Softest Baby Footies & Coveralls

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      Bamboo Baby Footies and Baby Coveralls:

      We love an all-in-one comfort piece. These two styles keep your birdees cozy from head to toe from morning to night. Diaper & clothing changing is as easy as sliding off a zipper!

      Bamboo Footies: With anti-skid foot pads, footies can grow with your birdees well into their walking and hop skipping ages!
      Bamboo Coveralls: They do all that without the feet parts. So they are great for birdees that might prefer feeling the floor with their bare feet from time to time.

      Baby footies and coveralls

      Our baby footies were designed with comfort, mobility, and cuteness in mind. With newborns and babies, giving them the best clothing for everyday wear is important. Not only is bamboo clothing softer than any other material, Free Birdees does not use any harsh flame-resistant chemicals on their products, including bamboo footies. This means your little birdee’s delicate skin will be comfortable wearing baby bamboo footies! In addition, your little birdee will be extremely comfortable in these super soft baby footies due to the added room at the crotch for their diaper. This means that their fun days at the park or crawling around the house can be enjoyed with zero discomfort. To add, crawling around the house will be made easy and safe due to the anti-skid foot pads that provide extra traction and stick on the feet of the bamboo baby footies. They will be walking in no time after all the crawling and climbing they will do in these bamboo footies for babies!

      Made for the parents in mind

      We understand the various challenges each parent goes through to take care of their little ones, which is why we created our baby clothing to be amazing for the children and the parents. With two-way zippers on the newborn footies and coveralls, this makes diaper changes easier than ever! Our bamboo zipper footies and coveralls also are made with durable zippers that even match the color of the print! Parenting can be a little less stressful when you see your adorable little birdee rocking dinosaur or cowgirl footies!


      Compared to organic cotton, our bamboo fabric is softer due to the qualities of bamboo viscose that is used in our clothing. Since our coveralls, and every other product at Free Birdees, is made with 95% bamboo viscose, you are guaranteed buttery soft material that is made for sensitive skin babies in mind. You will not be disappointed at our baby coveralls that will keep your newborn toasty warm all day long.