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How to Choose the best Underwear

Choosing the best underwear for yourself or your child can be tough. Even the best toddler panties fit like a second skin. Underwear needs to act as a breathable, stretchable shield between your skin and clothing to help prevent infections. You don’t want your underwear to be saggy because that’s not protective. However, you don’t want it to be digging into or choking your skin, either.

If you’re unsure which size will fit you or your child best, don’t worry. There are ways you can measure it. We would like to note that here at Free Birdees, we believe in staying true to size. That way, there’s no confusion with our products, including our boys briefs.

Choosing the Best Underwear

Start by measuring your or your child’s waist and hips. When measuring the hips, be sure to do it on the fullest part. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can always bend sideways-or have your child do so. When you, or your child does, the crease marks the spot. Be sure to measure twice. If there are any differences between the two, measure a third time. It should match with one of the two sets. It’s sometimes hard to get it right the first time.

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Once you’re positive with both measurements, you’re ready to start choosing the best underwear for you or the best children underwear your child.

The first thing to look for is a stretchy but firm elastic. This is what makes the underwear stay in place. Again, make sure it’s not so tight that it digs into your skin. Most experts don’t recommend elasticized leg holes because they bunch up and can easily dig into your bikini line. As a result, it’s best to go for something labeled “seamless” or “no lines”.

Tight underwear leaves a lumpy appearance and can result in irritation or even inflammation. It also chokes on your skin and doesn’t leave any breathing room. As a result, it traps yeast and other bodily fluids putting you at a high risk for all sorts of infections. It can also result in bad odor.

It’s also important to check for bunching or sagging. Bunching can ruin the appearance of even your best outfits. Bunching and sagging means that your underwear has stretched out with age and that it’s time for a replacement.

When it comes to fabric, cotton or underwear made from bamboo are almost always best. They’re the most breathable fabrics on the market and don’t trap as much moisture. The elastic is very light so it’s not as likely to dig into your skin. Both fabrics make breathable men underwear. Both also make the most breathable underwear for kids. Underwear made from bamboo is a particularly good choice for women because they reduce the risk of yeast infections. However, if your job involves hours of sitting or it tends to make you sweat, it may still be a good idea to change it once a day.

Make sure that the crotch area has a soft lining to reduce the risk of infections. If you’re in doubt, bamboo fabric goes well with everything and doesn’t bunch up.

Men Underwear

Most experts agree that boxers are the most breathable underwear for men. This is particularly the case when you’re prone to a lot of sweating, rashes and/or chafing. Our bamboo underwear is designed with a stretchy waist and slimmer, shorter legs. You don’t want your men underwear to be longer than your shorts. However, if you wear a lot of business trousers or skinny jeans, boxers are not the best solution for you.

Also, if you have large thighs, briefs are the better solution. In that case, boxer or boxer briefs tend to roll up which causes men underwear discomfort and shows through your clothing.

Boxer briefs are also a very breathable men underwear. They are especially recommended for large backsides because they’re extra stretchy but cover more than briefs. It’s also the most recommended menu underwear if you’re tall because they don’t have as much slippage room.

If you have a slim build, boxer-trunks are the best men underwear for you because they don’t ride up as easily. They are a shorter version of boxer briefs and come down at mid-thigh at the longest. Again, though, if your thighs are large, boxer briefs can ride up.

Bamboo underwear for men is one of the softest men underwear on the market. Bamboo fabric has just started to gain popularity but is not yet a household name. However, it is still the most breathable underwear for men.

Bamboo underwear for men also absorbs five times more moisture than other fabrics. It’s also fairly inexpensive and, in spite of the fact that it’s one of the softest men underwear, it doesn’t wear out easily.

A Word About Underwear Made From Bamboo

As we get more eco-friendly, the label, “made from bamboo” may soon be one to look for. Bamboo fabric also absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide than other fabrics. It is resistant to insects and isn’t grown using pesticides. Unlike with cotton, it doesn’t force you to make a choice between durability and softness.

Bamboo fabric is also ideal if you have issues with excessive sweating, body odor and allergies. Bamboo is a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent that helps to keep everyone clean and comfortable. It not only wicks away sweat but also excessive heat. Bamboo fabric is best for everything from toddler underwear to men underwear. The best toddler boxer is made out of bamboo as well.

What Age Should Children Start Wearing Underwear and What’s the Best Kids Underwear?

That’s a good question. Traditionally, kids switch to the best toddler underwear for themselves once they’re fully toilet trained. The best underwear for kids is the kind that’s right for your kid, which includes toddler underwear.

If you don’t like disposable pull-up’s, there are options for organic toddler underwear designed specifically for toilet training. The disposable pull-up’s are more convenient and good for traveling. However, the organic toddler underwear is more eco-friendly and cost effective. You also want to look at extra small sizes such as a 2t boys underwear.

In case you’re wondering, the “t” in sizes like 2t stand for toddler, toddler underwear included. Toddler underwear typically comes in sizes between size 2 and size 6. Those sizes tend to approximately match your toddler’s age. For example, 2t may be the best toddler underwear when they’re two. However, by 24 months, a 3t may be the best toddler underwear. The best toddler underwear is one that fits your toddler snugly while allowing enough room for a diaper if necessary.

If you’re a first time buyer looking for the best underwear for kids, be sure to look at toddler all sizes underwear. That way, you’ll have a chart handy when you measure your toddler’s hips and waist. Be sure to explain what you’re doing in an age appropriate way, make a game out of it or have an incentive to prevent your toddler from getting upset and resisting. Also, be sure to involve your toddler in shopping for your toddler underwear. That way, your toddler will be more likely to get the connection between the measurements and the shopping.

Kids usually switch to toddler underwear once they’re fully toilet trained. Briefs are considered to be the best toddler panties and most of the underwear market, including us, believe that they’re the best kids underwear at that age. However, the best toddler boxer comes in those size ranges as well.

You will need to take allergies or skin sensitivities into consideration. If your toddler has either, bamboo is an especially good alternative for cotton toddler underwear. Remember the best bamboo kids underwear is what’s best for your kid.

The best toddler boy underwear is breathable and absorbs odor. Bamboo fabric is excellent for both. Our toddler boy underwear is designed to help keep your son snug, clean and to flexibly move with him. Our toddler boy underwear is one of the best toddler boy underwear on the market because we also know how to keep the colors and decorations simple.

Once kids reach the age of three or four, they switch to the next sizes up in kids underwear. When investing in fancy underwear for girls and fancy underwear for boys, make sure that the fanciness lies in the design.

Because of what they convey, thongs are not considered a youth kids underwear. They are not recommended for girls much under the age of 12 or 13. Thongs also don’t make good young children underwear because they don’t cover as much.

Instead, fancy underwear for girls should include something like a Disney Princess theme or pink flowers. Boys kids underwear should have decorations like firetrucks or something like trees. Bamboo fabric tends to make the best breathable underwear for kids, including boys boxers.

Once kids get to be around preschool age, they start to have more choices. Most of the kids underwear industry believes that kids should have as many choices as possible and we’re no exception. Boys, for example, may start to favor boys boxer briefs or boys briefs. Girls may go for bikinis and low risers.

Kids underwear should be machine washable and wrinkle resistant, which the best toddler boxers are. Kids outgrow all of their clothes within six months and kids underwear is no exception. Like with all others, it’s important that your children underwear fits him or her snugly, is breathable and helps to prevent infections from sweating, etc.

Best Little Boy Underwear

We agree that the best boys underwear are ones with bright colors and boy-friendly designs such as firetrucks and bears.

The following is all of our sets that contains fancy underwear for boys.

Our Firetrucks and Pirates set is one of our most popular fancy underwear for our boys’ sets. Our Cloud Dinosaur set comes in second and our Ocean Blue Sharks set comes in third. Many of our clients have complimented us on all three being some of the best little boy underwear that their sons have.

Our Firetruck and Dinosaur sets are currently available only in size 7 and size 8. However, we should have more in stock soon.

Our Ocean Blue Sharks, on the other hand are currently available in size 2, size 3, size 4, size 5, size 6 and size 7/8.

If your son is still in the toilet training stage, look for something with extra small sizes such as a 2t boys underwear. Remember, the best boys underwear is the one that’s best for your son.

Best Underwear for 4 Year Old Boy

Boys tend to be extremely active at the age of four. So you’ll want to get youth kids underwear that’s comfortable and doesn’t bunch up as they move. Bamboo fabric is the most ideal choices. The best underwear for 4 year old boy also has a cute design of something that he likes in order to brighten the experience.

Traditional briefs that are more form fitting are the usual recommendation for everyday casual wear. However, some boys prefer the more relaxed fit of boxers starting that young. If your son plays sports, boxer-briefs are usually recommended because they have a snug fit while simultaneously leaving plenty of breathability room while they move.

7 year old boy underwear holds all of the same options. By then, they’re usually set on what type of underwear they prefer.

Best Girls Underwear

The best girls underwear is one that leaves room for breathability. As a result, bamboo fabric tends to be the most comfortable girls underwear. If your daughter plays sports, however, boy shorts might be best because they provide more room to wick away the sweat and are more flexible.

However, it depends on your daughter’s personal preference.

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Best Underwear for Kids in 2021

For boys, we also have our Astro set currently available in sizes 2/3, 6 and 7/8. If your son is into airplanes, we have our Aviator set currently available in the same sizes. If he likes nature and animals, our Grizzly set is currently available in sizes 2/3, 4/5, 6 and 7/8. If he’s into bunnies or the night sky, we have our Stars & Moon/Bunny set also currently available in all four sizes.

For girls, if your daughter is into flowers, we have plenty of floral sets. Our Champagne roses one is currently not available at all but should be soon. Our Azure Floral is currently available in sizes 2/3, 6 and 7/8. Our Peonies, Bunnies & Stars set is currently available in sizes 2/3, 4/5, 6, 7/8. If she prefers animals, our Cherry Blossom Crane is also currently available in all four sizes. Our Pale Orchid color set has one with hippos on it and is also currently available in all four sizes. Our Powder Pink Koala set is also currently available in all four sizes. We strive to make the most comfortable girls underwear possible.


Whether it’s men underwear or kids underwear, “made from bamboo” is one of the best labels in the market today. With men underwear, it needs to be something that not only fits very snugly but also wicks away sweat, is breathable and prevents infections. Kids underwear needs to have pretty much the same effect.

Bamboo beats cotton as the best material for underwear. Bamboo may be slightly pricier but it’s longer lasting, absorbs five times more carbon dioxide, doesn’t dig into your skin and is a natural antibacterial agent. Cotton still remains the second best material for underwear. However, it is often processed, which takes away some of it’s best features. As a result, it eventually loses it’s elasticity, stretches out and gets too big.

One difference between men underwear and kids underwear is that kids tend to like a lot of color and fancy cartoonish decorations. It brings out their youthful playfulness. Men underwear, on the other hand, is usually white, black or neutral color because they’re usually much more utilitarian when it comes to things like their underwear.