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Tricks to Keep Your Baby’s Headband On

Placing a bow on your daughter’s head lets her know that she is a special little lady that takes pride in her appearance. At Free Birdees, we have a gorgeous selection of baby girl hair bows, headbands for one year olds, headbands for two year olds, petite and dainty baby hair bows as well as statement pieces like big hair bows for babies. Our cute hair bows for babies stay put and are picture-perfect for going out and snapping adorable pics of your babe. Match your baby girl’s outfit with our big hair bows for babies such as our trendy knotted top bows. As a parent, you take great pride in dressing your child in pristine and put-together outfits for a play date, a day out on the town, or for a special photoshoot. You want your beautiful daughter to look her best and have lovely accessories on, like headbands, to coordinate with her outfits that have been so carefully selected. These hair accessories can be the cherry on top of a beautiful lacy dress, a complement to a boyish overalls outfit, and a match made in heaven with a pretty t-shirt and jeans. There is one lingering question. How do you keep the gorgeous hair bows and headbands on? We have the solution for you at Free Birdees.

How to keep a headband on

We all know how difficult it is to keep a hair accessory on a curious little human. They wonder what that strange object is on their head and they want to rip it off and feel it. If it is a bad quality headband, it may be itchy or uncomfortable so naturally, your baby wants to take it off! Safety is everything when you have a newborn, so a cheap, plastic, rigid headband such as a headband with those little plastic teeth is absolutely not the best choice for your baby. A newborn baby’s head needs to be protected at all times as the skull is still growing and joining together. As a responsible parent, you want to make sure any hair accessories are comfortable and safe for your little one. Free Birdees’ headbands and wraps are made with luxurious, buttery-soft and breathable material called bamboo fabric. Our luxury hair accessories are ultra-comfy for your baby and they never leave scratches or harsh marks on the skin! For babies and toddlers, we recommend our wide hair bows which are made with the highly stretchy and breathable bamboo from viscose material. Our hair bows have one-of-a-kind designs that have been baby-tested for wearability and are mother approved! Our hair bows are so soft and stretchy that they stay put on your baby’s head. However, some children do still have the tendency to rip off headbands or have them slip off due to improper placement. After all the time, effort, and money spent on buying these wonderful accessories which complement your baby’s outfits, seeing your child encounter these problems is beyond frustrating. How can we address this very maddening problem? The absolute best way to have your baby girl keep headbands and hair bows on is to get them acclimated to the sensation very early. If you can put a headband or hair bow in their hair every day since they are a newborn, they will be used to the routine of getting their hair done up nicely. Start this routine early by purchasing cute hair bows for babies at Free Birdees. If you put hairbows in your baby girl’s hair every single day, it becomes an expected routine. Practice makes perfect and practicing putting bows in your baby girl’s hair as soon as possible will be worth it in the long run. After instilling this habit, your little one will look forward to or even ask you to put attractive hair bows in their hair for the day. Imagine how much easier it will be to get your baby girl all dressed up for that Christmas card photoshoot if you have instilled the hair bow and headband habit since birth. Monkey see, monkey do! Your baby girl is watching everything you do and will likely want to imitate your actions. It is common for young girls to rifle through their mothers’ makeup bags and paint their faces because they see Mom do it every day. They have a desire to be just like you! If you wear a headband alongside her, naturally your daughter will want to wear one to be just like you. Kudos if you have matching hair bows or headbands! A tried-and-true way to get your baby girl to like wearing headbands is if it makes her more like Mommy.

How to put headband on toddler

Putting a hairband on a newborn is easy enough. But the question remains: how do you keep a headband on a rambunctious toddler? How to keep a headband from slipping off your toddler’s head is simple but easy to miss. The trick is to place the headband directly above the ears, right before the largest portion of the child’s head. If the headband is placed too low on the head (close to the forehead) or too far back on the head (past the large portion), it will slip off very easily, causing both you and toddler frustration.

Our quality products

Free Birdees offers you a wonderful selection of baby girl hair bows and the best baby headband options that come in vibrant colors and prints. Feel the softness of our bamboo baby headband material. It is simply the best baby headband, as it is incredibly comfortable and gentle on your baby’s head. Our bamboo baby headband options are made of breathable and stretchy material. They are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and allow your baby’s head to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our baby hair bows come in stylish prints and lively colors. Whether you prefer floral or pretty pastel, your baby girl will look stunning with hair accessories from Free Birdees. Our infant hair bows are not only super stylish but are very affordable too! Browse our stunning selection of hair bows for newborns, stylish headbands, or toddler hair bows. When your precious daughter is wearing one of our specially crafted head bows, you can be confident that she’ll look delightful and put-together.

How to style headbands

When you buy or receive a Free Birdees newborn headband or baby hair bow, make sure you give it a light stretch it before placing it on your baby’s head. Remember, the skull is still growing and is very sensitive so you want to make sure that safety comes first. This light stretch will ensure the headband does not feel too tight for your baby. After the headband is securely on, it will stretch out a little. This allows for the elastic of the baby headband to grow with them. To look their best, baby headbands with trendy oversized bows on them often look best straight down the middle and further back on the baby’s head. It is fashionable to place smaller bow headbands with the bow twisted slightly to the side. Remember that to avoid slipping, the baby headband should be pushed far enough back to leave the forehead visible. This allows for the best fit on their little heads. If your baby girl has hair, place some strands of hair loosely to frame their face before placing the headband. This technique is so adorable and showcases both your child’s beautiful hair and the exquisite headband. If you prefer the soft bamboo baby headwrap style, Free Birdees has several adorable options for you. Consider print options like the Red Trucks Hair Bow or the adorable floral Champagne Roses Hair Bow. These hair bows are perfect for a picnic in the park or a Spring photoshoot. They will match almost everything!

Other products available at Free Birdees

Baby hair bows and headbands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Free Birdees products. For babies aged newborn to 24 months, Free Birdees offers Newborn gown sets, footies and coverall, pajama sets, rompers and twirling dresses. For toddlers to children aged 10, we offer several stylish clothing options such as cutesy pajama sets and trendy rompers. Our beautiful blankets and accessories are made with the highest quality bamboo viscose fabric which is delicate on even the most sensitive skin and has the perfect amount of stretch for your little one. Find the perfect fit for your precious babe with our selection of baby hats and hair bows, swaddling blankets, stroller blankets, toddler blankets, crib sheets, sleep sacks, underwear and boxers. If you have a friend or loved one who is expecting, a product from Free Birdees is a unique and elegant gift to give. Our highest grade yearns ensure longevity and durability. Our breathable material is second-to-none for your birdee to be comfortable and safely snuggled. Free Birdees is a brand that believes in providing the softest natural materials that can serve all children, especially those with sensitive skin issues. Check out the best baby bamboo clothing brand in the world and shop Free Birdees today!