a need for them. An online baby shower does not require too many physical decorations, this is one area the parents can do a majority of their saving. For virtual baby shower ideas, when participating in online parties and events, some hosts decide to decorate their individual backgrounds or have a greenscreen with a digital background. Depending on how much the parents would like to invest, these are some options when considering decorating according to a theme. You can also decorate the online platform room or application with digital borders and theme-specific decorations. Many guests often decide to decorate their home or office area to be a part of the theme as well. Guests can also create banners, posters, and have props while on the virtual baby shower video event.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Even Though your shower might not be face-to-face because of COVID-19, this does not mean you can’t have fun activities and memorable interactions with baby shower prizes. This way of celebrating actually makes it easier to get creative with making sure your guests are involved and having fun with your theme. The host can provide the guests with a list of supplies (ahead of time) needed to play the games. Games such as Guess the Gender, Help Create a Name, Baby Sketch Artists, Guess the Mother’s measurements, Baby Bingo, Don’t Say Baby, Decorate Baby Onesies, are all fun games for in-person or virtual interaction.
  • Guess the Gender: This is where guests will look at the Mother’s belly, throw out ideas of why the baby might be a boy or a girl, and document which choice they are making and why. This is a fun way to get all of the guests involved and they can even play in small groups or as individuals.
  • Help Create a Name: Parents can get as creative with this game as they would like. A simple letter or initials can be provided or more details such as allowing guests to look up baby names or bring baby names to the virtual shower. Parents can also provide clues to allow their friends and family to guess the baby name.
  • Baby Sketch Artists: This is where guests will attempt to draw the baby on a paper plate with a marker but, on top of their heads or with their eyes closed. Each guest can participate in this activity virtually and show their artwork one by one to the entire group.
  • Guess the Mother’s measurements: Guessing how many inches the Mother’s belly is can be fun for everyone. Guests can use any material they have at home while looking at the Mother’s belly and attempting to “measure” correctly.
  • Baby Bingo: Just like regular Bingo, lists can be given to each participant with baby related words where they have to try to get Bingo first. This can be played more than once. It can be made even harder where instead of words, the hosts asks about baby related items such as, “This is what a baby drinks out of.”
  • Don’t Say Baby: This game is self-explanatory where guests cannot say the word “Baby” for a certain amount of time. For the virtual activity, this can be changed up where guests cannot say the Mother’s real name, instead, they must say “Mommy” or “Mother”.
  • Decorate Baby Onesies: Providing a template of a baby onesie can allow for a fun game of decorating during the online baby shower. Guests of all ages can participate and the winner’s onesie could be turned into a picture to hang on the baby wall or in a memory photo book. Baby shower prizes can be physical prizes that are mailed off, gift cards, or prizes you can send as a gift receipt to common stores.

Shower Food

Cake- There are many companies that deliver cakes all over and they are providing discounts or incentives to use their services during COVID-19. This is an option for your immediate family members or friends who you would like to experience the same tastes as if they were right in the room with you. located in New York delivers custom cakes and baked goods all over the United States. To add to the cake experience, your host can provide Mommy mocktails for guests to make at their homes along with a common itemized menu with fun things to try at home or with their families. These foods can be premade and ready for the virtual baby shower to indulge together.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby registries use to be in-store as well as online but with the COVID-19 precautions, it is best to have everything online, especially for a virtual baby shower. The parents of the new baby can either pick a store of choice or they can list items they feel they will need. You can never be too prepared for the arrival of your baby so providing lists for guests to pick from is a great option to provide along with the virtual baby shower ideas. When looking for special or unique gifts for babies, companies like Free Birdees offer the highest quality newborn baby clothes, crib sheets, blankets, and more. Having everyone attend the online baby shower is the safest way to throw a baby shower during COVID-19. Whether you use ZOOM, Webex, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, or an online website for your online baby shower, the options are endless to what you can do from the comfort of your own home. After going through the recent pandemic and multiple celebrations being postponed, it is clear to see that virtual showers are here to stay.

We hope this article about covid baby shower could help juice up you baby shower.