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Newborn Gift Set Ideas for 2020

Choosing newborn gift set ideas could be a challenging task for anyone. Perhaps you have been invited to a baby shower or your best friend is having a baby. You want to buy a gift that is useful and stunning. However, you don’t know what to buy. Maybe you don’t know the latest trends, or maybe you have no knowledge of what a newborn baby needs.

Custom New Born Gift Set ideas

The best option is to make a custom newborn gift set for the new baby. When you customize the newborn baby gift set, it will be one of a kind. Thoughtfully choose the items that will make life easier for the new mom and baby. Giving a variety of necessary items as gifts in a newborn gift set will ensure that parents don’t have to take the baby gift back.

First, choose how you will package your gift.

A woven gift basket is an elegant container to fill with gift items. You do not have to choose an actual basket, however. A fabric storage cube will also make an elegant baby shower gift set. The container you choose to hold the items you are gifting should be neutral so that it will match any room decor. The gift container can be made of metal, plastic or fabric. It may help to choose a theme for your gift set. Putting the gifts in a container that can be used to organize items in the baby’s new room is a helpful idea.

Next, choose the New Born gifts you will give to the baby

There are a few essentials that every newborn will need. Newborn babies need clothes, blankets, diapers, hygiene items, and things that soothe. Assemble these items into a new baby essentials gift set. If you do not know the gender of the baby, you can put together a unisex baby gift set. If you know the gender of the baby, it will be easy to choose specific colors, prints or designs.

Free Birdees is the place to shop for newborn gift set ideas. We specialize in bamboo viscose clothing and blankets. Bamboo clothing is warm and soft. It is gentle and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Parents trust bamboo fabric because it is breathable, soft, eco-friendly, and it stretches with a moving baby. We offer many solid colors and neutral prints that make it easy to put together a unisex baby gift set. These cute colors can be used for a boy or a girl.

Here are some great Baby gift set ideas

Bamboo Swaddling Blanket

The most important item in a newborn gift basket is a swaddle blanket. Newborns need to feel safe and secure in their new environment. Choose a soft
blanket that will be gentle on the baby’s skin. The swaddle blanket needs to stretch slightly to make the wrap comfy and snug around the baby. Bamboo
viscose swaddle blankets are the perfect swaddling blanket for newborns. Free Birdees has a variety of bamboo swaddling blankets that are affordable. These blankets have the perfect stretch to keep the blanket swaddled around your baby. Your baby will feel snuggled, but not restricted because our fabric is stretchy. There are many designs that are perfect for a boy or girl. The soft bamboo will keep the newborn warm and secure.


Bamboo Stroller Blankets 

Stroller blankets are ideal for napping or stroller rides. Young babies will be kept warm while on stroller rides with our super soft bamboo blankets. This double-layered blanket provides weight, helping little ones sleep better. This blanket is so versatile. It offers comfort, warmth, or a clean place to lay a baby on the floor.

We take extra care to provide blankets that are made of bamboo viscose to keep young children warm. Our bamboo viscose blankets are hypoallergenic, soft and snugly. Dinosaur and shark designs are among some of the most sought out designs for a newborn baby boy gift set. Pale orchid hippos, cherry blossoms, and pink lambs with ruffles are a few of our designs that would go nicely in a baby girl gift set.

Newborn Clothing Gift Set Ideas

Newborn baby clothing is essential. Every new baby needs a cute outfit to wear home. Gift an outfit that offers the newborn warmth. Newborns are adjusting to this new world. Their skin is sensitive and requires extra soft clothes. Choose an outfit that is made of premium threads. Free Birdees has affordable premium bamboo clothing that is perfect for every newborn.

Newborn clothing set from Free Birdees is the easiest clothing option for alternative new baby gifts. This clothing set offers a matching hat and infant
gown. Any newborn will feel swaddled in this infant gown. The newborn gown design makes it easy to change the baby’s diaper. A matching hat completes this outfit to help the new baby stay warm. The sleeves feature fold-over gloves to protect the baby’s face from growing fingernails.

We offer unicorn, rainbow stripe or floral pattern baby girl or any newborn gift set ideas. You can also choose from many solid colors and prints that can be characterized as a unisex baby gift set. The light blue gown set would be perfect for a newborn baby boy gift set. You can also choose from a plethora of other designs that will be perfect for your baby gift.

Newborn Hat

Choose a couple of cute hats to place in your newborn gift set. A newly born baby will need a hat to keep him/her warm. Bamboo cloth hats will keep a
newborn warm in any season. The breathable fabric offers the right amount of protection. Help the newborn stay warm and stylish with different prints from Free Birdees newborn hat collection. We also have hair bow bands for girls. Many hat designs are available to match the girl outfits we offer.

Newborn Gloves

Newborn fingernails can be very sharp. Mothers try to keep baby nails cut, but sometimes baby nails just grow too fast. Gloves are essential to keep the baby from scratching his/her face. Several pairs of these tiny gloves are necessary to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

Newborn Socks

Tiny little feet need tiny little socks to keep them warm. Booties or socks of different sizes should be included in a newborn baby gift set. An infant with
warm toes will sleep better.

Hygiene Essentials

A manicure set is important because the newborn is growing so quickly. Fingernails and toenails are growing daily. A newborn baby can scratch herself if her nails are not kept short. A fingernail file and tiny fingernail clippers are needed in a manicure set for newborns. Parents will not be taking this baby gift back.

Skin Care Gift Set

Choose a gentle shampoo and body wash to include in the gift basket. Babies need soap that is formulated to protect their sensitive, new skin. Pair the soap with a quality baby lotion. Pick a lotion that is made for baby skin. Lavender scents are a welcome smell for newborns to help them relax at night. A skincare gift set is essential to a newborn gift basket.


Obviously, diapers are one of the most needed necessities when welcoming a newborn. Include newborn size and size 1 diapers in a newborn gift basket.
Disposable newborn diapers are still the most used diapers today. However, some parents are turning to re-usable, cloth diapers. If you are wanting to give alternative new baby gifts, re-usable diapers are a great alternative to traditional gifts.


Soothers are different items that help soothe the new baby. Pacifiers, books and animal loveys will keep the baby occupied. Every baby shower gift set should include one item that soothes the baby.


Include a few different types of pacifiers in the gift set. Each child is different and has different needs. Silicone pacifiers are preferred over latex because of a possible allergic reaction. Pacifiers also come in different shapes. Provide 2-3 shapes of pacifiers so that the new parents can let their baby choose the shape the baby prefers. Make sure you choose a small size pacifier that is designed for newborns.

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It’s never too early to start reading to a baby. Board books are a great addition to a new baby essentials gift set. Encourage early reading with books that a baby can hold and manipulate. Board books are safe for little babies. These simple stories with lots of pictures are a great gift.

Blanket Animals

Snuggle animal blankets are the perfect thing to make a baby feel comforted. They are characterized by an animal head attached to a small blanket. If you know the theme of the baby’s room, you can choose an animal that matches the room theme. Blanket animals are small enough for a baby's hand to hold and pull close. Baby’s love to snuggle and hold these animal blankets.

Other Tips  to Prepare for Babyshower

When preparing your gift for the new baby, keep these essentials in mind. The new baby needs clothing, blankets, hygiene items, diapers and things to help them self-soothe. Including blankets and clothing are the most important because the baby will use these items over and over again. Be thoughtful as you select gifts for the newborn. The new parents will appreciate the time you have spent to provide quality items for their baby.

Final Words

Free Birdees offers quality newborn gift set ideas, clothing, and blankets for all of the baby's needs. We are dedicated to your satisfaction with our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from Free Birdees, we will allow you to send your baby gift back for a full refund.

Free Birdees is the perfect place to order your baby girl gift set or baby boy gift set because we offer free shipping. The affordable clothing and blankets that we sell are the perfect baby gift.

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