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What is the Best Type of Blanket You Should Buy For Your Baby?

Free Birdees has some of the best boy and girl blankets for your baby or toddler that come in 4 different types of styles: stroller, swaddling, toddler, and double layer throw that all have their unique purpose to guarantee your baby is warm and comfortable all year round, everywhere you go! As spring is right around the corner, it is the perfect time to venture outdoors with your little one and enjoy the blissful weather! However, you still want to make sure your baby is all snuggled up and warm in their stroller, bed, and/or at home. Highlighted below are some of the benefits of each blanket style that Free Birdees has to offer. 

Best Baby Stroller Blanket

Stroller Blankets 

Made for on the go situations, this blanket is perfect for family walks in the park or just relaxing at home! The double layer blanket provides more weight so your baby will be able to take a peaceful nap without the blanket sliding off. The stroller blankets are also extremely breathable, making it a breathable blanket for the summer and warmer weather. With how versatile this blanket is, it is the best option for all the conditions you may face to keep your baby safe and cozy. The dimensions are 39” by 39”.  Many parents use the stroller blanket to help shade the baby by putting over the stroller (Not directly over the baby’s face). 

Best Swaddling Receiving Blankets

Swaddling Blankets

Perfect for swaddling your little birdee in a tight ball of warmth, it mimics the feeling of being in the womb, and is lightweight. It can be used as a take me home blanket and  receiving blanket for your newborn baby. Made with bamboo viscose, it is delicate on sensitive skin and has the ideal amount of stretch to make sure your little one is snug but comfortable. Since swaddle blankets are made to be breathable, it can often be doubled as stroller shades and nursing covers. Many parents ask how big is the baby blanket? or what is the swaddle blanket size? The swaddle blanket dimensions are 40” by 29”.  There are both boys swaddle blankets or girls swaddle blankets, but many are unisex blankets as well. 

 Best Boys Toddler and Girls Toddler Blankets

Toddler Blankets

Free Birdees has the best toddler blankets, also referred to as crib blankets, generally are rectangular in size and measure 40” by 60” in order to fully cover your baby in their crib or toddler bed. It’s one of the toddler essentials that every toddler needs.  Being the second largest blanket out of the four, it is perfect for you and your baby to snuggle up together and feel the warmth and coziness. Made with a buttery soft material, it is breathable like all the other blankets to ensure the most amount of comfort and warmth. These blankets are popular toddler presents that come in whimsical prints such as dinosaur toddler blankets, sloth blankets, rainbows and unicorns blankets, floral blankets, and airplane blankets. 


Best Baby and Toddler Throw Blankets

Double Layer Throw Blankets

The double layer throw blanket is the largest blanket out of the four. Some folks ask, how big is the throw blanket? With the blankets dimensions being 55” by 75”, this large blanket for all occasions can fit on a queen size bed and fully cover a 6 ft. person, making it perfect for the entire family to get warm and cozy in. The shear size of this blanket also allows it to be used as a under bedspread or a duvet, ensuring warmth, but style too. Furthermore, this blanket comes in a vast variety of colors and designs, so it can double as a decoration piece to add the finishing touches to your bed.