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      Children Underwear

      As toddlers make the big boy or girl switch to underwear, it will be difficult to find something as soft and comforting as the diapers they are used to. Free Birdees toddler underwear are not only buttery soft, they will also be comforting on your little birdee, one of the many pros to bamboo fabric underwear. With toddler energy at an all time high, running around the house and playing in the park will be fun activities for each child. Free Birdee's boys boxers offer a snug fit so the boxer does not ride up when doing all the activities. At the same time, these toddler boy underwear will be so soft they will feel like wearing a soft undergarment. Girl's underwear provides the same comforting experience, so they can run around without discomfort.

      Why you should choose Free Birdees Underwear

      Children's underwear should be picked with love and care, as your birdee deserves the best material for their gentle, delicate skin. Free Birdees kid's bamboo underwear exceeds many's expectations of what an underwear is normally like because of it's breathability, gentle on skin feel, and one of a kind prints. Coming in packs of 2 or 3, your birdee will be dancing with style as these mom-created prints for toddler underwear will be nothing like you've seen before! Who said wearing underwear can't be fun when you have a variety of amazingly unique toddler underwear prints to choose from! These bamboo underwear will not only make your kiddos more comfy, they will look 10 times more stylish when walking around the house!

      Softest KIDS Underwear

      With so many options online, how do you know which boys or girls underwear is the best? If you're looking for breathable and super soft underwear, the best are kids bamboo underwear. Unlike cotton, bamboo is naturally breathable due to its unique fibers, allowing your kid to sprint through the day with ease and comfort. Not to mention, you are also supporting mother nature when you support eco-friendly products, so it's a two-in-one package!

      Where to buy Softest Kids Underwear?

      At Free Birdees, we pride ourselves on keeping your babies cozy and trendy all day long! Our bamboo underwear and toddler bamboo underwear come with the perfect stretch and fit so that your little ones can feel great wherever they go.