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Best Baby Product of 2021 Every Mom Should Know

It can be a challenge to being a new mom, especially when you may not know many of the best newborn baby items that help vastly with your child’s care. When it comes to convenience, most parents are willing to pay the extra premium to make their lives much easier and offer more comfort to their toddlers. As it can also be overwhelming when many of your friends ask what baby products you may want, the usual answer is probably a stroller, baby blanket, baby pajamas, newborn outfits, etc. Although these are all great, there are many more trending baby products out there that are an absolute must-have in your household. Whether you find one (or five!) best baby products for new moms, we will not judge for they are all amazing!  

Here are 11 Best Baby Products for 2021

Luxury Stroller 

An item all parents have and love, you may want to invest in a stroller that is more high end and expensive. Despite thinking that there are other things to spend your coin on, having a luxury stroller might be worth investing in. For one, it lasts longer than a regular stroller. This is especially for joggers who run with their baby in a stroller, for it can break easily. Luxury strollers can last for many years, so buy one early. It also has many more functionalities such as adjustable handlebars and air-filled wheels, many are plastic wheels. Lastly, you can get a better resale value, many mid-high end strollers are able to sell for as much as 65% their retail value. A great luxury stroller with all the amazing benefits above is the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller.

Swaddle Blanket

A perfect gift and one of the best newborn stuff for an upcoming mom, swaddle blankets are needed by every parent for swaddling your baby. If swaddling is new to you, it is when you tightly wrap your newborn in a blanket to mimic the feeling of being in the womb. It is great for calming your baby down and making them feel safe. Make sure to purchase a swaddle blanket pre-birth, for swaddling takes place when your toddler is born to about 4 months old. If they start to roll around and/or be active, that’s a good sign to stop swaddling. Wondering where to buy a swaddle blanket? Free Birdees best selling bamboo swaddle blankets are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, extremely soft, and breathable! In addition, they come in a variety of prints such as the Blue Lagoon Rhinos, Highland Cattle, Cherry Blossom Cranes, and Heavenly Pink Unicorns & Rainbows! 

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Baby Bottle 

A baby essential, purchasing the best baby bottles can make a pivotal difference in your baby’s health and desire to eat! One of the best baby bottles is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle. Crafted with convenience and safety in mind, their bottles mimic the mother’s breast to avoid nipple rejection. It also comes with a hygienic cap so bacteria do not enter the bottle, keeping your baby safe. The bottle is BPA free, and has a slow flow nipple to prevent choking. 

Convertible Stroller Wagon 

One of the must-have items for 2021, this innovative wagon is great for outdoor walks, hikes, or visits to the park! Made by Radio Flyer, this is something all new parents would love for their toddlers at home. A two in one stroller, it can be made into a convenient wagon or folded into a two-seater bench. Pulls like a wagon or pushes like a stroller, it comes with a UV protection canopy that can be detached when not in use. It has two 5-point safety harnesses, a rear brake, and a one-hand fold. For $150, this cool baby product can be used for wagon/stroller transportation and moving goods from place to place. 

Luxury Baby Clothes

All babies deserve the best clothing mother nature has to offer, and Free Birdees fabricates the softest baby clothes possible. Made with bamboo viscose, their breathable baby clothes are buttery soft, stretches with your baby, thermo-regulating (cool in the summer and warm in the winter), and hypoallergenic! Not to mention, bamboo is eco-friendly, and Free Birdees clothing is never made with harsh flame-resistant chemicals.

If you are wondering what baby clothes to buy for first-time moms, Free Birdees’ newborn gown sets are their best sellers. With over 15 prints, this set comes with an adorable matching single knot hat, fold-over gloves to prevent scratching, and an adjustable knot to allow the most flexibility. In addition, if you are looking for something that isn’t specified for newborns only, their bamboo pajamas are insanely adorable! One of the best baby pajamas, their size range goes from 2-10 years old and is made with the same amazing bamboo viscose fabric. Some of their best selling prints include the Ocean Blue Sharks and Azure Floral. 

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Best Baby Shampoos

A gentle and baby-friendly shampoo is Burt’s Bee Baby Shampoo and Original Wash. It's plant-based, so no need to worry about those harmful and damaging chemicals found in so many other shampoos. Burt’s Bees secret ingredient to an awesome baby shampoo is soy proteins, which naturally has moisturizers filled with essential minerals and vitamins, great for getting off everything your baby picked up through the day. Another phenomenal shampoo is Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Water. What makes this shampoo special is it’s convenience, for you can apply it like lotion, no scrubbing or water needed. This shampoo is also perfect for travel and trips where giving a bath will be too difficult, so Mustelas No-Rinse Cleansing Water is a safe and effective solution to this problem. 

Diaper Changing Beds

Naturepedic Organic Cotton 4-Sided Contoured Changing Pad brings the best of both worlds into one product, safety and comfortability! One of the best new baby products, they pride themselves in using materials given to us by mother nature, guaranteeing a healthy and non-toxic environment for your toddler. It is also allergy-free, and cotton filled, so your toddler might even fall asleep on this bed! In addition, another important factor that goes into making the perfect diaper changing bed is its ability to be cleaned and washed easily, which Bumbo’s Changing Bed does an excellent job. With a simple wipe and no changing pad cover required, it is extremely convenient and can save so much time. Also, don’t think they left out comfortability, for they designed their changing bed to support your baby and keep them cozy. 

Baby Hair Bows 

If you are looking for some infant must-haves 2021 you have to add Free Birdees baby hair bows to your list for your little girl! They are extremely trendy right now and will impress the whole crowd. Hair bows just add the perfect finishing touches to your baby’s outfit and can go well with almost any piece of clothing. Free Birdees knows you not only want a great hair bow, but great prints too, so that is why they have designed 15 different and unique prints, such as the Heavenly Pink Unicorns & Rainbows and Plume hair bows for you to choose from to match with your baby’s adorable outfits. 

Healing Ointment

As a parent, you may not think of getting a baby healing ointment, but this is actually a must-have baby item. Once your baby steps into this new world, they will be fragile, especially their skin. Diapers can leave harsh rashes and discomfort, so Aquaphor’s Baby Healing Ointment helps hydrate the skin and also cure dry skin, minor scratches, and drool rashes. Rashes in newborns are very common, for their skin is still trying to adapt, so having a healing ointment at home is essential. 


We all know bibs are one of the best baby products for new moms, but do you know which ones are the best for your baby? There are many bibs designed for different purposes, and Dahlia’s baby Bandanas are designed for babies who love to drool. Drooling is a prevalent problem that many parents have to deal with every day, so this bib will be able to control that problem. Its dual-layer cotton front to the polyester in the back makes it highly absorbent and easy to wash afterward. When on the go, you want a bib that is ready to use in seconds and wipes clean with just some soapy water, so Healthy Happy Parent’s Silicone Baby Bibs are the perfect option! The silicone allows you to wash it in seconds, and the adjustable strap allows you to take it off and on quickly as well! In addition, they know your babies drool, so they implemented a catcher on the bottom of the bib to fix this problem. 

Nasal Aspirators

Aside from drooling, many babies also suffer from nasal congestion, which can be scary to watch your baby go through. This is why nasal aspirators were invented, to gently and effectively suck the snot out of your baby’s nose, relieving them from any pain they may have experienced. A great nasal aspirator is FridaBaby’s NoseFrida. They make sure their product is comfortable and hygienic, using disposable filters and being dishwasher safe to clean all those gross germs.   


Hopefully, as many of us are spending 2021 in quarantine, these baby gear and clothes are able to make our lives so much easier and comfortable. Whether it is bamboo pajamas or other trending baby products, all can be bought online at the comfort of your own home! Many of these best newborn items are underrated and not widely known, therefore; you may never know how life-changing these products are until you have them right in front of you. So what are you waiting for? These must-have items 2021 are just waiting to be in your hands! 

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