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25 Baby Shower Gift Ideas- The Most Complete List

Finding unique baby shower gifts can be a challenge for many who have not experienced having a baby yet or are not familiar with all the great baby shower presents that can help a mom and dad. You will never know what a parent needs until you have experienced being one for yourself, so that is why we are here to show you some of the best baby shower gift ideas for your friends and families. Useful and creative baby shower gifts can always go a long way, so taking the time to pick the best one for them can help in ways you may not think of!

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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2021

To help you with your journey to find the top rated baby shower gifts, here is a list of 25 creative baby shower gifts to ensure whoever receiving it will be very grateful for such a thoughtful and helpful item!

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Free Birdee Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling your baby has shown to carry many benefits towards your baby. It can calm them down when they are being normal newborns adapting to the new world. Going from a mother’s womb to the real worlds is a big transition your babies will need time to adapt to. In order to help them with this change, a swaddle blanket is a must. Swaddle blankets from Free Birdees are designed to wrap perfectly around your baby and ensure they stay warm and cozy. This is because they craft all their swaddle blankets with viscose bamboo, making it breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic so your baby stays comfy and safe at all times.

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Sleeved Bibs

Babies are notorious for being messy, so a pair of sleeved bibs for your friends or family can be a life saver! A sleeved bib has more coverage and special designed pockets to catch all the crumbs and food bits your baby may have dropped. The sleeves can help contain a mess your baby may have made and also can substitute for an outfit. The last thing you want is to get a perfectly clean shirt messy, so a sleeved bib will save the soon-to-be parents much time and work.

Nursery Light

Making sure your baby gets quality sleep everyday is crucial to their development and growth, so turning on a light can disturb them out of their beauty sleep. The light is designed to be bright enough to be seen, but dim enough to not wake your baby up. When you need to check on them, you will no longer need to turn on a light because there will already be one on just for you.

Free Birdees Bamboo Pajamas

Having a pair of comfy pajamas should be a staple in every household, especially ones from Free Birdees. They come in over a dozen cute prints and are great to be worn all day and night because who doesn’t love wearing their PJs 24/7!

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Handmade Gift

From a gift box to a handknit doll, a homemade gift can be anything your creative mind may think of. A gift made by you is much more meaningful than a gift made by a machine or someone else, so take your creativity out and impress everyone with your imagination.

Bedtime Story Book

It can always be a challenge getting something that isn’t on your mom-to-be’s registry, but there are some things that will always be innovative and unique! Your favorite bedtime story book can be one of them. Not only will it be a personal item that you can give, but it will be a guarantee that no one has the same thing as you! The mother-to-be will love the fact that she gets to share the same moments you got to do with your newborn or when you were a child. Who knows, this may become the toddler’s new favorite story time book, and you had the honor introducing it!

Baby Food Cookbook

Another amazing option for your next baby shower gift, a baby food cookbook is something you may never have thought of. Although you may think your baby will only drink milk and have store bought baby food, it is always a good idea to make your own baby food, as it is healthier and cheaper! You always want to give your baby whole foods, and many baby cookbooks provide amazing recipes for smoothies, finger foods, purees, and many more! Ditch all the baby food with preservatives, and go make your own with foods you know are good.

Rag Door Closure

It can always be a problem if your nursery door is loud when it closes, which is why this can be a great solution to the problem! Babies can be easily woken up, and after all the effort you took to get them asleep, you don’t want a door closing to ruin their sleep. You can find this product on Amazon, and can be a great purchase for a mother-to-be or even yourself!

Photo Album

We all know that photos are precious to people, capturing the beautiful memories that may be forgotten in the next decades. You can gather your favorite photos you have for the mom-to-be’s family and create your own album for them, or create a blank album where they are able to put their own photos. Do whatever works best for you, and either way, they will love that they have a place to store the endless memories.

Handcrafted gifts from small businesses

It is always great to support your local mom and pop shops, as they create quality items that are unique and not made in large quantities. As we recommended above, handmade items are great, but if you do not have the time or ability to do so, a great alternative would be to find your local small businesses and support them while getting amazing items for your next baby shower.

Free Birdees Baby Hair Bows

Finding the perfect accessories for a baby photoshoot can make a dramatic difference to your baby’s outfit. Not only will they keep your baby looking adorable, but they come in many different prints and colors to match any outfit perfectly. A hair bow from Free Birdees will be an amazing baby shower gift for girls or boys because the smallest things can make the biggest impact.

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Portable BathTub

When your newborn is still young and small, a bathroom or kitchen sink can be the perfect size for a quick cleaning session. During travel or needing to fit in a quick bath, a portable bathtub will be very handy. Most of these bathtubs are foldable and fit into any sink, so they are super easy to store, transfer, and use when you are on a time crunch.

Gift Card

Having a newborn can turn your life upside down and make everyday a challenge, so sometimes cooking and preparing meals are not possible. This is why a gift card from their local restaurant can be an extremely helpful gift when they are having a stressful and difficult day.

Diaper Pail

Some other baby shower presents to consider is a diaper pail. We all know every parent’s nightmare is poop and pee infested baby diapers that we all will have to endure. So instead of stinking up your trash bin or house, a diaper pail acts like a trash can and is designed to trap the smelly odors in so you will never need to smell it ever again.

Foldable High Chair

We know camping and enjoying the outdoors is a yearly trip families love to go on, but it can become difficult when they have a newborn. With a foldable high chair, eating will feel like they are just at home enjoying a normal meal. These chairs are also easy to transport, clean, and to set up, so they will not ruin your vacation experience!

Personalized items

One of the top rated baby shower gifts, personalized items are always a favorite because it is much more meaningful. What is so great is that anything can be personalized nowadays, from bibs to baby bottles. A personalized truck or stuffed animal can also be great baby shower gifts for boys. Some other options are jewelry, snow globes, blocks, blankets, or anything else you may think they will like that has their name on it!

Diaper bag

Every mom or dad will need a diaper bag for their many trips outside of the house, which is why it may be a fabulous idea to gift one! Based on preference, there are some stylish ones that can be fooled as a backpack, whereas others are fabricated with practicality in mind. A diaper bag is a must have for every parent, and it may not hurt to give multiple!

Phone holder

Do you love to go on jogs with a stroller? This is the product for you. There are phone holders that are designed to clip onto strollers, making it so you can watch whatever you want on your phone while still being able to jog and push the stroller. This is a game changer if you like to have your phone in front of you at all times, or if you get bored and want to watch your favorite TV show!

Baby shampoo/toiletries

Although this is something they should already have, you can never have too much of it! If you are already a veteran mommy and have a favorite shampoo, it isn’t a bad idea to give one away to see if it works for them! You can also include your favorite baby hygienic products that you and your baby love.

Closet dividers

Do you have a problem with organization? This is the best baby shower gift idea for unorganized people as it is so easy and simple! What drives people to have a messy area is that they are simply too lazy to fix it or clean it up; however, closet dividers are as simple as putting it on the railing and organizing each cloth by section. By the time the baby arrives, your baby closet will look organized and steller every single day!

Baby carrier

Another great option, baby carriers are perfect for newborns as they are not able to walk and you will need to carry them or put them on a stroller. Baby carriers enable you to have your hands free while still being able to do chores around the house. If you have not looked into a baby carrier, there are many options out there and it is definitely something a new mom should have to make her life easier!

Stroller organizer

A stroller organizer can be great as there are many things you need to bring for a trip to the park or just any other family adventures. In a quick moment, you may need to find something, which is why knowing where each item is placed can be crucial for convenience. Although it is not something you need, being a little more organized never hurts.

Create a gift basket

Sometimes there are multiple things we think would be perfect for the parents to be, so this is why creating one big gift basket with a bit of everything is perfect! Pick a cohesive theme, and add everything that you think will be perfect for the basket. You can even add some goodies such as treats, candy, your favorite movie, or even a bottle of wine! The options are endless and you can let your creative blossom.

Diaper Changing Pad

At home, parents are always prepared for the worst, but being prepared outside is much more difficult. To help, a diaper changing pad is the perfect on-the-go changing surface with pockets to store wipes and other necessities so you can clean up quickly and keep enjoying the day!

Dry Shampoo

This one is definitely a unique baby shower gift that many do not think of getting before having a baby. Taking showers is a luxury many of us do not realize until we have to give one to others. Life can become hectic and fitting in a shower for your baby may not be possible, so slathering some dry shampoo will make your baby clean and leaves little residue.


If you are ever wondering what baby items you should bring to your next baby shower, you should not have a problem finding which ones work for you! With all the unique baby shower gifts that are out on the market, it can be difficult finding which ones to choose as they are all great options. Nonetheless, any one of the items on this list is sure to impress a mom-to-be, and hopefully these unique baby shower gifts inspire you to choose something that isn't diapers or baby food (no offense!)