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Transitioning From Diapers to Underwear

It is officially that time in your toddler’s journey all parents do not look forward to, switching from diapers to underwear, a.k.a. potty training. Whether you have heard from your fellow mommies how their experience went, hopefully, you have gathered some tips on potty training. With this, you most likely will want to have a bit more knowledge, for it may save you many accidents that are inevitable in the future. Despite this, nothing may prepare you for potty training, as it is different for every child. But there are many options you can take that will make this transition so much easier and quicker. As a parent, our already busy lives can be hard to handle, and with added responsibilities, it can be beyond challenging. Potty training does not have to be difficult if done properly, and hopefully, by the end of this, you will find it something to look forward too!

Tips on Transitioning to Underwear

Going from diapers to children’s underwear is challenging for many toddlers and parents! This is why tips on transitioning can ease so much stress on your shoulders, and make the whole process a lot easier. In addition, you can incorporate some fun into this journey, and add special rewards for them or put another twist of your own. Either way, don’t look at this as a stressful phase, for it won’t be if you do it right! 

Personalized Potty Chair

If you are having trouble making your toddler go potty, personalizing their potty chair can be a great idea! Kids love anything that is made special for them, and this will encourage them to go to their unique potty chair! Their name on the chair or some of their favorite animals, colors, etc can be a great way to customize it! Just don’t be surprised when your toddler keeps asking to visit their special chair every day!

Treats & Rewards 

Everyone loves to have a reward after doing something good, and this if especially for kids! At their young age, they need a motive to do something they are not used to, and creating a reward system for going potty can be the best option. Some ideas are ringing a special bell whenever they go potty, giving them some treats, and adding stickers on a poster for every time they go to the bathroom. 

Let them choose their own underwear

Just because you many know what your toddler likes does not mean they might like it. When you allow your toddler to shop for his/her own underwear, it is a guarantee they will like the print of it, which will make them want to wear it! You can also encourage them by saying they are becoming a big boy or girl, and they are at the age where they can shop for themselves! 

Books and Toys

Being in the bathroom can bore your toddler, especially when they can be in their playroom playing with the newest toys they just got. Therefore, you should create a basket filled with their favorite books and toys to entertain them while they are doing their business. This will encourage them to want to go potty, just make sure you sanitize everything because you never know what dirty hands touched the objects! 

Potty Time

Make it a habit to have a certain time in the day to go potty, just like how we brush our teeth twice a day! Find a time where you know your toddler needs to go potty and stick with it. You will find more success with their potty training, and building an everyday routine always makes life easier and more stress-free. 

What age to Potty Train Toddlers

Timing is everything, and starting early may just be the recipe for countless accidents to happen when it could have been avoided if you only waited a couple more months. Usually, most children aren’t ready physically and mentally to potty train until they are 18 months- 3 years old. As this is a wide gap, how do you know your toddler is ready? If they start showing signs that they want to switch, saying big boy underwear or big girl underwear, that's a good sign that it is time. Unfortunately, you will see accidents when they switch, for they still have the muscle memory from wearing diapers, and they assume the tight-fitting underwear is diapers. However, letting your toddler go commando for a few weeks will be the only way to get rid of that muscle memory and develop the new skill of using the bathroom. 

Children’s Underwear for Potty Training 

Now that your baby is out of those stinky diapers, you need to start thinking about which little boy underpants or girls underwear you are going to get for them. There is no right answer for which underwear is the best underwear for kids, for each one is unique and has different benefits that can suit your child’s needs more.  

Boxer vs. Briefs

Boy boxers underwear provide more coverage on your baby’s body and are easy to work in. They are also very breathable, for they are a looser fit and do not hinder their movements. On the other hand, briefs offer much more support than boxers and are perfect to run and be active in. In addition, they keep your baby more warm and cozy during those chilly nights! There are pros and cons for both of them, but most parents opt for the briefs because of the amount of support it offers. They are both great options and children can use either one and there is no wrong answer, so you choose which is the best for your baby. 

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Training Underwear

These are perfect if you think your child is almost ready for big boy underwear, but you are still hesitant they may have some accidents, which is totally normal. These underwears use a material that is more absorbent, so when an accident does occur, it will not be as bad as wearing normal underwear. Training underwears also feel similar to regular underwear, so this underwear will train your child to be ready and comfortable when they move up to regular underwear. You don’t want to rush this transition because diapers and underwear are very different, but if you feel your child is right there and want to start getting them used to children’s underwear, training underwear will be great!


This is like the next level up from diapers, having many similar functions and benefits. Pull-ups are as absorbent as diapers, and some even consider some pull-ups more absorbent because they are designed for bigger children. The one feature that sets this underwear apart is its design, which has elastic bands that make it easy to pull up. This means your toddler can pull them up and put them on all by themselves, promoting potty training and helping the transition into children’s underwear. Pull-ups are perfect for the beginning stages of potty training because they can handle accidents and help your toddler through their potty training journey. 

Underwear Size Tips

Getting the right size can be difficult because you are so used to the diapers, so here are some easy tips to gauge your child’s size. To get a basic understanding, use the size chart below to know which area your child is in, and also buy from a reputable brand that you know uses quality materials. A great brand that sells the best bamboo underwear is Free Birdees, using bamboo viscose to craft their best seller boys boxers and girls underwear. In addition, they have a 30-day free return policy, as long as you keep the tags in place, and don’t wash the underwear before testing, so there is no need to worry if you get a size too big or small! 

Underwear Size Chart

This is a common size chart that applies to the most common underwear brands, so you can get a decent understanding of where your child’s size is. If you are looking for a more specific size chart, all brands offer their size chart for their products on their website, so you can just make a quick google search and find their sizes. 

Size Weight (lbs) Waist (inches)
XS 34-43 22
S 44-68 23-24
M 69-100 25-26
L 101-125 24-29
XL 126-146 30-32

Best Types of Underwear

After your toddler’s potty training journey, you want to provide them with the softest children’s underwear possible. As they will be active and wearing it 24/7, it is crucial you get something that does not impede on their delicate skin and feels comfortable as well. Thankfully, there are many options out there for your toddler to try on, and many designs that are sure to catch their attention. 

Bamboo Underwear

Prized for its ability to be extremely breathable and soft, Free birdees children bamboo underwear is one of your best option. Bamboo has many beneficial properties including being hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and stretchy. This means that bamboo underwear will keep your toddler cool all day, and it will fit snugly, due to its “stretches with baby” property. If you’re wondering where to buy baby boy underwear online or girl, look no further, for Free Birdees sells both boy and girl bamboo underwear! With all the amazing benefits listed above, their softest underwear, the boy’s boxers, also comes in a variety of cute prints! This includes Cloud-Dinosaur Rawr, Grass Grizzly Bear, and Ocean Blue Sharks. With the girl’s underwear, Powder Pink Koalas and Pale Orchid Hippos are a must!


As this is a great organic material for any product, cotton is versatile for any occasion, whether it is activewear, pajama wear, or everyday wear. This means that cotton is also a great material for underwear! It also is hypoallergenic and wicks up moisture from one’s body. It also is able to keep you comfortable all day long and anywhere you go. 


At the end of the day, transitioning from diapers to children’s underwear is a step by step process and something that is not done overnight. With this, remember to not rush the potty training process, for no one wants an unwanted accident happening. Through the journey, finding the perfect pair of children’s underwear for your little boy or little girl doesn’t have to be a struggle, for there are many resources designed to help you through this change. Brands like Free Birdees will make your baby love underwear and wish they have never worn diapers ever! Once your toddler has achieved potty training, they are ready to step out of their youth and become big boys and girls, so it is time to get some cute and comfy kids underwear to celebrate this milestone!