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Boys and Girls Underwear Styles

Children’s underwear can be a scary transition for many toddlers, for the thought of not having a safety net can be extremely daunting. This is why getting the perfect style of underwear for your kiddos is so important. You want your babies to feel confident and proud when they finally transition into a big boy or girl underwear because many are unsure how they feel about them. Some kids may be ecstatic to finally dump the diapers because I know you parents are, but some may also be very hesitant. So let us help your kids through this new chapter in their life and give you the best underwear for kids!

Boys Underwear Styles

There are 3 widely known styles for boys underwear, and they are the classic briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs, which have recently been gaining much popularity. Each one is unique and suits different body types and preferences, so one may be horrible for your baby but perfect for another. You may feel you are already familiar with these styles, but you may not know the benefits that come with each one of them, so make sure to keep reading.


Many parents and kids love briefs over boxers because of its design. It is much more fitted and tight on your body, which can create a sense of security and safeness for your baby. Also, some do not like the extra fabric boxers provide, for they prefer the freedom and comfort briefs have to offer. In addition, they will give your baby more support when they are running around and letting lose the baby inside them!


A more loose fitted type of children’s underwear, boxers are the perfect style for boys underwear. Depending on your child, some love that it is not as tight as briefs and feel much more comfortable wearing boxers than briefs. And since boxers are a looser fit, bigger children may prefer them since it fits their body type better. In order to fully experience the benefits of boxers, you have to know where to find the most comfortable and fun older boy underwear, so I highly recommend shopping at Free Birdees. They are an online, baby clothing boutique that crafts the best bamboo underwear for children! Their boy boxer sets are one of a kind and come with 3 unique and cute prints that have a common theme to bind them together. Bamboo is an organic and super eco-friendly crop that can help combat climate change, so by purchasing a pair of adorable and breathable underwear from Free Birdees, you are helping the Earth and our environment.

Boxer Briefs

A hybrid between a boys boxer and brief, they are the new style in boys underwear and have everyone boy wanting one. So many are attracted to this type of children’s underwear because of its design, which brings the best of both worlds into one. Many love boxers for its coverage and length, and many adore the fitted briefs come with, so boxer briefs are the compromise. They provide more coverage on your little boy while keeping a tight, but comfortable fit. Many kids hate the baggy feel of boxers but love the length boxers provide. This is because longer underwear gives your child a sense of safety and comfort when around others.

Girls Underwear Styles

Now for the girls who are ready to set a new milestone in their life! There are so many styles for them, just like the boys, so be prepared to decide which one will be best for them. Unlike the boys, many clothing for girls requires different underwear to wear. For example, leggings need thin underwear while a romper can have a fuller, more supporting underwear. However, always go with the most comfortable option, as that is the priority, especially when just beginning to wear girl’s underwear!

Girl Briefs

As the name suggests, this one combines the best of both worlds, comfortability, and subtleness. The waistband sits just below the waist, and the back offers more support with a higher rise. In addition, the leg openings are designed to fit snugly to prevent bunching. These briefs will provide the comfort and support you need with underwear, but it won’t show through your outfit. Free Birdees’ bamboo underwear for girls embodies the perfect briefs, with the coverage you need in the front and back! It also can be the most breathable underwear you find, as bamboo is known to be extremely breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermo-regulating. You won’t find better underwear for your little girl than this! The Powder Pink Koalas or Pale Orchid Hippos print are must-haves.

Bikini Briefs

Similar to briefs, this underwear will fit best with leggings or any other elastic fitting pants. Sitting further below the waist, having a shorter rise in the back, and narrower sides, this may be more comfortable for girls who enjoy less supportive underwear. The waistband sitting at a lower part isn’t only for leggings, but the fact girls may enjoy this as well. If your little girl enjoys children's underwear that isn’t bulky, this is it!


Undershorts are similar to a boxer shape where it looks like pants rather than underwear. Undershorts were designed for skirts, dresses, and shorts. This is because these specific clothing require more flowy underwear and something constricting will not feel comfortable. Having longer length underwear will also prevent ride up, and you can be free while doing any activities. Many do say these are the softest underwear ever!


Exactly like girl’s undershorts, girl’s shorties are the exact same with a shorter inseam. This can be the most comfortable type of toddler girl underwear, as it is not restricting, has full coverage, and is perfect for many types of clothing. The leg length is longer than both the briefs and boyshorts (below), however not as long as undershorts (above). This can be the perfect balance many girls find in a cute and fun pair of underwear! Without any ride up, this is for your toddler if they enjoy comfortable, secure, and modest children’s underwear.


Inspired by a boy’s briefs, it is only fair that a girl version is made. Taking on a more boxy shape, it has more room than a girl’s brief, making it comfortable for people who like to have a loose fit instead of a snuggle. With the waistband higher, longer rise in the back and extra room on the sides, this may be perfect for your little girl. In addition, the leg opening is a bit lower, creating a more fitted and secure shape. Who knows, maybe your little girlie loves to have extra coverage for her underwear!

The Best Kids Underwears

Just knowing which style to get for your baby is not enough, because you also have to make sure you make a purchase at a company who values high quality and premium materials in their products. There are many brands out there selling cheap and substandard products, so you have to be careful about those. A brand we love and trust is Free Birdees, who sells the softest and most breathable bamboo kids underwear!

Boys Boxers

Many may wonder where to buy baby boy underwear online, so a great place is Free Birdees. They offer 5 different sets of 3 boxers in each, all unique and different from each other. Some of their best sellers include the Firetrucks and Pirates Boys Boxer Set and Ocean Blue Sharks. Their boxers are the perfect length, not too long or short, and are made with bamboo viscose. Bamboo viscose makes the underwear super soft and breathable so your kid can enjoy a whole day fun with comfort and joy. In addition, here is Free Birdees’ size chart for both boy and girl to ensure you get the perfect sizes!

Girls Underwear

For your daughters, Free Birdees has also made something for them. They designed their girl underwears to fit all body sizes and are the softest things your daughter will ever wear. Bamboo Viscose is also used to craft this underwear and is why they are so soft and loved by all. A few of their top sellers include the Azure Floral and Heavenly Pink Unicorns and Rainbows Girls Underwear Set.


The best underwear to find for your toddler can be difficult, since there are so many to choose from! Our recommendation, if you need somewhere to start, is to find the middle ground, so underwear that is full coverage but also not too flowy. For boys, it would be the boxer briefs and girls the regular briefs! Everything is a trial run, so don’t expect things to always go as they expect. Maybe you encounter that they are not ready for children’s underwear; therefore, some alternatives can include training underwear or more practice on potty training. Either way, hopefully, you got some insight on all the children’s underwear there is, and are ready to start the transition from a little toddler to a big boy or girl!