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Clothing Ideas for When Babies Start to Crawl

When your baby starts crawling, it’s your baby’s physical activity, so you should treat it like a sport. In sports, people wear specific clothing to help them with their performance and comfortability, so your baby also deserves the most comfortable and breathable baby clothes to wear. As a parent, the last thing we want is to hinder our baby’s growth and rapid development when babies start to crawl. With crawling being an activity on the floor, your baby’s clothes will constantly be in contact with it, which is probably not the cleanest surface in your house, so finding a material that is easy to wash will be very important too. There are many great materials, including bamboo baby clothes, and styles that will make your baby’s crawling experience so much more comfortable and fun! 

When Do Babies Start to Crawl

The average baby starts to crawl at 6 to 10 months old, but some may just skip the entire process and go to walking! If your baby was not blessed with the ability to skip crawling, no worries because crawling is a prominent part of your baby’s growth and development. In addition, we have laid out some facts about crawling to further your understanding, so you will not need to worry if you find this transition intimidating and new. 

Boys vs Girls Crawling Age 

Despite contrary beliefs, boys and girls usually crawl at the same time and there are no major differences between a boy and a girl’s crawling age. However, studies have shown that boys are more active than girls, moving around in their stroller more often and crawling for longer distances. This does not take away the fact that girls are just as capable as boys. So the next time you think having a girl or boy will affect their physical capabilities, you thought wrong! In addition, Free Birdees makes the best bamboo kid’s clothes, and offers a wide selection of

prints perfect for your little boy or girl! With their Cloud Dinosaurs-Rawr print, your little boy can roam through the house dressed up as his favorite animal, or you can get the Heavenly Pink Unicorns & Rainbows print for your little princess who would dazzle and brighten the house!

Types of crawling

Do not worry if your baby’s crawling may look different because there are many ways a baby can crawl! 

  • Hands and Knee Crawl- This is the most common and classic crawl we all know, where your baby uses its hands and knees to move. 
  • Bear Crawl- Your baby's elbows and knees are straight, hence, making them look like they are baby bear cubs. 
  • Belly Crawl- With this crawl, your baby is using its arms and legs to move, but dragging their belly on the floor in the process, which is quite inefficient if you ask me!
  • Tushie Crawl- They are using their arms while sitting on their butt to crawl around.
  • Rolling Crawl- I really hope no explanation is needed for this, but if you do need one, they are rolling to get to their desired location! 

Benefits of Crawling

Crawling may seem like an unnecessary and useless stage for your baby’s development, but it can be very beneficial and critical to your baby’s health and growth! It will be the first independent movement your baby does, and it helps strengthen their

head, neck, back, arms and leg muscles, which is important so they can start to walk. Also, crawling will help develop your baby’s growth and motor development skills, which is very important for doing everyday tasks. In addition, crawling has proven to be an important part of your baby’s cognitive thinking, which will allow your baby to solve problems and understand the world they live in. Viewing crawling as a roadblock for your child’s path is highly discouraged, for it has many benefits for your little one and their bright future! 

Best Baby Clothes at Crawling Age

We as parents only want to give our newborns the most comfortable baby clothes, and some styles work better than others in certain tasks, so knowing which one is the best for crawling and for your baby is crucial. Usually, any one-piece outfit is ideal for crawling, for you don't want pants crawling up their body or shirts exposing their sensitive stomachs. This is why the list below only includes one-piece clothing. Also, depending on what floors your home has, some clothing will work better for your toddler than others. One thing is for sure, your baby deserves freedom with their clothing, so ditch the dresses and opt for something more flexible and stretchy! 


Baby Rompers are one of the cutest baby outfits and also a great crawling-outfit too! It completely covers your toddler’s diaper, and the bottom and top won’t go up their body while crawling. It also is snug on the legs, preventing any tangling from the clothing. With Free Birdees’ rompers, they have fabricated a one-piece outfit covering both legs with short sleeves. It also includes snaps on the left shoulder for easy cloth changing. Not only that, their whole line consists of bamboo baby clothes, and bamboo is extremely breathable so your toddler will feel comfortable while exercising their body!

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Coveralls are another great option when babies start to crawl.

It completely covers your toddler’s body, which is why it's called a “coverall”. It envelops your toddler’s body snugly, so no slips ups will occur. This option will keep your little one warmer, so if your baby starts crawling in the winter, this might be the option for them! Most coveralls come with a zipper running down their whole body, so this is great for quick changes or diaper changes. 

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Similar to coveralls, footies are the exact same thing except they include footpads. Usually, crawling barefoot is ideal, but during the winter times or colder seasons, their sensitive feet could get cold. This is where footies can become your favorite bamboo baby clothing, for it does not impede on your toddler’s crawling, and it ensures comfort for them. Unlike some other alternatives such as shoes, it could be too bulky, making it difficult for your toddler to crawl around and progress. In Free Birdees amazing collection of bamboo footies, they have the same design as their coveralls, an onesie that covers your child’s entire body with a zip running down the whole piece. The difference, however, is that their footies come with anti-skid pads, perfect for crawling! 

Non-slip Footies

With many homes having hardwood floors or tiles, slipping can definitely be a problem, but one that can be easily fixed! If your toddler crawls on slippery surfaces, non-slip footies are essential if you want them to progress in their journey. A great solution if your footies do not come with some extra traction is allowing your baby to crawl on the carpet. With that being said, footies are usually worn all around the house, so if you have any slippery floors, investing in non-slip footies is definitely the wise choice. Thankfully, Free Birdees’ footies already come with anti-skid pads, ensuring all accidents can be prevented! 

Best Materials for Crawling

You may find yourself in a little dilemma of choosing which material will be the best for your baby to crawl in, so I have compiled a list of materials that will make for the most breathable baby clothes! They all are quite similar, but they have their own unique benefits that will set them apart and possibly work better for your toddler. 

Bamboo Baby Clothes

What’s so special about bamboo? Well, it turns out that bamboo has many beneficial properties for babies at their crawling age. Bamboo viscose, the material Free Birdees uses, is known to be a stretchy fabric, and for crawling, clothing with elasticity is perfect. You want your baby to feel free and comfortable in their clothes, but not so baggy and loose. With bamboo baby clothes, it stretches with your baby, making their crawling experience comfortable and safe. It also is thermal regulating, so your baby won’t feel too hot or too cold when they are moving around in the house! It also is an extremely breathable material, adding an extra layer of comfortability when your baby starts to crawl! Furthermore, Free Birdees prides themselves in selling the best bamboo children’s clothes, where you will find the perfect bamboo baby outfits for your little one that will keep them safe and super comfortable!


Cotton is always another great choice for any children’s cloth wear. It is a soft material and does not rub harshly on your toddler’s skin. Cotton fabrics also have natural aeration, keeping your baby cool when they are running around or sitting on the porch on a sunny day. In addition, cotton naturally absorbs and removes body moisture easily. In total, cotton is always a fabric you can count on, no matter the age and season you are in! 


There are so many options out there that would make for the perfect crawling outfit, from the softest baby clothes and the most comfortable baby clothes, to easy to wash baby clothes, and with Free Birdees, finding the best baby outfits has never been easier! From their buttery-soft clothing to their adorable prints, Free Birdees offers so many great selections and uses only the highest quality materials. We know you only want the best for your newborn, so hopefully, you take these ideas and use them to give your newborn the best children’s clothes when your baby starts to crawl!