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Where to Buy Cute Baby Clothes

It can be challenging to find cute baby clothes and newborn clothes that are comfortable and adorable, so we have gathered a few of our favorite brands and online baby boutiques to help you pick from the best of the best! From baby rompers to soft baby onesies, there are a few must haves we want you to know, for every toddler needs at least one of these pieces. At the end of the day, where to buy cute fashionable baby clothes does not have to be hard and time consuming, for there are many brands that offer a wide selection of cute baby clothes perfect for your brand new baby wardrobe!

Best Baby Clothing Brands

With so many brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are the best for your baby. Some brands may be known for their baby rompers, and others for their soft baby onesies, so we will cover the dos and don'ts in the big baby fashion world and introduce a clothing brand that is growing quickly in popularity. They offer unique and different products from the big names, so are worth looking into! This brand is none other than Free Birdees. Started by a Mom who’s little one had eczema, so she was always desperately searching for soft and cute babies clothes.

Free Birdees

Free Birdees is known not only for their super soft baby onesies and pajamas, but also the quality of their clothing. They don’t use traditional cotton, but opted for eco-friendly bamboo which is more breathable for sweaty babies. The quality of their clothing is tested to last a long time and be passed on from sibling to sibling. Their baby footies are also super functional, which includes padded footed feet to help prevent sliding on hardwood floors are well as fold over mittens to prevent babies from scratching. They are one of the fastest growing baby brands in the market today!

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Fashion Forward

To complete your cute newborn clothes, you need some new blood who understands the popular and trending fashions, so that's where Free Birdees comes in. They have taken an unique approach to cute baby clothes boutiques by only using bamboo viscose in all their products instead of cotton. Bamboo has a few advantages over cotton, like having the ability of thermo-control, where your baby will stay cool in the warm and cozy in the cool. It is also much more sustainable than cotton because it takes less resources and time to grow. In their new cute baby girl clothing collection, they introduced a Heavenly Pink Unicorns and Rainbows and Rainbow stripe print, which highlights the dreamy fantasies and wonders in this world!

Outfits for your Newborn

There are so many cute baby clothes, it can be hard to choose which one to buy for your newborn! Depending on where you live, there can be a number of factors that make some baby clothing not suitable for your newborn. However, cute baby girl clothing such as a dress can still be worn in the winter, but add a cute jacket to it! Nonetheless, there are many options available to you, and fashion has no limits! Here are cute newborn clothes that are a must-have in your child’s wardrobe.


A toddler must have, onesies are one of the best pieces of clothing for both summer and winter. If you have a newborn, onesies will be most commonly found as a short sleeve t-shirt with room for the legs. Comfortable and perfect for the summer, it will keep your baby looking adorable and cute! There are also soft baby onesies that can keep your newborn warm in the winter. They will most likely be a full covering piece from head to toe and have adorable prints or even an animal theme to it with a corresponding hoodie. Nonetheless, something all onesies have in common is being the best one-piece outfit for children!


Similar to an onesie, baby coveralls and toddler coveralls also blanket your baby’s entire body and keep them warm and toasty! The main difference between the two is that onesies are usually worn in the summertime, and coveralls are more of a winter/cool day outfit. Like the name “cover all,” it will keep your toddler from feeling cold, especially when their body is so susceptible to the colder temperatures. A baby clothing staple in all children's wardrobe, baby coveralls and toddler coveralls can be found at Free Birdees, a baby boutique that crafts cute fashionable baby clothes made of bamboo! Coming in a variety of prints, bamboo is amazing because of its thermo-regulating properties, stretchiness, and breathability. Some must-have prints can include their Atlantic Blue Aviator, Rainbow Stripe, and Cherry Blossom Cranes!

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Another summertime favorite, baby rompers are another one-piece outfit all toddlers should have! Rompers differentiate from the rest because of its versatility, for some are flowy and others have long or short pants. However, most if not all will always be short sleeves or no sleeves. As rompers date back to being an older style of clothing, it is very much trendy and worn no matter what age you are! The romper-like dresses are perfect for your little girl, an amazing blend of elegance and everyday wear. Looking into buying a baby romper, Free Birdees also have the cutest rompers that will make any newborn outfit so much better! More tight-fitting, their rompers are short sleeved and long pants, making it a great piece of clothing for sweaty babies. Their Cinder Fire Trucks & Dalmatians and Azure Floral prints are to die for!

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Looking for cute baby stuff online, you can never go wrong with a pair of baby and children’s pajamas! Not only are they perfect for your baby girl or baby boy, but they can also be worn all year long and all day long! The ultimate piece of comfortability, baby and children’s pajamas are essential for all infants and toddlers around the world! Again, Free Birdees fabricates amazing bamboo clothing, and this especially pertains to their jammies! Bamboo is a breathable material, especially for nightwear when it is key to keep warm, but at the same time, keep cool. Bamboo has natural properties able to regulate one’s body temperature and is hypoallergenic! Coming in over 15 different prints, Ocean Blue Sharks and the Alpaca’s prints are a few of their best selling prints!

Tips on Online Shopping for Cute Baby Clothes

Technology can be very confusing and difficult for many because of all the hidden features many brands and companies offer now. To try to get your attention, many offer incentives and amazing benefits to make you become a customer, so don’t miss out on all these free and awesome perks.

Free Shipping

The best brands who are confident that you’ll love their clothes usually provide free shipping. They know you’ll love their products and are not afraid to provide not only free shipping, but free returns just in case you change your mind. With that, check if the brand offers Free Shipping, and if it doesn’t, keep that in mind while shopping.

Return Policy

Online shopping doesn’t offer the same option of trying on clothing when you are at a physical store. This makes for many mistakes when you receive your clothing, like if it does not fit right or does not suit your style. That is why a great return policy is something everyone should find out before they make their purchase, in case they do need to return an item, but realize that shipping costs cost the same as the piece of clothing!

Rewards Program

As an incentive to make you shop more, companies have to have a rewards program to save you money! Don’t ignore this, for reward programs are always free to sign up, and never take long either. Depending on the company, you may have to make multiple purchases to reach a reward, but usually the more reward points you accrue the more savings you’ll have on your next purchase.

Use a credit card

In case someone makes unauthorized purchases on your credit card, you will not have to pay for any of those charges, rather the credit card company. However, for debit cards, unauthorized charges are set a max of $50, if reported within 2 business days. If gone unnoticed after 60 days, you may never get your money back.
Shop where you trust: Online shopping is filled with scam companies made to get your credit card information and personal info. As always, there is a risk for everything, so just make sure that you are buying from a reliable source, and everything looks authentic. Remember, rock bottom prices does not necessarily mean a bargain, as it may be a scam! Make sure the website you are on is secured, you can check the lock icon next to the website’s URL in the browser window.


No matter where you are buying from, a well known company or a small boutique, you can get cute baby clothes anywhere. There are so many cute baby stuff online because of the convenience it offers to customers. Not only can you just open your computer, but there are so many great sales and promo codes catered for online shoppers. We live in a new world now where technology is right at our fingertips, so don’t miss out on the opportunities that are right at your grasp and give your baby’s wardrobe a well deserved upgrade!