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What Should My Baby Wear to Bed This Winter?

The winter can bring harsh and cold weather, so to ensure your baby’s safety, Free Birdees has made it one of their top priorities to make their bamboo baby clothes 100% winter-proof. They value your baby’s comfort as much as you do, so making sure your baby stays cozy and safe throughout the whole winter is what they designed their baby clothes to do. They know just as well as any other parent that babies require great care and love, so you will be able to accomplish both of those things with some Free Birdees bamboo baby clothes! Their bamboo baby pajamas have the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, so your baby can stay cozy all night long without overheating.

Best Winter Wear for Babies

Depending on where you live, the cold may have already arrived or will arrive soon, so preparing earlier than later is always better. Scrambling to find the perfect bamboo PJs is something you do not want to put yourself into, so save yourself the added stress and work by not procrastinating on this! Toddlers and babies are susceptible to hypothermia when put into a cold room with an insufficient amount of warmth, so this is the time when you must take the most precautions.

Long Sleeve Pajamas

Depending on where you live, temperatures could range from being 67 degrees Fahrenheit all the way down to 2 degrees Fahrenheit, saying you live in the U.S. If you are part of the majority who don’t live in Hawaii, then you will be stuck with freezing and cold temperatures. To combat this, long sleeve bamboo pajamas are the perfect option, for they cover the whole body to make sure no warm air will escape from your little baby’s body. And you should purchase your long sleeve bamboo pajamas from Free Birdees because they do not forget the little details! For example, they realize many PJ tops do not account for different body sizes, so Free Birdees’ makes sure to add a little length on every long sleeve bamboo pajama top, so your baby’s tummy will stay covered all night long.


If you love onesies, you will love Free Birdees’ bamboo coveralls! Coveralls are a one-piece outfit, meaning there are super easy to wash, store, and keep organized. With Free Birdees’ coveralls, there is a zipper to make clothing and diaper changes as quick as possible, so you can save more time for the fun stuff and less with the boring. All their products are made with 95% bamboo viscose, ensuring your baby will be able to stay warm all day and night long. Being a one-piece also makes sure all their body warmth will stay within their body and not escape. In addition, coveralls are the perfect type of clothing to express your child’s style through all the festivity and fun winter brings. Free Birdees’ Christmas collection is coming soon, so that means cute matching PJs and coveralls for the whole family to enjoy and have a blast with!


The twin to coveralls, Free Birdees’ footies are just like coveralls, but have one extra characteristic that makes them so unique and amazing. They feature anti-skid pads that are integrated into the one-piece and slip right on. According to a report by the World Health Organization, slips and falls are the most common injuries emergency hospitals see when it comes to babies and toddlers. This is a scary reality many parents do not realize until it happens, so footies are a great option if your house is filled with hardwood or slippery floors. Taking precautions will never hurt your baby, and the last thing you want is a trip to the emergency room. Footies come with the same great benefits coveralls come with, so your baby will still have a blast and thrive as they keep growing up too fast!

Why bamboo is great for the winter

What’s all the talk on bamboo? Not only is it great for our environment, but it also creates incredible items including clothing! With the crazy weather changes happening around the world, climate change couldn’t be more apparent. Going more eco-friendly is always a journey, never a light switch, and that starts with supporting small businesses, saying no to fast fashion, and wearing bamboo! Apart from bamboo’s eco-friendly properties, there are a few other reasons that make it so much better.

Super Soft

If you are new to bamboo clothing, you may be wondering how people have transformed a bulky stock of a plant to clothing? Don’t worry, I had these same questions as well! Bamboo viscose, the formal name of the bamboo fabric, is derived by a process where the cellulose is dissolved, and then extruded to form fibers. This creates the super soft bamboo fabric we have all come to love, perfect for those winter nights where you want to wear PJs. Bamboo viscose is also extremely durable, unlike cotton where holes seem to appear after every wash!


Bamboo’s breathability is by far the most impressive, wicking up moisture while still retaining heat. Having something that is breathable can be crucial during the winter times, and something thick like flannel PJs will not be comfortable for activewear or in a toasty, warm house! Now don’t get me wrong, something as warm as flannel can be amazing for the stereotypical winter night, but that is not always the case. Under the sheets, wearing bamboo pajamas will keep your body warm but comfortable. When busy around the house, nonrestrictive clothing can be the best feeling, and not always possible while covered up, which is why bamboo clothing is a must!

Thermo- regulating

Similar to its breathability, bamboo pajamas, rompers, onesies, etc are all thermo-regulating. Keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, bamboo clothing is daywear and nightwear approved. Especially with your toddler running around or crawling in their brand new bamboo coveralls, bamboo clothing is guaranteed to ensure that they won’t feel cold or overheated. Same with nighttime, many parents feel anxiety over their baby’s health, as they aren’t being monitored and cared for. Adding a bamboo piece to your baby’s night wardrobe can bring a little more peace in mind as your baby is sound asleep.

Buttery Soft Blankets

With the wintertime frenzy, soft baby blankets are a must in every single household. You may have long-sleeve PJs and pants, but a big family blanket brings the whole coziness vibe together. Of course, we cannot forget the personal blankets, especially ones for your newborn or toddler! Free Birdees has the softest bamboo blankets, with four types to choose from: swaddle, double layer, stroller, and toddler. Don’t know which one to choose this winter? All of them are amazing, but unique as well, so find one that is your favorite.

Double Layer

This oversized blanket is a dream to have for those family nights on the couch watching Christmas movies and sipping hot cocoa. With the dimensions of 55” x 75”, it is large enough for you and your little toddlers, just don’t be surprised when your hubby tries to steal the rest! With its double-layer technology, it will keep the whole family warm and cozy. Available in 6 prints, our favorites have to be the Cloud Dinosaurs-Rawr and Atlantic Blue Aviator.


The perfect in-between blanket for size, your little birdee will enjoy being wrapped up in a bundle of warmth. True to its name “toddler,” it is perfect for bedtime, a car ride, or family time at home. If you need one blanket this holiday season, this is the one, as it is super versatile. Not only can your toddler enjoy it, but their sibling as well, or mommy and daddy. Who knows, this might be your birdee’s future “blankie” in the making!


If you swaddle your baby, a swaddle blanket is a must-have for your baby essentials arsenal. Unlike the other two blankets we talked about, a swaddle blanket is designed specifically for when you are swaddling your baby and is made to have the perfect fit. If a blanket is too big or too small, it can be extremely irritating and annoying for you as a parent and your baby because they will not have a good experience either. In addition, the winter is notorious for extreme cold, so it is also important to keep your baby safe and secure. Bamboo is great in the sense that it will be able to keep your baby warm and cozy, so you don’t have to worry about them while you take some time to relax because parents don’t get enough of that!


The wintertime is a force to be reckoned with, and while a jacket in the house may suffice, it will not keep you cozy all day long. Who doesn’t want to be wrapped up in their bamboo PJs and a blanket? Especially for toddlers, there are so many things they can wear in the wintertime including bamboo footies, coveralls, jammies, and onesies. All will keep them super warm in the house, just add something over the top when outside. When in doubt, bamboo clothing for babies and adults can make your winter at home that much cozier!