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Baby Shower Ideas Every Mom Must Know

As you get older and plan on having kids, baby showers are something every mom dreams of, which is why gaining the knowledge of the best baby shower ideas is so important! You may only have one shot at it, so you want to make it as memorable as possible. Also, don’t think that you need an extravagant baby shower because you will always have fun as long as you have amazing people around you! Even if you use one idea, or all 10, celebrating for an incoming baby can never go wrong. From a boy baby shower to a girl, or maybe even multiple, every mom deserves to have a party for her hard work throughout her journey. So don’t worry about throwing a lavish party, for every mom will be able to use these ideas!

Baby Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Planning on having a boy? An option you could do is having a blue everything theme! If you do not like gendering a specific color, feel free to choose whatever color suits your taste, and make that your theme! Another cute idea you could do for a theme is ocean life! Since you are already having a whale of a good time, incorporate your favorite oceanic animals and colors! From aqua to white, or maybe a sunset corner, there is so much you can do with an ocean theme. As we know our oceans are suffering, a great party favor is bracelets from LegendBracelet. An amazing organization, they create vegan, eco-friendly bracelets made from recycled cork bark! Depending on what bracelet you buy, it will correlate to a specific animal you are helping and can be a great party favor while helping the environment!

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Ideas for Girls

If a girl is upcoming, the options are endless on the themes you want to do. If you are looking for an all-out girl bash, some ideas can include huge letter balloons or archway balloons, pink galore, amazing floral art, and many more! In addition, baby showers do not need to have food, for you can opt for an all treats theme and splurge on an insanely beautiful cake! Some other ideas are having a cute cocktail bar, and don’t forget the non-alcoholic drinks for the mom-to-be, or an all-girls spa day. At the end of the day, baby showers should be personalized and created to fit your dream, so feel free to break some boundaries and have fun with the ideas!

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Food Ideas

Depending on what time you have your baby shower, you usually want to go for something bite-size, light, and simple. Some great options can include a fruit salad, veggie tray with dip, favorite appetizers, and mini sandwiches. Of course, we cannot forget about the deserts as well! If you are a sweet tooth junkie, you may want to just have a dessert selection, and go all out with candy, an ice-cream bar, extravagant cake, homemade desserts, etc. If you are planning on having food, make sure it is something that can be prepared ahead of time and still taste good, for there is no time to cook at the party!

Decoration Ideas

What would a baby shower be without the decorations and props? One of the highlights of a baby shower is the decorations, and it will be the first thing guests notice, so hopefully they will be blown away by them! The pivotal key to having an aesthetic baby shower is a cohesive theme. It will make everything fit together and look more organized, rather than a mix of ideas that don’t blend well, causing the overall vibe to feel off. Some ideas can include greenery (aesthetic plants), balloons, one color theme, custom made signs, and/or furniture that go with the theme you choose! Some great baby shower decoration ideas for boys are getting a cake that matches the theme, blue everything furniture, or blue balloons!

Gift Ideas

Getting the best baby shower gifts that is unique, but also functional and useful, will make the soon to be mom light up in happiness and joy. We all know caring for a newborn is no easy task, so anything that will make the process easier is welcomed. Some amazing baby gift ideas are a baby-bottle warmer, for many babies prefer their milk warm instead of cold, and it is also one thing many parents do not think of purchasing. Another great gift is a baby diaper caddy that is designed to hold all types of diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and other baby essentials. This will help keep you organized and neat! In addition, a gift is not complete without its wrap, so here are some baby shower gift wrapping ideas to take your gift to the next level. Light colors are always recommended, for they give off a nice and relaxing vibe, and finding some with some cute animal prints doesn’t hurt too! Adding a bow or string bow can also serve as the final finishing touches. Lastly, our favorite bamboo pajama brand that sells super soft baby clothes is FreeBirdees. They have plenty of baby shower gift options such as baby footies, baby onesies, swaddle blankets, and newborn gift sets.

Games Ideas

In our opinion, games at baby showers are the best part and should not be ignored. There are so many creative games people have created that make you want to incorporate all of them in your baby shower! To name a few, you can play The Price is Right inspired game, where everyone tries to guess the price of baby items and a prize can be included for the winner! You can also play a game where guests try to guess the baby’s birth date or have an onesie decorating contest. Overall, you can turn any classic game into a baby shower game, so play some of your favorites and relive those childhood memories!

Favor Ideas

Many party favors at baby showers go unnoticed, or let's face it, in the trash at home, so here are some ideas to make them a life long and memorable item. Something many of us can agree on is having a cold beer once in a while, so giving everyone “A Baby is Brewing” koozie is not only hilarious, but practical and useful as well! Not everyone may be a fan of beer, so a “Mommy to bee” soap from Kate Aspen is something everyone will be able to use, and don’t lie to me that you don’t want a honey scented soap shaped like a honeycomb in your bathroom! Another great party favor are wine glasses, for they are fancy and useful for almost everyone!

Baby Shower Cake

Undoubtedly, the cake is the highlight of a baby shower, which means it is important the cake fits with your theme and is made to perfection. If you guys are big sports fans, having a football, baseball, soccer, etc themed cake is fun and way more exciting than a regular blue or pink cake. You can also go for an animal themed cake, like a hummingbird or elephant, and have a pink or blue frosting base to add that finishing touch! When it comes to cakes for baby showers, you definitely don’t want to go for something like a wedding cake, which means colorful and vibrant cakes will be your best friend!

Prize Ideas

Baby showers are meant to celebrate the introduction of a new life, but it's also important to make sure your guests are entertained and engaged, so what's better than earning prizes? You have to have good prizes or else who is going to want to play, so our personal favorite is baked goods. Nothing is better than a well deserved fresh cookie or brownie, because everyone has a sweet tooth. Another thing many love and enjoy is tea and coffee, so making a small goodie bag filled with some of your favorite teas and coffees will guarantee to be a hit. In addition, something that is more universal and exciting for some is a gift voucher or certificate, because who doesn’t love free money! With a gift card, your guests can buy whatever they please and will most likely get more use out of it than other prizes, but some don’t find that exciting, so it is up to you to make the decision.

Thank You Cards Wording

Thank you cards are a great way to show your appreciation towards your friends and family, for they helped you get through a new chapter in your life that was not easy. To make your cards extra special, make sure to personalize them with their names and add some unique touches to each one, like a small personal note. The card itself can have the same wordings, but if you choose to go the extra step and make them all unique, go right ahead! Furthermore, some common wordings on baby shower thank you cards include thanking the guests for coming and celebrating, and also thanking them for their thoughtful and wonderful baby gifts. Don’t stress on your thank you cards, for you just want to keep them simple and straight to the point!


Baby showers don’t have to be something to stress about, for it’s just a fun celebration for your baby! Whether you are planning an extravaganza or a little get together, it's the people you are with that matters. Just remember that baby showers are supposed to be fun, so make sure to incorporate hilarious partner games, share stories, have a little contest, or serve comfort food! With these 10 baby shower ideas, there is sure to be one that fits your cup of tea. As long as everyone is having fun, your baby shower day will be remembered instead of forgotten. Of course, don’t forget it is your special day, so relax, have fun, and enjoy the environment with all your friends and family!