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Top 10 Baby Announcement Ideas

The first few moments, days, or even months of knowing that a new baby is on the way is magical for the parents to be. They revel in the private knowledge of the life growing and developing, without anyone else in on the secret. For some, this exciting information is shouted from the mountaintops as soon as the impending birth is expected or known, bringing family and friends in on the secret as soon as they themselves know. But for others, days or even months go by before others are told about the upcoming birth of their future child, sibling, grandchild, or loved friend. Many new parents ask their medical advisors when is it safe to announce pregnancy to family and friends, delaying delivery of the exciting news.

Whether a couple is just starting a family or adding a little one to their growing brood, excitement about baby announcement ideas is always a big part of the discovery of expecting. If you are looking for creative ways to announce pregnancy to siblings, ways to announce your pregnancy to family in person, or ways to tell parents they will be grandparents, we have gathered up a collection of cute ways to announce pregnancy. Let’s look at 10 great baby announcement ideas that you can use or adapt to tell your friends and family about your new addition.

Give Them a Sign

Cute and clever baby announcement ideas include repurposing the popular wedding and home decor trends of chalkboards or message boards. For recently married couples, you might still have a beautiful chalkboard or message board from your wedding festivities or even from engagement announcement. Using this board again to announce your newborn is a perfect way to not only reuse something that has already played a significant role in your lives, but also is a great way to continue on with the same aesthetic you already love.

Chalkboards can be used to simply announce that the pregnancy is known or parents-to-be can even name the expected due date on the board. Moms and dads might hold the chalkboard between them in a photo or use it to cover up mom’s growing tummy as a fun board placement in the photograph. Many times, a beautiful picture of the gracefully inscribed chalkboard is used with baby themed accessories scattered nearby in a photo as well. With all of the gorgeous handwriting fonts readily available, new parents can create a stunning pregnancy announcement on a classic chalkboard.

Message boards have grown in popularity in the last few years for announcements of all kinds. No Pregnancy Announcement Ideas list would be complete without a message board idea, as they are so easy to use, and no special handwriting or knowledge of fonts is needed to make a perfect display. A pregnancy announcement on a message board can be a creative way to tell older siblings about pregnancy for those that can read or a funny pregnancy announcement photo for younger siblings that cannot yet read the words.

Little Shoes

Nothing is more precious than little newborn baby toes – except for maybe the tiny little shoes that go on them! In their baby reveal to grandparents, new parents can create a photo with a pair of newborn shoes to visually express their new addition. Genderless shoes in white are a perfect choice to indicate a baby is on the way. But if the gender is known, a delicate pink moccasin or a boyish athletic shoe can also be a gender reveal and pregnancy announcement all in one. if you are looking for baby announcement ideas for parents with special interests or hobbies, using little shoes to tell friends and family about a new little one’s impending arrival is a great idea.

Little boots are a precious way to announce a new little cowboy or cowgirl is on the way, and ballet shoes or basketball high-tops might show that mom or dad’s skills are sure to be up and coming with the new baby being announced. Some parents even take the shoe announcement further to include shoes from other members of the family, placing the parent’s shoes and sibling’s shoes next to a tiny newborn pair of shoes. This baby reveal to grandparents is especially meaningful when they see the line of all of the shoes, side by side, only to discover a new set in the row. Pregnancy announcement ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money. Using little shoes in an announcement doesn’t have to cost any extra money since you likely will use at least one pair of shoes for your little one at some point.

Theme Photos

Most people have something they love to do, a hobby that fills their time, or an activity or place that is meaningful to them individually or as a couple. Whatever the parents-to-be’s interests are, they can be used to create a memorable and unique pregnancy announcement. In combination with a sonogram picture, a sign, or even tiny accessories, dad’s love of a specific sport or team can be a meaningful pregnancy announcement. For parents with a shared love of an activity or team, parents can use the theme to indicate a “new player” or “new addition to our team” is on the way. These are great baby announcements for grandparents since a couple’s interests are likely well-known by family members who share or understand a couple’s hobbies or interests.

Christmas Cheer

Using your traditional holiday picture as Christmas pregnancy announcement is one of the creative ways to tell grandparents to be that a baby is on the way. Put a precious set of baby pajamas next to others dressed in Christmas family pajamas for a classic baby announcement that no one will forget. Your Christmas family pajamas picture can even be a baby gender reveal if the baby pajamas are matching the girls or boys in your picture.

For a twist on baby announcement ideas, one of the ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is to wrap up a set of baby pajamas and give it to future grandparents. The use of pregnancy announcement gifts at a holiday is perfect if you are looking for surprise pregnancy announcement ideas. A Christmas pregnancy announcement is one that works as a baby announcement for grandma and is also great if you are searching for meaningful sibling reveal ideas, since they can join in on the fun as part of the family photo.

Even more great pregnancy announcement ideas can be connected to Christmas as well, with the association of a child being born near the holidays or announced at holiday time. This theme of pregnancy announcement is perfect for those wishing to bring out a religious tone during the holiday season. First time parents who are looking for baby announcement ideas that highlight the idea of the baby being a firstborn, only child will love using baby announcement ideas relating to Christmas. Parents may use a picture of a calendar to indicate a due date for babies expected to be born during the holiday season or simply use holiday-themed accessories in their announcement photos or signs.

Sibling Reveal Ideas

Baby announcement ideas that integrate big brother or sister can help them be a part of this special announcement. Depending on their ages, siblings can create a funny pregnancy announcement or even be a fun way to tell siblings about pregnancy.

Even really young siblings can be a part of a promotion announcement. Those too young to understand will still look adorable in an “I’m being promoted” scheme on a sign or on a shirt worn in these types of baby announcement ideas. An older sibling can be promoted to “Big” or simply promoted out of their crib or as the baby of the house. The ideas are endless when props, games, or sports teams’ themes are used as part of the promotion. Little ones demonstrating this promotional theme can make for a charming pregnancy announcement as they proclaim to the world something that they do not yet really understand.

More fun ways to let siblings know about pregnancy while capturing a hilarious image revolve around letting them know their time as the baby is expiring. A shirt or sign letting the world know when the youngest’s time as the baby of the house expires or runs out is not only a funny pregnancy announcement, but it can also be used as one of the fun ways to tell older siblings about pregnancy if you capture their expressions as you tell them what it means. The shocked reaction captured on a sibling’s face is a priceless memory to have in addition to using the hilarious photo as a cute way to tell parents they will be getting another grandchild.

Everyone has had the experience of moving out, so why not let older siblings announce they are moving out of the nursery or crib because a baby is on the way? Funny baby announcement that let big brothers or sisters tell family and friends about the new bundle of joy on the way can be hilarious to make and be a treasured photo for years to come as well. Little ones will love the attention holding a sign, wearing a shirt, or pretending to move out with a little help from mom and dad, memorializing the expecting baby announcement.

Baby’s First Picture

A tried-and-true baby announcement idea includes the first picture of every baby, the sonogram. One of the cute ways to tell parents, many first-time parents use the actual photograph to simply tell their close family before creating funny baby announcements to send out to everyone. But how to announce pregnancy to grandparents can be trickier since many may not have had the luxury of sonogram photos with their own children. A sonogram picture along with a due date or baby accessories can be perfect baby announcement ideas for grandparents. Maternity announcement ideas can also include the sonogram, as many people will instantly recognize the unusual picture as an indication that a baby is on the way.

Let Fido or Fluffy Help

We all love and treat our pets as a member of the family. Adding in a new baby to the household is an adjustment for our furry babies we may have had first, so including them in part of funny baby announcements can reflect your love for them as well as how much the household will be changing when baby arrives. Pregnancy announcement ideas including Fido or Fluffy can be similar to sibling reveal announcements, letting the pet pretend to be sad over losing only child status when baby arrives. Using beloved pets are popular baby announcement ideas for first time parents, as many couples have a dog or cat before children arrive in their home. Cuddly pets make excellent subjects for these types of pregnancy announcement ideas since pets, unlike older siblings, make fairly easy photographic subjects.

Gifting an Announcement

Everyone loves to open a present, especially an unexpected one. When many expectant parents consider how to announce pregnancy to family, they wrap up a gift to give to break the news. New parents can give an expecting baby announcement to grandparents with a cute gift that is imprinted with “grandma” or “future grandparent” on it for them to wear. In fact, baby announcement ideas for grandma can be focused on things she might already use, like an apron or a shirt, but the shock of what is written on the gift will be the second surprise for her as she realizes that the physical gift is only part of what she is getting as she tears open the present.

Connect 9 Months to the Announcement

In considering when should you announce pregnancy to friends or family, the time you have with your secret knowledge of the new baby may seem to go very quickly. But the whole 9 months may feel long to many expectant mothers, so pregnancy announcement ideas relating to this time period are a popular choice. Some moms-to-be like to send out baby announcements that cryptically note actions that will be available again in 9 months as a way to let friends and family know that a baby is on the way. A fun wine-themed announcement with an allusion to enjoying a drink together again in 9 months is an amusing take on announcing a pregnancy. With a list of things to avoid in pregnancy, future moms can announce their impending birth by saying that any number of things will have to be put off until 9 months have passed as a creative way to let friends and family in on the news.

Baby Clothes

If you are not sure how to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family, using tiny little baby clothes is a sure-fire way to get the idea across with a simple piece of fabric. Many baby announcement ideas include baby accessories, but none is so identifiable as a tiny onesie or a pair of little baby socks. Taking it a step further, imprinting a due date, a lovely phrase about the bundle of joy on the way, or even a name or gender of the baby can be a fun addition to a onesie used as a baby announcement. Plain onesies or baby clothes in pink or blue are also wonderful ways to personalize baby announcement ideas for grandma or friends, as well.

Ideas for announcing pregnancy to siblings can also utilize little baby clothes. While the youngest of children may not remember ever having seen baby clothes, they may recognize basic clothing items like shirts and socks. Presenting siblings with a handful of baby-sized clothing is a brilliant way for siblings to learn of an impending new addition to the family without them feeling displaced or anxious about a new baby. They can even play with the smaller clothes and pretend to prepare for the new baby, allowing them to begin to adjust to their life with a new sibling in a few months.

Choosing an Announcement

The anticipation of having a new baby is one of the delights of pregnancy for many expectant mothers and fathers, but spreading the joyful news is surely one of the first steps in that anticipation. As parents decide when and how to let others in on their news of an impending birth, determining how to let everyone know can be a gradual process for some and instantaneous for others. Some new parents choose to keep the news to themselves for a few months, slowly letting everyone know over time. Many do wait until the end of the first trimester, too, but then let everyone know in a flurry of excitement as well.

How parents choose to let others know about this momentous occasion is just the first of many steps taken in the process of bringing home baby at the end of 9 months. But parents can also choose to tell close family members in one way, and other friends or distant relatives in another. Young siblings might need even another approach in filling them in on such a delicate matter as a new family member’s arrival, as might a first-time grandparent upon hearing the heartwarming news of a new baby on the way. While each method of announcing the news might take a little bit of time, the thoughtfulness that goes into creating a personal announcement that fits the receiver is also a something expectant parents can consider.