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Difference between a Toddler Romper, Jumpsuit, Onesie, and Baby Coverall

Romper vs. Jumpsuit

Whether it’s baby coveralls, toddler coveralls, toddler rompers, jumpsuits, or onesies, many see these as similar terms, or simply do not know what they are. Do not feel bad for thinking they were all the same thing because they really do look similar!

However, each one has its own uniqueness and benefits that separate them from the rest, so the next time you create the perfect outfit for summer or a cute photoshoot, hopefully, you will know which baby piece is which! We are here to give you a guide of all the baby essentials you will need, and that starts with building a solid foundation on your baby clothing knowledge! 

rompers for babies, boys and girls

What is the difference between a Toddler romper, onesie, and coverall?

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to remember every baby terminology when you go baby clothing shopping? Although it may seem terribly complicated, brands love to call baby clothing different names, causing new moms like you to be confused about which is which.

You already have enough on your plate, having to take care of a new infant, and the last thing you need is unnecessary confusion in your busy lives. However, we are here to debunk your worries and teach you that many baby clothing items you may know are called something you thought was something different. 

Toddler Rompers vs. Jumpsuit

A toddler romper, also known as a jumpsuit, is similar to a onesie, but has more leg and arm room to keep your infant covered. It is usually worn by newborns and toddlers and can range in many different prints and styles. Rompers are usually designed with the intentions of making it easier to take it on or off, and quicker diaper changes, making it convenient for parents when your toddler is at home or on a family stroll in the park.

With Free Birdees, they have a wide selection of toddler romper patterns ranging from Heavenly Pink Unicorns to Blue Lagoon Rhinos. Free Birdees’ rompers also include snaps along the left shoulder to make it easier for parents when changing your toddler.

Being one of the best bamboo baby clothes Free Birdees has to offer, they have an amazing selection of toddler rompers for all ages, including toddler boy rompers 2t and toddler rompers 3t, and the cutest toddler romper patterns! By age four, toddlers are transitioning to other clothing, so finding sizes of toddler boy rompers 4T are usually not available.

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Maybe you already have heard of this, for it is something all ages have adopted to wearing. However, be aware that an adult onesie is fairly different from a baby onesie. A baby onesie, a huge staple in your toddler’s closet, is similar to a t-shirt, but can be sleeveless, short/long sleeve.

In addition, most baby onesies have a snap up crotch flap to make diaper changing easier for parents. A baby onesie can also be referred to as a bodysuit, side snap bodysuit, or a creeper. For the most part, toddlers wear a onesie to conceal their diaper and to wear something adorable and comfortable!


Although coveralls are still a one-piece, there are some major differences compared to baby rompers and onesies. For one, it completely covers your toddler’s body, hence the name “coverall”, and it usually has a zipper or snaps down the center. Coveralls are usually worn as baby pajamas, but can be used as an in-house outfit or play outfit right after nap time/bed. It can also be known as a sleeper, pajamas, and one-piece footie.

In Free Birdees’ collection of bamboo coveralls, they offer over 20 different prints to make sure there is something for everyone. It comes with a zipper across the whole body making diaper changes and outfit swaps a breeze!

Not to be confused with Free Birdees bamboo footies, their bamboo footies are the exact same thing as their coveralls except there are anti-skid footpads. Therefore, you can make the choice of whether your toddler likes to feel the floor with their bare feet (coveralls) or want the extra padding on their feet (footies). 

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What is the difference between a jumpsuit and toddler romper?

Again, this can be a questionable subject when we are talking about the differences between a jumpsuit and a romper. There are a few differences between the two, however, some people and brands may associate a jumpsuit and a romper to be the same thing, for they are very similar.

By definition, a romper is considered a type of jumpsuit; therefore, rompers can be jumpsuits but not all jumpsuits can be rompers. Despite their similarities, we will explain the differences there are to distinguish the two, and you can make the choice if you believe they are synonymous or two different items. 


There are many ways to define a jumpsuit. However, for toddlers, jumpsuits are considered a one-piece type of clothing. It is a one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached trousers.

In addition, jumpsuits can come in many different styles, including full-length sleeves, full-length pants, half/mini sleeves, short sleeves, short pants, etc. However, the one thing similar to all these styles is both pieces are attached (one-piece). 


If you were wondering if a romper is a jumpsuit, then yes, you can consider a romper a type of jumpsuit. Whatever you call a romper, just know it consists of a shirt and shorts. By definition, a romper can be considered a one-piece or two-piece combination of shorts and a shirt. However, in today’s fashion world, it is considered a loosely fitted, one-piece garment combining a shirt/blouse and shorts worn by young children.

Rompers can also come in many different styles including toddler long sleeve rompers. In the end, rompers and jumpsuits are commonly used as interchangeable terms, for they serve similar purposes and are both one-piece clothing. However, most true rompers are not full pants (short/ short length skirts). You can be the judge to decide whether the few differences make them different baby clothing. 

Free birds offers baby boy and baby girl rompers with free shipping on orders over $30.

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Guide for the Perfect Rompers for your Child

With an abundance of options for rompers for kids, you as a parent may find it hard to choose the right one for your baby. There are many factors that make a romper unique to your child, so I hope this guide will help your baby to a luxurious and comfortable life!

Where can I get comfortable and trendy rompers for babies?

Since fashion is such a big part of society, everyone not only wants comfortability, but style as well. Free Birdees is the perfect place to buy rompers online because they strive for the most comfortable and stylish kids rompers. They use bamboo viscose in all their toddler girl rompers and toddler boy rompers to promote sustainability and comfortability.

They also develop many new prints every year to keep up with the trends and keep their customers looking at their best. With their new endangered species collection, Free Birdees highlights the horrific events happening to our animals around the world to bring awareness.

They not only want to do what is best for their customers, but for our Earth too. Mother nature is suffering every day, so they hope this one small step will help towards one big step to helping our world. In case you are wondering, a good baby romper alternative is a jumpsuit. 

Why Bamboo Rompers

When taking those quick strolls in the park or relaxing at home, you want something breathable, comfortable, and non-restricting. Bamboo viscose is the perfect material for your baby’s romper because its fibers are naturally breathable and soft, making it perfect for the summertime, and it breathable, so better in its ability to control your child’s temperature to make sure they are not too hot or cold.

In addition, bamboo viscose is also hypoallergenic, so hopefully, his bamboo romper can be of some protection to your baby during the springtime allergy season. Bamboo rompers are truly the perfect outfit for summer or any other times throughout the season, making sure your baby stays warm and cozy all day long!

Rompers for tweens 

Many may think rompers are only worn when you are a baby, but rompers have always been a great symbol for fashion for all ages, especially 8-12. Being a tween, you are starting that transitional phase into becoming a teenager, so fashion and style will become more important to your children. Rompers can be casual or fancy and are extremely comfortable and convenient because it’s only one piece.

They are great for any occasion, even running around, and will make your tween look out of this world. Having been a tween not too long ago, I know what your kids want, something that looks stylish and flexible to their active lifestyle, so they can keep enjoying playing with their friends with no constrictions. 

How to make a romper for Toddlers

You may find yourself wanting a new 3t toddler romper for your little one for a new style, so here is a very simple way using any large piece of fabric of your choice to make a new romper, such as a toddler white romper or toddler black romper. This is not a super detailed tutorial on how to make a romper, for this is just to give you an idea of what the process is like.
  1. Find a romper and a x-large fabric 
  2. Turn romper inside out and leave it on top of your fabric as flat as possible
  3. Outline romper and cut pattern that was created
  4. With your two pieces of fabric, use a drawstring as a halter top
  5. Stitch the outer leg seams and sew your braided elastic seam
  6. Fold over the elastic and sew down
  7. Sew the collar
  8. Make the drawstring
  9. With a safety pin, pin it to your string
  10.  Tie little knots to finish the string


We know that parenting is a new experience for everyone, and learning is all in the process. Hopefully, you have figured out the differences (and many similarities!) between a romper, onesie, jumpsuit, and coverall.

Either way, all these baby clothes are absolutely adorable and are essentials in your toddler’s wardrobe. Just don’t be surprised when you notice they all look fairly similar! So, what is it going to be? Maybe you should buy a jumpsuit and romper and see for yourself if they really are the same!  

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