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Unique Pajama Party Ideas

Sleepovers are always a good idea for kids. Adults love these nights spent with friends catching up or doing some fun activities. The perfect pajama party ideas should have a mix of fun activities that everyone will enjoy being part of. When planning a pajama party, make a list of guests, choose a date, send invitations, decide on the theme of the party, decorate the home, and get the food, beverages, and range of activities ready. Here are some fun ideas to consider:

Pajama Party Ideas for Kids

Indoor Camp

Camping is always a fun idea. However, going on a campsite may not be an ideal idea if you only have one night. Instead, create blanket forts or set up indoor tents, have some sleeping bags, and get the camp going. You do not have to worry about mosquitos or bad weather, and you can engage in so many other activities while camping.

Making Paper Planes

Paper planes are easy to make. If a kid doesn’t know how to make one, you can teach them during the pajama party. The real challenge is in getting the paper plane through different targets. You can create a board with three or more holes with scores. The highest score will win.

Decorate Cupcakes

Kids love cupcakes, and you can teach them how decorate during kids pajamas party. Get the right ingredients, including chocolate sauce, M&Ms, sprinkles, frosting and other toppings for cupcakes. Set out bowls for each kid and have each do their own decoration and get ready for the rush that comes after the decorations. You can also do the decorations for ice cream toppings instead of cupcakes.

Make Fancy Popcorns

Popcorns are great for a kid’s movie night. You can make them and add different flavors, including green matcha, popcorn trail, and bacon chocolate among others. You can also have them in different colors. You can even have them looking like unicorns. Get different recipes for popcorns online and then try them out with the kids.

Movie Bingo

If you plan on watching a movie, you can try movie bingo. This is a game where kids tick off activities, places, and people on a card as they see them on the movie. You can buy a movie bingo card on Etsy or, you can create a DIY card. Kids can tick off activities such as eating, cooking, running, reading, and many more. People can be doctors, teachers, firemen, and police among others. Places can be the beach, shopping mall, desert, church, and many more. Your card can be as diverse as possible. Kids will tick every activity, place, item, or person they see.

Making Paper Bracelets

Making friendship bracelets with colored papers is easy. The kids can color the papers first using water color then cut them and fold them to make a bracelet. You can let the kids explore their creativity and then show them a few designs from online sources so that they can learn first.


Stargazing is a good idea if you plan to stay up late. Kids can learn more about the sky and even have fun while at it. This activity requires that you have a telescope. Set it up on your backyard and check the constellations you pick before you invite the kids to watch. There are some stargazing apps that can help you create the best experience.

Make a Photo-booth and Take Photos

To make a photobooth, all you need is a streamer backdrop and some props and costumes. The kids can decorate the photobooth as much as they want. They can then take selfies in their kids pajamas as long as they like. If the kids are creative, they might even act a short skit with the props.

Play a New Board Game

Kids always love a good game. However, if they have already played the game severally, it might not interest them on a sleepover night. Look for a new board game; one that the kids haven’t tried before, and allow them to figure out the strategy on their own. They have to learn the rules and create their own strategies to win.

Continue the Story

This is a classic game that even adults love. In this game, the first child writes the starting sentence of a story on a page and gives it to the next kid. The kids that follow will only see one sentence before they write their own sentence. At the end of the game, the story will be read and will be nonsensical and funny.

Story Night

Kids love a good story. Story times are always interesting even at home. During a kids pajamas party, you can read them a spooky story. While on their toddler pajamas and together in the room, they will not fear anything from the stories.

Night Games for Kids

Get children pajamas and have some stomp rocket or glow-in-the-dark Frisbees. Play in an area that doesn’t have much traffic until you cannot see each other anymore. Search for more night games online that will be appropriate for the age of the kids you need to engage in the game.

Serve Chocolate

In case the sleepover is during the winter season, you need to offer hot chocolate or cocoa. You can allow the kids to have more flavors and taste with orange, peppermint, and pumpkin spice among others. The kids can also learn how to mix the chocolate.

Do a Night Hike

This is one of the best pajama party ideas when the kids are feeling adventurous. You only need flashlights or some headlamps to keep the path clear, and you are good to go. During the hike, you need to look out for owls and other nocturnal animals. Ensure the kids have warm baby pajamas.

Watch the Sunrise

This idea will only work if the kids slept early into the night, and they are able to wake up early, or they are still up when the sun comes up. Take them to a good sunrise spot while still in their children pajamas and let them see the sunrise. They can even capture their silhouettes against the sunrise.

Whip Up a Pancake Breakfast

A good breakfast is part of the sleepover for kids. They will want to enjoy the breakfast and talk about the night that was before they head home. They can have the breakfast while still in their baby PJs and then head home later. Make pancakes with whipped cream and some fruit toppings to make the breakfast interesting.

Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

Hide treats in different parts of the house and let the kids look for them. The treat they find will be their reward. For toddlers on their toddler pajamas, you can hide these treats in a bucket with sand or full of beads and let them dig in their small hands to search the treasures.

Adult Pajama Party Ideas

There are so many adult pajama party ideas for a night or two when friends are together. In fact, some of the pajama party ideas for kids will also be good for adults. Here are some pajama party ideas to try.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza can be better than the pizza from your favorite store. You can customize the pizza so that it has the flavors you want. Add the toppings as you see fit and your pizza will have your signature taste and flavor. You can all help each other follow the recipes from online sources.

Try New Braiding Styles

Girls love making their braids as they tell their secrets to each other. Next time, try some new styles of braids. Instead of making the normal three strands, you can go on and make corset braids, waterfalls, and fishtails among others. You can even search for braiding ideas online, braid, and then take wacky photos with the new braid styles.

Watch a Horror Movie

Horror movies are so much fun late at night. Because you cannot watch them alone, why not have them as one of the pajama party ideas. This is one of the best adult pajama party ideas for Halloween. You need to have some cozy pillows, bring some popcorns, and check for pajama party outfit ideas for adults to keep warm.

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Take Photos

Everyone loves a good photoshoot. Women will especially love the idea even more. To have an indoor photoshoot, you need to bring your best pajamas and other clothes for the shoot. You can also rent or borrow a good camera and make a simple photobooth. Taking photos is one way to document the events of the night and also to have fun.

Karaoke at Home

This is a favorite of men and women's pajama party ideas. You only need a karaoke machine and some printed lyrics and you are ready to let loose. Choose songs early in advance so that everyone is catered for. You also need to ensure that you have the right snacks and drinks to keep the party going.

Predict the Future

This is one of the ideas for Christmas pajama party. You can get a tarot deck, cootie catcher, Magic 8-Ball, Ouija board, and a game of MASH. You will have some fun predicting the future and wondering whether their predictions will come true. These games are just for entertainment, and there may be nothing true in them.

Pillow Fights

Pillow fights can be among the pajama party ideas for kids as well as men and women's pajama party ideas. You only need to set the main ground rule – no hits on the face – and you are good to get started. You may need to keep your best pillows away so that you still have some to use after the fight.

Manicure and Pedicure Night

This is one of the best pajama party ideas for women. You need to have a pedicure and manicure kit and then take turns to make each other’s nails. You can search for online tutorials and try out different patterns and shapes for the polishes.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

This can also be one of the pajama party ideas for kids. Here, you spin the polish bottle while gathered in a circle. Choose some colors for the game. If the bottle points one of the players, the player has to paint their nails that color. It can be among the Christmas pajama party ideas for adults.

Spa Night

Girls will love the idea of a spa night, but men will also benefit from such a night. It involves drinks, soaking the feet, face masks, steam baths, and so much more. You can make the night interesting by taking photos of every stage. However, do not let the photos interfere with your fun.

Play Cards

There are so many cards games to play during a pajama party. You can play poker or blackjack as played in casinos, or you can play any of the hundreds of other interesting card games online. One of the games is the “murder in the dark.” Here, cards are dealt and the player with an ace becomes a detective and the one with a face card becomes a murderer. The player with the ace has to detect who the murderer is before he/she winks at all the players and eliminates them.

Designing Pillow Case

Your night in might be the day you make some custom pillow cases. You can bring in pillow cases with an image, or you can create an image on a white pillow case. Use fabric markers to create an image that you like on the pillow case. If you can get some screen printing kits, you can make even better custom cases.

Dance Contest

A dance contest needs you to have the best pajama party outfit ideas for adults. Create the contest in a way that everyone participates and have an honest way to judge the contestants. You can have two or more groups and then let every group choreograph a routine. Ensure there is a video of the dances at the end of the competition.

Have the Right Songs

Songs can create any atmosphere you want. You can play party songs to get the place lively, or you can play cool songs to make everyone feel soulful. Also pick the right music to go with the various activities that you will undertake during the pajama party.

Have Some Décor for the Party

Party decorations enhance the mood. You can have balloons, cups, flowers, plates, and so many other items. Ensure the decorations match the theme of the party and they allow you to carry out different activities. Ensure that you have enough beddings for visitors, including mattresses, quilts, pillows, and blankets.

Matching Pajamas

This is one of the pajama party ideas for kids and adults. With a pajama party, everyone will be in a pajama, but it would be great if the pajamas match. Baby pajamas, toddler pajamas, and adult pajamas should all match. You can use baby pajamas sets, rompers, or even get bathrobes that match.

Truth or Dare

This is a common game that you can play at any party. You need to prepare the questions beforehand. You need to take numbers in a jar and take turns to ask questions or dares. Players decide whether to answer questions or dare.

Engage in Some Art and Crafts

Crafts with papers and fabrics and other materials are always a good idea if you are feeling creative. It is one of the great Christmas pajama party ideas or birthday pajama party ideas for adults when you want to give gifts at the end of the party.

Write Invitations

An adult pajama party should have invitations. People love good looking invitations. The invitation should contain date, time, venue, attire, theme, items to bring, and RSVP information. Send out the invitations early so that everyone can have their pajamas ready. You can ask for birthday pajama party ideas for adults after the invitation.

Schedule for Available Time

You can only have so many activities in one night. If you want to make the best of the night, create a list of the best ideas for Christmas pajama party and ensure they fit into the schedule. Ensure that everyone knows of these activities so that they come ready with the PJs and everything else needed.


There are so many pajama party ideas to choose from. For toddlers and babies, ensure you have the best baby PJs. With the best baby pajamas, the kids will be comfortable to do several activities. You also need to create a lineup of activities to keep the kids engaged and not bored. You can have matching baby pajamas and then create activities that kids enjoy.

Adults will enjoy so many activities, including some that kids enjoy. However, you can craft the adult pajama party to have more creative ideas than just making snacks. Like in any other party, you need to consult and not come up with ideas all alone. It would be awkward if some people are not comfortable with most of the ideas you came up with, and you are stuck there with no activity to engage in.