Our Materials


Kathy, the founder of Free Birdees, has been trying and testing every children clothing material and styles, while running a successful online children's boutique, called Two Birdees. Her two little birdees are always there to offer feedback and new ideas.

With incredibly soft texture and great breathability, bamboo has become an indispensable material for her family. Now, she would like to offer the highest quality bamboo viscose materials with one of a kind hand drawn designs to you and your birdees!



Stretches with your Birdee


Regulates Temperature

Ultra Soft Material


Bamboo materials can vary greatly in quality, and so can the sewing, itself. It all depends on who you choose to partner with and how well you manage the relationship. We have gone through great depth to seek the best mills, printers, and manufacturers. They are not only ethically operated, but equally important delivering the highest quality fabric materials and subsequently sewing workmanship. For in our heart, we only want to provide you and your birdees the very best there is to offer.

We are not going to stop just here.Our goal is to continue renovating and innovating our products with the help of our partners and most importantly, you. We are constantly bouncing ideas on how to make each garment more functional and comfortable for your birdees. A lot of decisions have gone into details, such as the fabrication of our bamboo viscose, the fit and construction of each garment, all the way down to the size and placement of a seam!