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Why Buy Holiday Pajamas from Free Birdees

Christmas is approaching. It's probably the farthest thing from your mind, but you can see the Halloween decorations in stores now, and the Christmas decorations are not far behind. Before all of those fun holiday pajamas are snapped up this year, maybe you should be shopping for them. Don't forget the Christmas clothes for family members too.

Family holiday pajamas are truly an American thing, with the "tradition" started somewhere in the '90's and coming forward. It used to be kind of a weird thing for entire families to select family holiday pajamas that matched and to create a Christmas photo card this way. Now it seems like every holiday card you receive is from a family sporting holiday pajamas.

Ready to Start Shopping for Holiday Pajamas?

If you are ready to begin your shopping for holiday pajamas, there are lots of places online and in stores that have already started the Christmas season early. Holiday Time isn't following Thanksgiving anymore. In most cases it starts right after the back-to-school sales and continues through the new year. However, if you wait until a month before Christmas to start shopping for holiday pajamas, you're not likely to find everything you want and need.

Start shopping for family holiday pajamas and your Christmas clothes shopping now. You're more likely to find Christmas clothes for family members at a lower cost before retail outlets and stores jack up the prices for the holiday season. Additionally, holiday pajamas offer greater variety of styles, colors, patterns, and comfort levels right now.

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Best Places to Buy Family Holiday Pajamas

There are many different stores that offer holiday pajamas for sale now. Walmart, Amazon, Kohl's, Children's Place, Macy's, JC Penny, and more all have holiday pajamas for the family. Some stores even offer holiday pajamas for the family for holidays other than Christmas, in which case you may find holiday pajamas for Hannukah or Kwanzaa.

One of the best places for buying family matching pajamas, of course, is Free Birdees, of freebirdees.com. They not only have really cute matching holiday pajamas for babies and children, but also matching Christmas pajamas for adults too. Free Birdees is one of the best places to buy family holiday pajamas for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons is that they carry the best holiday pajamas around for every member of your family. Another reason is the natural bamboo fibers used to make these jammies for your families are irresistibly soft. These holiday pajamas are better pajamas than what Amazon offers because of the cost, softness and durability.

Boys Holiday Pajamas

Boys holiday pajamas include sleep pants, two-piece sets, long sleeve boys holiday pajamas and short sleeve boys holiday pajamas. If the boy in question is a baby or toddler, you might see sleep sacks, onesies with covered feet and onesies with no foot coverings at all. Regardless of style or size, the patterns in these boys holiday pajamas coordinate and match well with girls holiday pajamas and couples holiday pajamas.

Girls Holiday Pajamas

Christmas pajamas for girls are some of the most fun holiday pajamas you can shop for. This is due to the fact that there are more styles of holiday pajamas for girls than boys. Girls can wear two piece holiday pajamas, shortie holiday pajamas, nightgowns, short romper style holiday pajamas, and more. If you have more than one daughter, you can get different styles to create more unique holiday pajama looks.

Even twin girls can have their own styles of matching holiday pajamas without fighting over who gets to wear what. If they share their holiday pajamas, they can wear whatever they like for the family holiday pajamas card and then trade off wearing each other's styles the rest of the holiday season.

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Toddlers Holiday Pajamas

When you are trying for that perfect Holiday Time family look, toddlers get their own holiday pajamas too. Is there anything cuter than toddlers running around in toddlers holiday pajamas? Well, maybe babies holiday pajamas are cuter, but the one-piece pajama suits for toddlers are too cute. Choose from footed or non-footed styles depending on your toddler's activity levels and the flooring surfaces you have in your home.

Babies Holiday Pajamas

A bunting, a sleep sack, a onesie; all of these are available in matching prints for your newborn to one-year-old. The best part about these holiday pajamas is that they are the softest holiday pajamas you can buy for your little one.

Free Birdies utilizes the natural fibers of bamboo to create its family holiday pajamas. Everyone from Mom and Dad down to the new baby can enjoy the softest holiday pajamas in prints and styles that mix and match.

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Couples Holiday Pajamas

If it's just you and your significant other this year, you can still have a fun holiday time card featuring the two of you in your matching holiday pajamas. Check out the adult selection of couples holiday pajamas that Free Birdees has.

  • Matching onesies for couples that are a button down or zip up version of what many babies and toddlers wear, but in adult sizes.
  • Women's holiday pajamas in sets, with shorts and short sleeve shirts, or long pants and long sleeve shirts.
  • Men's sleep pants with coordinating solid color sleep tops

The matching onesies for couples in adult sizes are very popular. They keep you warm without bulking up or twisting around you as you sleep. The matching onesies for couples are great for lounging around the house on Christmas Day too.

Looking for Holiday Pajamas Ideas? Here's a Few!

Maybe you are feeling a little overwhelmed by choices in matching holiday pajamas for your entire family? That's understandable, considering all of the options out there. However, there are some ideas that might help you narrow things down a bit, especially if you happen to like one or more of these holiday pajamas ideas.

Green Matching Christmas Pajamas

Know what's great about green matching Christmas pajamas? They're green, which is great for Christmas, but after Christmas you can still wear them all year long. Nobody else has to know that your green matching Christmas pajamas are from Christmas. They can just as easily be normal, everyday green matching pajamas.

What's more, green matching pajamas work well for St. Patrick's Day, and if the color of green isn't too dark, for Easter too. Green matching pajamas with no specific pattern can be worn until they're worn through.

Holiday Spirit Week Ideas

When you can't decide on which holiday pajamas to purchase and wear, why not buy several sets of matching holiday pajamas for your family and wear them each night up to Christmas? The kids are anxious about having to wait for Christmas, but it may help to calm them down to open a new box with their own holiday pajamas every night for a week or ten days leading up to Christmas (like a countdown!).

If you decide to do this for a week, you can call it "holiday spirit week" and the kids can offer their suggestions for holiday spirit week ideas. The kids can help pick out the different kinds of holiday pajamas and you surprise them each night with one of their holiday pajama picks. Cozy up to a fire, watch a holiday movie, or read a Christmas story in your matching family Christmas pajamas for your holiday spirit week.

Holiday Pajama Party

Pick a day when your extended family can come over for a holiday pajama party. Get everyone in the extended family to choose their best holiday pajamas, matching or not, and have a great time celebrating together. If some family members can't make the trip but still want to participate in the festivities, consider fun ideas for virtual holiday party.

Fun ideas for virtual holiday party include watching the same movie together while in video chat or zoom and everyone wears holiday pajamas. You could also have everyone wear family matching pajamas and play Christmas music that everyone can dance to or sing along to over video conferencing apps.

Send grandparents who live too far away family matching pajamas and then invite them to read a Christmas story onscreen to the kids before the kids go to bed. Kids love seeing the grandparents wearing matching family Christmas pajamas. that look just like theirs and hearing a bedtime story from Grandma and Grandpa. Holiday time pajama party ideas are endless.

Holiday Party Ideas

Do you have family members that are expecting a child in December? You can buy them holiday pajamas with a cute little newborn sleeper to match. At a baby shower, you can gift the softest baby pajamas (baby bamboo pajamas!), baby bamboo clothes, cute baby boy clothes (or girl!), and newborn baby boy clothes (or girl clothes, if they know what they are having).

Another option is to welcome the new baby with Christmas clothes for family unit. Rather than just buying bamboo baby pajamas or bamboo baby clothes, you buy outfits for the whole family. Older siblings tend to feel left out when a new sibling is born, so you can buy bamboo kids clothing and comfortable loungewear for the new parents. In terms of holiday party ideas, this is a particularly nice way to welcome a new member of the family.

Gift Ideas for the Holiday

Once upon a time, holiday pajamas as gift ideas for the holiday would have garnered some weird looks from kids and adults alike. Times have changed, to be sure, which is why holiday gift ideas now include fun holiday pajamas.

Holiday pajamas work great as holiday gift exchange ideas. You can color pieces of paper with the colors or patterns of holiday pajamas you have purchased, wrap the pajamas up, place a piece of matching color or print paper on the corresponding boxes, and then let family and friends choose from the remaining colored/patterned pieces of paper. In short, they are actually the ones choosing the holiday pajamas in the colors or patterns they like best, but they will still be surprised when they open their gifts!

Other gift ideas for the holiday include using the holiday pajamas to "wrap" smaller gift items by rolling the smaller items up in the middle of the holiday pajamas. You save on wrapping paper and tape, and the recipients get to keep the holiday pajamas in which their smaller gifts were "wrapped".

There's the traditional holiday gift exchange ideas too. Everyone draws a name out of a hat. Everyone buys fun Christmas pajamas and one other smaller gift for the names they drew. Maybe they buy one or two items for Christmas clothes for family parties. It cuts way down on Christmas spending and adds some fun to holiday time. Nobody needs any additional holiday gift ideas after this.

Even More Holiday Pajamas Ideas

So much is happening at Christmas and in the month of December itself it's a wonder people don't lose their minds! It helps to plan ahead and have lots of holiday ideas in mind. There are multiple ways to organize these holiday ideas too, and all of them can involve holiday pajamas in one way or another!

Start a "Jammies for Your Families" Drive

So many families can't afford Christmas gifts, much less basic necessities. Start a "jammies for your families" holiday pajamas drive at church or your children's school. Encourage families who are financially able to buy and donate:
  • Christmas pajamas for the whole family
  • bamboo baby pajamas
  • bamboo baby clothes
  • Christmas clothes for kids
  • Christmas clothing for family in need
  • babies Christmas clothes
  • boys and girls Christmas clothes for teens and tweens
  • holiday time blankets and sheets

Families who can't even afford family Christmas pajamas will appreciate the outpouring of these items during holiday time.

PJ Day at School

Sometimes right before the kids break from school for the holiday season, the teachers decide to have PJ day at school. It's fun for both kids and adults to wear pajamas to school and not have to get dressed in day clothes.

Holiday pajamas are perfect for pajama day at school because it means the best holiday pajamas get the most "oohs" and "aahs". Mark pajama day at school on your calendar so you don't forget!

School Holiday and Family Fun Ideas

Spend the cold winter nights in holiday pajamas playing board games and drinking hot cocoa. Secretly assign certain board games to specific prints or colors of holiday pajamas, and then play the games that were chosen according to the pajamas everyone wears. Keep your school holiday break from being boring and keep everyone comfortable in the softest holiday pajamas you can buy.

If the kids want friends over after Christmas, think about some pajama party ideas. Maybe kids pajama sets can be given out to kids who stay the night and the kids can take their kids pajama sets home with them in the morning. Maybe play some games for fun holiday pajamas sets as prizes. Get creative with your school holiday and family fun ideas!

Assessing and Comparing Holiday Pajamas from Other Retailers to Free Birdees' Holiday Pajamas

Lots of retailers can sell you family Christmas pajamas, but theirs really don't stack up to Free Birdees' holiday pajamas. It helps to see the comparison with a few other retailers to understand why these holiday pajamas by Free Birdees are by far the best Christmas pajamas for the whole family.

Old Navy Holiday Pajamas vs. Free Birdees Family Pajamas Made of Bamboo

Sure, Old Navy may have holiday pajamas for everyone in the family, but theirs hardly compare to Free Birdees. When you compare Old Navy holiday pajamas vs. Free Birdees family pajamas made of bamboo, you immediately see the difference in quality.

Bamboo is very strong and durable. It lasts a long time. Not so with the holiday pajamas at Old Navy. Some of the holiday pajamas at Old Navy are made from synthetic fibers, which can feel thin and scratchy. Bamboo holiday pajamas from Free Birdees are all natural, won't irritate anyone's skin, and are so soft you want to wear them all the time.

Target Holiday Pajamas vs. Free Birds Holiday Pajamas Made of Bamboo Fabrics

Target does better than Old Navy by far in that Target at least offers soft cottony holiday pajamas. Sometimes Target will offer silky, satiny holiday pajamas too, but they don't usually carry infant sizes for these fabrics. When you take into consideration target holiday pajamas vs. free birds holiday pajamas made of bamboo fabrics, it isn't just the quality of fabrics that matters. It's the variety of styles and sizes needed to clothe your entire family in holiday time pajamas.

Walmart Holiday Pajamas vs. Free Birdees Holiday Pajamas Made of Bamboo

Walmart may have inexpensive holiday pajamas for the entire family, but they don't have bamboo holiday pajamas. There's also that little issue of lesser quality with Walmart products when you compare Walmart holiday pajamas vs. Free Birdees Holiday Pajamas made of bamboo. The Walmart fabrics are questionable, the origins of the fabrics are worrisome, and the stitching on the Walmart fabrics are not very good. The ethical and human rights issues associated with the production of Walmart's clothing is also something to consider. Steer clear of that uncomfortableness by buying and wearing bamboo holiday pajamas from Free Birdees.

Amazon vs. Free Birdees

Anyone who has ever ordered clothing from Amazon already knows what everybody else doesn't. Sizing is a major issue. None of the sizes you think you are are the sizes Amazon sends you. Their versions of bamboo holiday pajamas are tailored to fit people much smaller than Americans, which leaves you squeezed into what should be the right size for you but definitely isn't. There are no sizing issues with Free Birdees, and they better Pajamas than what Amazon offers.

More Than Just Holiday Time Pajamas

You already know that Free Birdees sells bamboo holiday pajamas, but do you know what else they sell? Have you checked out the entire website? Since you're already there checking out holiday pajamas, why not see what else they sell? Here's a quick rundown to save you a little time.
  • bamboo baby pajamas--these are the softest baby pajamas ever to touch your baby's skin
  • babies Christmas clothes so cute you'll want to dress your baby up the entire month of December
  • girls Christmas clothes
  • Christmas clothing for boys
  • holiday dress up ideas and holiday outfit ideas galore
  • Christmas clothes for family members in need
  • bamboo kids clothing
  • cute baby boy clothes and newborn baby boy clothes
  • soft baby clothes...and a whole lot more!

There's always more matching Christmas pajamas coming in stock, but you could easily solve gift giving issues with the holiday dress up ideas and holiday outfit ideas offered by Free Birdees and their Christmas clothes for family category.

Where to Buy Pajamas for the Whole Family: The Answer Is Clear

If you are still wondering where to buy pajamas for the whole family or where to get matching Christmas pajamas, the answer is simple. Buy your Christmas clothes for family and holiday pajamas from Free Birdees. The prices are right, the quality is outstanding, and the comfort unmatched.

Soft baby clothes and baby bamboo clothes may be found elsewhere, but they can't compare to those sold by Free Birdees. These items match older siblings' clothes sold here too, which means that everyone can dress alike in matching outfits. Whether it's Christmas clothes for family, matching summer or Halloween outfits, holiday pajamas, or gift ideas for someone else, Free Birdees has it.