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Which women's robe is most comfortable?

Are you looking to buy Women's Robe? Nothing beats the free and comfortable feeling that comes with moving around with a robe. Whether you are from a shower or a long day at work, robes work the magic of making you feel at ease. However, not all robes are the same. Markedly, this explains why there is a wide variety to choose from.

Various factors determine the suitability of a robe. For instance, the price, make and comfort of a robe determine the satisfaction you get from it. The major determinant is the comfort you can get from adorning a specific robe. Regardless of the market price, you can easily go for a robe that makes you feel comfortable, calm and at ease.

Given these determinants, this article gives answers on the best robes for women. After several hours of testing different designs, our team concluded that Bamboo womens robes are the best to buy. These conclusions are based on the quality, durability, cost, and comfort these bamboo womens robes offer you.

Why Free Birdees?

Free Birdees' women bamboo robes are made of bamboo viscose. They are breathable, and gentle on the most delicate skin. Our products are high quality. We offer exclusive prints and one of a kind in-house designs made by moms.

Why Bamboo Robes are best

Bamboo, cotton and silk robe designs are rampant in the market today. The variety leaves you confused about the best selection to make. Also, during your research on the best product to choose, you may have encountered articles on cotton robes vs silk robes. Similarly, you may have encountered debates like silk robe vs bamboo robe.

Cotton Robes vs Bamboo Robes for Women

As highlighted below, in the debate on cotton robes vs bamboo robes, bamboo womens robes emerge best for various reasons.

1. Bamboo is tougher than cotton.

Women's Bamboo viscose robes are strong and affordable. These are more durable than the cotton ones. If properly maintained, these robes can serve you for an extended period. You do not have to keep buying and changing them like cotton robes.

2. Bamboo robes are extra soft.

You can only compare ordinary bamboo robes with the most expensive cotton in terms of softness. A Bamboo viscose robe features the most luxurious feeling in terms of texture. On the contrary, you have to invest expensively in cotton robes to get a luxurious texture.

3. Women's Bamboo Viscose robes are more absorbent.

When comparing cotton robes vs bamboo robes, bamboo womens robes absorb more moisture. A bamboo viscose robe can absorb moisture 3 to 4 times its weight. You can be sure that you will remain dry and warm when wearing these bamboo women's robes.

4. Bamboo women's robes are more breathable.

Bamboo women's robes are equipped with micro-gaps. The gaps help enhance ventilation in these bamboo women's robes. These womens robes remain cool and comfortable regardless of the temperatures. Therefore, you can comfortably sleep in them.

5. Bamboo viscose robe is non-irritating

If you are allergic to fabrics that irritate your skin, these womens robes suit you. The robes are hypoallergenic. Rather than making your skin itchy, the bamboo women's robes sooth your sensitive skin. 

6. Women’s Bamboo viscous robes require simple and easy maintenance

Unlike cotton robes, a bamboo robe requires limited washing. Besides, this luxury robe does not require any special care or cleaning method. Thus, after getting this oversized robe, you enjoy your comfort whenever you wish. 

7. Bamboo robes have environmental advantages.

Unlike a cotton robe, a bamboo robe boasts environmentally friendly attributes. For instance, bamboo raw materials require less water for growth and maturity. On the contrary, cotton requires 200 times the amount of water for bamboos to grow and mature. Thus, designing many cotton robes is hazardous to the environment compared to bamboo womens robes.

8. Bamboo robe raw materials are self-replenishing and light

Bamboo growth is less labor intensive than cotton. Farmers can easily plant and harvest bamboo as compared to cotton. Therefore, the production costs are distributed on cotton or bamboo womens robes. Depending on the initial cost, the cotton womens robes can be costly.

However, bamboo is more sustainable in production and does not need replanting on most occasions. High production costs make the cost of a bamboo robe cheaper. Besides, these robes are characterized by lightweight bamboo weight.

9. Bamboo robes resist microbes.

Bamboo robes are the best robes for women as they are equipped with antimicrobial properties. The womens robes have bio-agents that fight odor-causing agents. Antimicrobial properties help keep your skin clean and healthy.

Silk Robe vs Bamboo Robe

Both silk and bamboo womens robes are rampant in the market today. Given their characteristics, it gets confusing to choose the best among them. Both womens robes are appealing at sight, but they have key differences. Often, this leads to the comparison of silk robe vs bamboo robe. Therefore, before selecting any of them, you should know their defining characteristics.

Here are distinguishing factors that can help you in your robe selection process.

1. Breathability

Unlike bamboo robes, silk robes lack the breathability aspect. These robes do not have microfibers to help in cooling your skin. Thus, based on this aspect, bamboo robes stand out.

2. Absorption

When looking for a comfortable robe, the rate of sweat absorption is a determining factor for you to consider. Silk robes do not absorb moisture like bamboo womens robes. Therefore, when wearing silk robes, you are likely to experience tones of sweating which is uncomfortable. However, you will not feel the sweat when in a bamboo robe.

3. Maintenance

Bamboo robes maintenance is simpler than silk robes. Whereas bamboo robes require few washes and aeration, silk robes require frequent washes. If you are not careful when handling silk robes, you will easily ruin them.

4. Durability

Your silk robe can last for a long period depending on the care you give it. Just like silk robes, bamboo womens robes are characterized with lightweight bamboo weight. However, the key difference between these two womens robes is that bamboo ones do not peel.

However, silk womens robes are prone to wear and tear. Therefore, regarding silk robe vs bamboo robe, Bamboo ones are more durable. Markedly, bamboo women's robes are more reliable as you can use them for years instead of silk robes, which have to be continually replaced.

5. Affordability

The affordability of womens robes goes hand in hand with their quality and cost of production. The best bamboo womens robes are those whose quality has been enhanced and cost more than the poor ones. The same goes for the silk robes. However, quality silk is more costly than quality bamboo.

The cost of fitting and plus size robes depends on the raw materials used to produce them. The cost of silk is high compared to that of bamboo. These costs are directed towards the final product costs. In the end, you pay more for quality silk robes than bamboo women's robes.

On comparing silk robe vs bamboo robe, bamboo womens robes are more comfortable. These womens robes are less costly, more durable and affordable. Depending on your preference, you can consider the above factors when choosing the women's robes.

Why Bamboo Robes are So Comfortable

Bamboo women's robes stand out and are comfortable for various reasons. First, they have gorgeous designs for you to choose from. Therefore, when you wear them, you look attractive.

Secondly, you can use these womens robes for multiple purposes. Traditionally, women used robes for evening purposes. However, you can wear different bamboo robe designs throughout the day, after showering, on lazy weekends, and even during holiday travel.

Thirdly, the best bamboo womens robes are amazingly soft and luxurious. When in them, it feels like a treat. Whether you have a fitting or oversized robe, you can feel its coziness when wearing it.

Fourthly, bamboo women's robes are the best if you have sensitive skin. No need to worry about the itchy and irritating skin. Since bamboo is natural, it beats the other manufactured choices filled with chemicals when designing the womens robes.

Finally, bamboo women's robes are thermo-regulating. These womens robes are suitable for any weather as they fit into different conditions. If your room is hot, cool or chilly, bamboo robes are the best robes for women.

Best Robes for Women




Women's robes come in different designs to meet your tastes and preferences. No doubt, your most prioritized preference is comfort. The comfort makes you feel the value for your money. Comfort is based on the quality and the cost of the materials used to make these womens robes. Based on the above factors, it is clear that bamboo women’s robes stand out from the rest.

Apart from affordability, they last long and are easy to maintain. Besides, you can comfortably sleep in them without worrying about being socked. Markedly, bamboo robes turn out to be desirable in comparison of cotton robes vs bamboo robes for women and silk robe vs bamboo robe. You can comfortably choose the best robes that keep you comfortable and happy given the above factors.