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Baby Coveralls and Toddler Coveralls

Baby Coveralls Guide for 2020

Baby coveralls are known around the world as one of the best baby clothing pieces, having both the sleepwear aspect and the everyday wear, but did you know coveralls may be more than just a one-piece zip? If you aren’t familiar with a baby coverall, the name speaks for itself, covering your baby’s entire body, and it is also a footie without the foot coverings. One of the warmer options compared to other baby clothing, this makes it great for the colder seasons, so your baby can go to bed feeling warm and cozy! However, there are summer coveralls that are great for the warmer days, or any time you want to dress your toddler cute and adorable! This will be the ultimate guide for baby boy coveralls and baby girl coveralls, so next time you shop for toddler coveralls you will be an expert!

What are Coveralls?

Coveralls can definitely be confused with its other similar baby clothing such as onesies and jumpsuits. Although they do have similarities, coveralls are always a one-piece covering your toddler’s body entirely, and it usually has zippers or snaps running down their body from shoulder to feet. This makes it great for quick cloth or diaper changes! Although coveralls are mainly regarded as sleepwear, it can also be great for daywear or playtime right after their afternoon nap. So if you’re looking for baby warm clothes or amazingly cozy newborn outfits, coveralls are for your toddler!

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Benefits of Coveralls

Coveralls have some amazing benefits you most likely did not know for your baby’s development, growth, and comfortability! As a parent, your baby’s crawling and walking journey are not only important for you, but your baby as well. Since coveralls do not have footpads, leaving their feet bare, this gives them the traction they need to walk easier or crawl faster! This also makes it so they do not slip on floors such as hardwood or tiles. Also, some children do not like to have their feet enveloped, so this gives them the comfortability and freedom they prefer. If cold feet is one of your concerns, then coveralls with anti-skid pads or walking/crawling shoes will work just as well!

What makes it Different

Do not feel bad if you always get confused with the different baby clothing. There are many others that look like coveralls, but each one has a slightly different purpose. Coveralls always cover the entire body, which differs from an onesie that can be looked at like a t-shirt, and a romper, which can have many variants, but always having some part of the body exposed (either arms or legs). Apart from being great pajamas, coveralls are the best infant and toddler clothing and should be staples in your baby’s wardrobe for their comfortability and ability to snap on and off easily.

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What are Footies?

Despite not being coveralls, footies are definitely the brother to them! Baby footies are coveralls with foot-pads, which can be beneficial for babies in their development and for their health! During the chillier days, baby warm clothes are essential, and footpads are just the same. Feet are extremely sensitive towards the cold, so having your baby’s feet covered while walking around the house should be a no brainer. Also, make sure your coverall’s footpads are anti-skid, to prevent any accidents on slippery floors you may have in your house. It also will make walking or crawling much easier for your newborn. If you are looking for the most breathable footies, Free Birdees offers the best bamboo baby clothes, and their footies are just as amazing. With anti-skid pads and an assortment of prints, you will not be disappointed!

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Different Types of Coveralls

Although most coveralls are very similar to each other, some coveralls will be better off in a warm season rather than a colder season, and vice versa. Just because adults dress for the season does not mean your baby should do the same! Whatever the season, there will be something for your toddler that will make them look stunning, while being comfortable.

Winter Coverall

For winter coveralls, you would want to find a coverall made with insulated fabrics and/or a hoodie attached to it. Some great insulated fabrics would be wool, down, polyester fleece, and polyester fiberfill. These materials would make great warm newborn clothes and guarantee your toddler will stay nice and toasty during the winter times or any other day it may be cold! If you are still afraid of your child being a bit cold, adding a denim jacket or sweater over top can be adorable and comfortable! In addition, since the head is one of the most sensitive parts for humans of any age, especially babies, a hoodie with a coverall is ideal for newborn winter clothes.

Summer Coverall

It is officially that time of the year to shine with your baby’s adorable outfits, so make sure to find not only the cutest outfits but most comfortable as well! Coveralls that are brightly colored are a must, for they will keep your baby cooler and looking trendy! Also, you would want light and comfortable coveralls, and some great fabrics for this would be bamboo and cotton. As a parent, we have all experienced how heat may make your toddler fussy and cranky, so looking for the most breathable and light materials are needed. Summer should be a fun time, so grab the bathing suits and softest baby coveralls and have a blast during this season!

When to Wear Coveralls

Many clothing styles only fit during a particular season or time, but coveralls are very versatile and can be worn in all seasons and any time of the day. In the winter, you can invest in toddler long sleeve coveralls, for they will cover your baby’s body more and ensure they stay warm all day long, and for those warm, sunny days, coveralls are perfect because they are breathable. Their design makes it convenient for those quick changes and hectic mornings where you just have to get out. The design also allows it to be worn in the morning, afternoon, and night! They serve as the perfect daywear and pajamas, making it like a 2 in 1. You get the best of both worlds from a coverall and will never need to switch outfits during the day ever again!

Best Coveralls for your Baby

When looking for coveralls, you want to find the coziest and most soft baby coveralls, for you want to ensure comfortability and safety all day and all night. There are two materials that are the best for achieving these comforts, cotton and bamboo! With a few similarities, there are differences as well, so you can be the one to judge which one is best!

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Cotton Coveralls for Babies

A common and reliable material for warm newborn clothes is cotton. Cotton is super durable, and with its ability to insulate and control moisture, it is the perfect material for daywear and sleepwear. To add, cotton is breathable and hypoallergenic, so you won’t need to worry about those spring season allergies as much, which I am sure is a huge relief. Naturally, cotton is already soft, so products made from cotton are super comfortable and cozy, making it a practical and ideal material for babies.

Bamboo Coveralls for Babies

If you want to buy something that will keep your little one warm in the winter and cool and in the summer, bamboo is the perfect option! With its thermo-control and breathability, it is great for any weather and will keep your baby comfy and cozy. It is also hypoallergenic, just like cotton. Furthermore, bamboo coveralls make for the perfect pajamas or sleepwear, guaranteeing your baby stays warm and cozy all night long! In addition, bamboo baby coveralls work great during the day when your baby is out and about because bamboo viscose stretches with your baby, so they won’t feel constricted or tight. To find the most amazing bamboo viscose coveralls, Free Birdees is the place to go. With their selection, quality, and style, you cannot go wrong with them!


Free Birdees’ Coverall Print Options

Free Birdees not only strives for the best quality, but they focus on their style and prints as well. For example, their Atlantic Blue Aviator print or their Cloud Dinosaur Rawr print are perfect for your baby boy to rock out in. They also have their Heavenly Pink Unicorns and Rainbows print for your little princess out and about in the house. All in all, Free Birdees puts the best qualities and styles together, creating the perfect toddler coveralls, infant coveralls, and children coveralls for your child!

Size Ranges for Footies and Coverall

To help you gain a better perspective on which size you should get for your toddler, here is a coverall size chart and age chart for infant coveralls and baby coveralls.
Age (Months) Weight (lbs) Height (inches)
0-3 7-10 Up to 24
3-6 10-13 24-27
6-12 13-22 27-30.5
18-24 22-28 30.5-35
2T 25-28 33-35
3T 29-33 35.5-38
These are based off of the average sizes, so do not worry if your child may not fit in the category this chart says they should be in.


Baby and Toddler coveralls are perfect for any occasion, daywear or sleepwear. They are effortless to put on and off and will not restrict your baby during the day and night. In addition,  coveralls will cover your baby’s entire body, so you don’t need to worry if they will get cold on those chilly nights. Also, Free Birdees is a boutique that specializes in the softest and best bamboo viscose baby clothes. They have amazing coveralls that will guarantee your baby’s comfortability throughout all the seasons while looking stylish with Free Birdees’ many prints!