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Bamboo Baby Pajamas Ideas

Pajamas are worn all day and night because they are wearing bamboo baby pajamas! Viscose bamboo is one of the best materials for PJs because of its benefits. When your baby is sleeping or playing during the day, you want your baby wearing comfortable and breathable baby clothes to ensure they stay happy while having fun. In addition, there are so many great alternatives of bamboo toddler pajamas that each have their own unique benefits, so keep reading to find out which is best for your baby!

Best Types of Bamboo Infant Pajamas

As the experts like to say it, sleep is the most important part of the day, where you can give your mind and body a rest, while helping your growth progress. This means wearing clothing that is not only comfortable, but can also keep you warm 24/7 is a must. Whether you like cotton, polyester, or any other type of materials, you can never go wrong with bamboo! Perfect for sleepwear, bamboo clothing can keep you cool on a hot day, or warm on a cold day! Here are some of the best bamboo baby pajamas and some alternatives as well!

Bamboo Baby Pajamas

Of course, baby pajamas will never go wrong for sleepwear, as they are the classic two piece buttery soft clothing! Especially the ones from Free Birdees, an amazing clothing boutique, they specialize in bamboo baby clothes that is unique to their brand and customers! Why their pajamas? It is made out of bamboo viscose, which makes their clothing eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating, and breathable. Their bamboo pajamas are also insanely adorable, coming in over a dozen prints! Some of my favorites include the Powder Pink Koalas, Cinder Firetrucks & Dalmatians, and the Heavenly Pink Unicorns! These pajamas are also customizable at your liking, having both short and long sleeves for the winter and summer times! Maybe your toddler does not like to sleep with lots of clothing at night (like me!) which makes short sleeves my go to. If one of your worries is your baby being cold at night, throw a blanket over them, or have these pajamas as they have extra long tops so their stomach won’t get exposed to the cold night air!

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Another great piece of clothing, footies can be amazing for sleepwear. This differentiates from PJs, as it is a one piece rather than a two piece. This may skew some other folks as it is easier to put on and take off on your child. What’s also great about a footie is that it has foot pads, so your toddler’s sensitive feet can stay warm all night long! Free Birdees also carries amazing bamboo made Footies, which include a zipper down the middle for easy diaper/cloth changing, and anti-skid pads so your toddler will not slip on floors! These bamboo footies make for the best breathable baby clothes! Some prints that are adorable are the brand new Seafoam Pirates & Sea Dragons and Ocean Blue Sharks.

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Newborn Gown Baby Clothes

This one is for all the newborns out there, as they need some adorable pajamas as well! Newborn gowns can be great for babies 0-3 months old, used for everyday wear or sleep wear. A one piece that covers their entire body, it will keep them warm all day and night long, which makes it have the standard pajama approved! Free Birdees also creates unique newborn gowns, coming with a matching hat and dozens of prints! With an adjustable knot for maximum comfortability and anti scratch mittens, this is going to be your favorite clothing you will gravitate towards for your newborn. Free Birdees’ Atlantic Blue Aviator and Highland Cattle prints are by far my favorite! They also make for the best gift ideas during baby showers!

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Who says pajamas are limited to clothes designed for sleepwear? As adults, I’m sure we sleep in whatever is comfortable, which may be your favorite T-shirt or blouse! This should also be for your toddlers! Whatever is most comfortable baby clothes should be worn whenever, and that includes for sleeping. Coveralls are another great alternative as sleepwear, basically a footie without the food pads. This means that it is a one piece clothing that will keep your toddler warm 24/7 in bed, at home, or playing outside. Coveralls can be found at Free Birdees as well!

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2 Piece Short Sleeve

The classic example of pajamas, a two piece short sleeve is what most people tend to gravitate towards around the world. When finding pajamas, especially for newborns, you may want to look for something that is two pieces as it is more flexible than a one piece. However, it is all based on preference and whatever your child prefers! A 2 piece long sleeve PJ's are also great for toddlers who get cold in the nighttime and want some extra coverage.

Accessories to Add-ons

What's so good about pajamas without anything to add to it? Sleeping without pillows or sheets is something horrible we can all agree on, so PJs shouldn't be treated any differently. If you visit Free Birdees Website, you will find there are many things that go perfectly with your toddler pajamas, so here are our top 3 picks!

Matching Blankets

Sometimes, pajamas are just not enough, so blankets are a great way to add some extra warmth and fun whenever it gets a bit too cold. A toddler blanket is an amazing blanket that can be matched with any of Free Birdees bamboo baby pajamas. It is perfect for at home use because it is on the bigger size, so cuddling with your baby or using it to wrap around them will be a piece of cake. If you want a blanket that can do it all, consider a viscose bamboo stroller blanket from Free Birdees. Right now in this quarantine you may not be going outside much, but in the future, having a blanket that can be used for both inside and outside uses will be convenient. It’s double layer technology allows it to be perfect for any environment, ensuring your toddler stays comfy and cozy anywhere they go!

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Baby Hair Bows

Even in PJs, you can never go wrong with a little more bling to jazz up your baby’s outfit. And there is nothing better than a viscose bamboo hair bow from Free Birdees to add to their fit! Hair bows have become the ultimate trend for girls because they can add so much style and flair. To add to the cuteness, Free Birdees offers more than a dozen adorable and unique prints to match with every outfit your daughter may wear.

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Underwear and Boxers

Many parents forget that choosing the right pair of underwear can go a long way in how comfortable your baby will feel in their bamboo kids pajamas. When running around in the heat or at home, you want something that is breathable and also stretchable so your baby can keep having a blast. If the weather turns cold, a pair of viscose bamboo underwear will keep your child warm and make sure they stay comfortable and cozy. In addition, their underwear and boxers come in many prints, so your child can start the day being excited to wear their favorite pair of undies!

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How to Wash Bamboo Baby Clothes

Making sure your most comfortable baby clothes last you is super important to saving money and time, so follow these 3 easy steps to keep your baby pajamas feeling and looking brand new!

Picking the right detergent can make a big difference in how long your baby clothes may last, so we recommend using a green detergent. Green detergent is made from plants and natural sources, so it is 100% eco-friendly. This causes the detergent to be gentler and easier on your baby clothes, resulting in it lasting longer.
Most washers have different cycles or modes, either a light, regular, or heavy mode. When picking which mode to use, be sure to pick the light or gentle mode because the softest baby clothes need to be treated with extra care and caution!
When it comes to drying your bamboo baby pajamas, hang drying is the most optimal option because it is not being thrown around vigorously. But time is the most valuable thing we have, so when time gets scarce, put your dryer on a low temperature and delicate mode.

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Pajamas will always be something that is always in demand, no matter the weather, day, or year! This makes bamboo pajama gifts perfect for any birthday, baby shower, or get together. What people find so intriguing about pajamas is their versatility, and how you can wear it 24/7 with no complaints. In addition, people love the fact that any clothing can be considered a pajama, such as footies, coveralls, or t-shirts! With the idea that you can wear whatever is comfortable at night, we hope you have found some ideas on what bamboo clothing you would like to implement to your baby's sleep routine, as long as they are comfortable and happy!