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What Size is a Baby Blanket?

Baby and newborn blankets can be a vague term when it comes to their size and purpose. Of course, there is the universal baby blanket that all babies love to carry around with them, but how large should their blanket be, and what type? Whether it is a swaddle blanket or toddler blanket, each is designed specifically for a different purpose and is best if used that way. This includes size, for some blankets are not meant to be used for wrapping a baby, and vice versa. So the next time you plan to purchase a baby blanket, keep in mind that there isn’t just one!

Types of Baby Blankets 

Depending on what blanket you are looking for, you can always go for the standard baby blanket or choose something more specific for your toddler’s needs. Even though the size may not seem like a huge deal when it comes to blankets, practices such as swaddling should be done with a swaddling blanket for the best results and too keep your toddler safe. We are going to cover a few of the most common baby blankets, and what their size and use are! 

Swaddling blankets 

The average size of newborn swaddle blankets can vary, as it is meant for babies of all different sizes. Just for reference, Common size Swaddle Blankets come in a variety of sizes from 30 x 30 inches to 40x40 inches square.. If you plan to buy a swaddle blanket for your newborn, just know they are usually thin but large. If you are new to swaddling, it is practiced when babies are just born, to mimic the feel of the mother’s womb. They are wrapped tightly in a blanket, so it needs to be big enough to wrap around the whole baby securely, and not too thick where the baby overheats. An amazing eco-friendly brand, Free Birdees, sells the softest bamboo baby blankets, including swaddling blankets! Their swaddling blanket’s size is 40x29 inches, which makes sure to accommodate all sizes.

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Receiving blanket 

A blanket popular among parents and children, you will love it for its versatility, and children love it as a security blanket. Usually small in size, they can be anywhere from 18x18 to 36x36 inches (approximately). Lightweight and thin blankets, they can be used for many things ranging from keeping your toddler warm, a nice blanket for the cold floors, or a lovie they carry around all day! Either way, don’t be too surprised when this becomes your toddler’s favorite blanket! Receiving blankets can be used for swaddling, but there are some differences between the two that makes swaddling blankets the best for swaddling.

Stroller blanket 

The name speaks for itself, a blanket used for strollers or any other type of travel. With this, most stroller blankets are larger in size, as it does need to cover your baby from head to toe and keep them cozy all day long. Not needed by every parent, it can be great for traveling on airplanes, a stroll in the park, or a car ride to the grocery store. If you are interested in stroller blankets, Free Birdees offers the best stroller blankets that are made from bamboo, meaning that it is breathable, soft, and thermo-regulating! 39x39 inches, it is the perfect size for any occasion, and it also comes in many adorable prints, including their brand new Seafoam Pirates & Sea dragons print! If you want to check out more of Free Birdees blankets, they also have a toddler blanket and double-layered throw blanket. Check out their website!

Baby Blanket Guide

A soft baby blanket for your baby is not only amazing for the extra warmth but great for helping toddlers get through stressful and difficult times. Having a special blanket can calm your baby, so that is why you see some children always carrying their own unique “lovie” around, like a blanket or stuffed animal. Since a blanket might become their favorite toy, knowing which ones are the best is crucial because the last thing you want is poor quality and an uncomfortable blanket.   

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What is the Average Size of a Baby Blanket

A common question is what size should a baby blanket be, but there can be multiple answers. Depending on which type of blanket you are looking for, the numbers can vary. For example, newborn swaddle blankets are always shaped like a square and have the same dimensions all around, usually 40x40 or 48x48 inches. If you are looking for a bigger blanket vertically, crib blankets are the perfect option, usually 40x60 inches. Then, there are receiving blankets, which can be on the smaller side compared to the two other blankets, ranging from 18-inch square to 36-inch square. All these blankets are great, but some will prove to be more beneficial in different instances and situations.   

Where to Buy Cute Baby Blankets

Finding high quality and premium baby blankets may be challenging because you do not know which brands to trust, but you can trust that Free Birdees is an amazing brand with the best baby and toddler blankets. Their secret to their cute baby blankets is bamboo, which is soft, breathable, and super cozy! They also know that finding adorable baby blankets is also important, so that is why they have taken the time to design 20+ different and unique prints to cater to everyone’s preferences and favorite colors!  

How to Wash Baby Blankets

Once you have received the perfect baby blanket, the last thing you want is ruining it after a couple of washes in the washing and drying machine, so it is crucial you learn how to wash them safely to ensure they last. 
  1. It is true that some fabrics are more delicate than others, but all blankets will be safe in the washer, no matter the material. 
  2. When picking the cycle, always choose the gentle one, for the other harsher and rougher cycles may damage the baby blankets. 
  3. The detergent you choose will not affect the blanket, but its fragrance may affect your baby’s skin, so know how sensitive your baby’s skin is to make sure they stay safe and healthy.
  4. Cold water is always preferable for washing clothes or fabrics because it helps get stains out and reduces shrinking and wrinkles.
  5. Do not add fabric softeners, for they contain many harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your baby’s sensitive skin and cause skin irritations and cancer.  
  6.  For drying, air dry is recommended, but we all know that takes way too much time and effort, so putting your dryer on tumble or fumble mode works great as well, for it is gentler on your baby blankets. 

Best Materials for Baby Blankets

There are a few materials that stand out from the rest that make a dramatic difference to the quality of the blanket. Materials work better in different weathers and environments, so choosing the right one can bring much more comfort and happiness to your baby’s life.  

Bamboo Baby Blanket

Not many people realize that bamboo can be made into a fabric that is soft and breathable. Its fibers naturally allow cool air to pass, and a physical and chemical process is how bamboo can become so soft. In addition, bamboo is eco-friendly and one of the most sustainable plants in the world! A brand that has taken the initiative to make an impact is Free Birdees, making a promise to produce quality products while giving back by donating 1% of their sales to organizations aimed to better this world! They also make sure to satisfy every customer by offering a vast selection of cute and adorable prints to make sure their consumers stay comfortable and stunning at the same time. Free Birdees has the best baby girl blanket ideas, from their Heavenly Pink Unicorns & Rainbows to Powder Pink Koalas, which would all be so cute and adorable with your little baby girl. 

Cotton Baby Blanket

Looking for a breathable baby blanket, the most universal and well-known fabric is cotton, and this is no coincidence. Cotton’s fibers are naturally soft and free of chemicals, and are also recommended for hot weather because of its breathability. It is easy to wash, which makes it a favorite for moms with little ones because we all know how messy they can get! In addition, it can save you quite a bit of money because of its durability, which can guarantee many years of comfort and joy. 


Baby blankets come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to choose what you need exactly. You can always go for the multi-use blankets, which may already be a staple in your home, but like anything, sometimes you want something more specific and less generic. There is nothing wrong with having multiple blankets, especially when that means more warmth and cuddles for everyone! If you still haven’t made up your mind on what blanket to choose, the swaddle blankets are a perfect baby shower gift or blanket for newborns. Receiving blankets are also amazing for all ages, and is a must-have if you do not have one already! Also, don’t forget all the amazingly adorable prints blankets come with!