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What Should a Kid Wear on Pajama Day? Pajama Day Ideas for Children

It’s the day your kid has been waiting for their whole school year… pajama day! They are finally given an opportunity to shine with their pajama day ideas and outfits, but do you have any suggestions on which jammies are the best? There are so many different types of PJ’s, from the type of material to the various designs, so which ones are really the diamond in the rough? Free Birdees is here to offer the softest children pajamas in the world for your little birdee and the whole family, because who doesn’t want a matching PJ day photo?

What to Wear on Pajama Day

Did you know national pajama day is April 16? Although it may be your kid’s decision to pick what they want to wear, you can help them out by giving them some cute pajama ideas for school! A great tip is gravitating your kid’s PJ theme to the season they are in. If it is winter and close to Christmas, look for some Christmas themed PJs so you can amaze everyone and bring the Christmas spirit to school!  

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Boys Pajamas

We all know the classic red and black flannel pajamas, but we are not here for some boring children’s pajamas everyone has. With Free Birdees’ line of the softest baby pajamas in the world, all their prints are designed in house, making their prints unique and interesting! Also, Free Birdees offers over 10 prints in their boy’s pajama’s collection to ensure there is something for everyone. This allows your toddler to express their personality through their clothes and what they enjoy, and it will make kids in his classroom want his PJs! Some adorable prints Free Birdees’ has crafted are the Cloud Dinosaur, Atlantic Blue Aviator, Blue Lagoon Rhinos, and the Ocean Blue Sharks. 

Girls Pajamas 

If you have a daughter at home, Free Birdees’ has created a phenomenal line of girl’s pajamas that will ensure your little girl is satisfied! Fabricated with bamboo viscose, which is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and breathable, not only will your little toddler be comfortable, but in style as well! Some of the best selling prints for their girl’s pajamas include the Heavenly Pink Unicorns and Rainbows, Cherry Blossom Cranes, and Powder Pink Koalas. 

Baby Pajamas 

Have you ever wondered what baby pajamas are best for your infant or newborn? As a parent, your toddler’s nighttime rest can be stressful, for you never know if they may be hot, cold, or uncomfortable. However, Free Birdees has crafted the cutest baby pajamas made with a buttery soft material, bamboo viscose, with a few added details to make your newborn more comfortable! Adding a little bit more room to the top piece of the PJ, this will ensure your newborn’s tummy won't be exposed to the cold temperatures at night. Also, with extra room in the crotch area for diapers, this will make parent’s lives easier and your newborn more relaxed!

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Christmas Day Pajamas

I know what you are thinking, it is that time of the year for those festive family photos and time to bring out the Christmas spirit in your PJs! No matter the time of the year, Christmas is always in everyone’s heart, so don’t feel embarrassed showing your holiday spirit all year round! Thankfully, if you are looking for the cutest Christmas pajamas, Free Birdees has the best sleepwear, and that includes Christmas PJ’s for your toddler and the mommy and daddy! Since Free Birdees’ pajamas are fabricated with the softest material you’ll ever feel, bamboo viscose, don’t be shocked at how breathable the material is and how comfortable it is to wear all season long. If Christmas time is near, Free Birdees' family holiday pajamas will surely bring joy to the whole family and get everyone into the Christmas spirit! 

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Valentines Day Pajamas

Although it may not be as large of a holiday as Christmas, that should not be an excuse to bring out those valentine day pajamas and wear it all February long. Maybe your children might still be too young to grasp what Valentine’s Day is and only care about the mounds of candy they will receive from their classmates, but that does not mean you parents can’t celebrate on this fun holiday! Whether you want to buy valentine PJs for your whole family or just mommy and daddy, it’s a fun day to celebrate love and wear pink/red! 

Fancy Pajamas

Although fancy pajamas are more of an adult thing and not as popular with toddlers/kids, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your kids once in a while and opt for a fashionable pair of fancy pajamas. Materials such as satin, velvet, or linen give off a fancy aesthetic, and can make your little girl or boy look so adorable yet chic! In addition, pajamas with a collar or a classic robe can also be very fashionable and affluent looking! Surprisingly, most of these options are very affordable, so go out of your comfort zone and buy something other than your dinosaur printed PJs for your kids!

What Material for Pajamas Are the Most Comfortable for Pajama Day?

When pajama day comes around, no one wants to spend the whole day stuck in an uncomfortable and intolerable set of PJ’s, so knowing the different styles and materials that make the best pajamas the most comfortable will be a life-saver when the day comes. Pajamas come in all shapes and sizes, so picking the perfect one may be hard, but definitely not impossible!

Bamboo Viscose

When it comes to a good night sleep or guaranteed comfortability throughout the day, bamboo is a great option for your baby’s pajamas. Its thermo-control abilities will prevent your baby from getting too hot or cold, making sure they will be cozy and comfortable all night and day-long. Its natural fibers also make it extremely breathable, perfect for your baby’s pajama day jammies because they will be running around and having fun all day long! In addition, it is also hypo-allergenic, so don’t worry if your baby having an allergic reaction is on the top of your concern list! 

Cotton and Organic Cotton

An oldy but a goody, cotton and organic cotton is a great material for pajamas and any sleepwear/ normal wear in general. It absorbs and releases sweat relatively quickly, making it a great material for outdoor activities or night time rest. It’s also extremely soft and comfortable, so in case you somehow run into an uncomfortable bed situation, it can still keep you cushioned and relaxed. Also, this material is especially tailored towards children’s pajamas, for it is durable where it can stretch with one’s movement, but soft at the same time. It’s also great for parents as an all-day wear pajama material and nighttime rest. 


If you have a larger price budget for PJ’s, linen may be a material you would like to consider. Although linen pajamas are pricier, they are naturally soft, breathable, and smooth. They come with comfortability and style, so it brings the best of two worlds together. If your big boy or girl would like to impress on pajama day, linen will definitely get the job done. It is a fabric of no impurities and perfect for someone wishing for the top quality on the market.  


This material is perfect for the wintertime, for it is a thicker fabric for those cold and frosty nights. It will keep you warm all night long and during the day when you feel like not changing in the morning (like most of us)! This is also a great material for your Christmas pajamas, for it gives off those festive and holiday vibes! A picture near the fireplace with your whole family wearing flannel PJs is definitely a classic but trendy photo idea! So grab your hot cocoa and relax by the TV with your whole family! 

Pajama Day Activities

If you are trying to think of something to do in your classroom or just at home, don’t stress because there are many great ideas! Bringing a pillow, comfy slippers, blanket, stuffed animal, and/or flashlight are all the perfect gear to have during a pajama day party! With all your pajama day gear at hand, some great activities to do are bedtime stories with your flashlights and pillows, slipper painting (find or ask for old and used slippers), or flashlight shadows (get the room dark and use flashlights to create cool and fun shapes with hands or objects). For bedtime, the classic bedtime story or lullaby with your cute and comfy pajamas is a relaxing and peaceful way to put an end to your hectic and busy day. 

Best Ideas to Do on Pajama Day

With everyone all dressed up, make the day even more special by having a pajama themed party or activities! Bring everyone together, classmates or family, to enjoy the festivity and excitement with these creative and fun pajama day ideas! Nothing is better than celebrating and having the best time of your lives with your jammies and the ones you love. 

Cute Pajama Ideas for School

From dinosaurs to pink unicorns, your imagination is your only limit! There are endless designs and prints that can go with your PJ’s, so take your child’s favorite superhero or princess and show their classmates who the real boss is! With your superhero themed PJ, consider adding a cape to blow everyone away, or a tiara for a princess, which will complete the outfit and make your little girl a true princess. 


At the end of the day, let your imagination run free and choose whatever pajama floats your boat! There is no right or wrong pajama, any pajama works, but some may fit your baby’s needs better than others so choose accordingly. With pajama day being a fun and exciting day for your child, the last thing you would want is his/her pajamas ruining all the fun. As many say it, we remember things that bring us much joy, so don’t stress too much on your PJ choices and just have fun!