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Top 15 Festive Matching Family Christmas Pajamas to Wear All December Long

Holidays are the most magical seasons of the year. Family members come together once every year to share their joy and have a good time. Despite the cancellation of social gatherings, there is no reason to cancel Christmas. Family can still catch up via zoom and enjoy the festivities.

Although we can't still celebrate Christmas like before, there is no reason not to dress up. You can buy matching Christmas pajamas for your family and wear them all December long. For that reason, we are going to list down fifteen terrific Christmas pajamas for your whole family.

Winter Farm Buddies Men's Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Few brands produce products that cater to men. Freebirdees is an exceptional brand that knows that men deserve to feel amazing. The long sleeve pajama set made from 95% bamboo ensures that you feel warm while still looking good. Winter farm buddies men Christmas pajamas are soft, fit, and are comfortable.
Most men have broad shoulders. For that reason, we designed the shirt with wide arms and a form-fitted chest. You can move around feeling free and comfortable. The shirt also flatters your body.

Trousers waist become loose faster, especially for pajamas. Farm buddies trousers have an elastic drawstring that keeps the trouser in place all day. An advantage our trousers have over other brands is that they have side pockets.
Color theme is another thing that influences the mood of the holidays. The redshirt and blue trousers of the men Christmas pajamas set enhances a chill, fun vibe. You can buy a matching outfit with the same color at the Freebirdees site for your whole family.

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Winter Farm Buddies Women's Long Sleeve Pajama Set

This women's Christmas pajama set is a complement to the first outfit on this list. The pajamas match winter farm men PJ's but have extra features to complement the woman's body. They have a sophisticated style and are the most comfortable pajamas for mums.

Women during Christmas move a lot in the house while still taking care of the kids. For that reason, the design of Winter Farm Buddies women's pajamas enhances flexibility and comfort. The high-waisted trousers have adjustable elastic drawstrings giving extra support to the pj's. Wide arms and a form-fitted chest will provide you with a smooth time to enjoy and take care of the family.

The fact that you can get the matching outfits for your kids at Freebirdees makes the pajamas addictive. The pajamas come in different true-to-fit sizes. Freebirdee offers free shipping and returns in case of issues. Even so, make sure you fit the outfit before tearing off the tag.

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Winter Holiday Plaid Men's Long Sleeve Pajama Set

If you are not into red and blue, you can try the green shirt and red and plaid trousers pajamas from Freebirdees. The outfit is true-to-size and is available in different sizes for your whole family.
Freebirdees have changed the game when it comes to men's pajamas. Winter Holiday Plaid men's pajamas have wide arms and a right chest. This feature ensures that you can move your arms freely and be comfortable. The trousers have elastic bands enforced with adjustable drawstrings. You can have fun with your family without feeling held back.

Winter Holiday Plaid Long Sleeve Pajama Set (2T-12Y)

When it comes to comfortable Christmas pajamas for babies, Freebirdees are standard. The toddler Christmas pajamas are made of soft bamboo viscose material ideal for kids' with sensitive skin. High-grade yarn makes the pajamas long-lasting. No flame-resistant chemical is used when making the outfit.
Winter Holiday Pajamas set shirts length ensures that the tummy is not exposed at night. They also have extra room in the crotch area for diapers. Your kid can play around and still be comfortable and warm.

Winter Farm Buddies Long Sleeve Pajama Set (2T-12Y)

If you want your kid to have an amazing holiday, then it's time to go Freebirdee. The animal prints and blue color of the outfit will make your kid playful and happy.
Freebirdees toddler Christmas pajamas come in different sizes to fit kids of any age. You can also get the pajama in adult size, which would make your Christmas photo beautiful.
Winter farm Buddies pajama set from Freebirdees material is soft and skin-friendly. These pajamas are designed in-house to ensure extra comfort and freedom.
The long sleeves and the extra length of the shirt ensure that the kid is warm throughout. At the same time, the spare room at the crotch area facilitates diapers.

Winter Farm Buddies Long Sleeve Twirling Dress (2T-8Y)

No rule insists on pajamas being trousers. If you want to catch up with your feminine side while enjoying the holiday, Freebirdees have got you. The twiring dress is stylish and versatile for your fashionable baby girl.
Winter farm buddies twirling dresses are made from tender bamboo and lycra with no additional flame-resistant chemicals. This girls Christmas pajamas are friendly to sensitive skin and comfortable for your kid.

Frosted Blue Milk & Cookies Footie (NB-24m)

When going for baby Christmas pajamas, it would help if you choose those with footies. They ensure the kid is warm and stylish.
Frosted Blue milk pajamas' soft material with no flame-resistant chemicals soothes the skin. The baby's sensitive skin is therefore protected. These pajamas from Freebirdee are produced in-house and have limited print production. You can buy these pj's for your baby at an affordable price.

Winter Farm Buddies Footie (NB-24m)

Freebirdee investment in your baby's Christmas look is impressive. Winter farm Buddies baby Christmas pajamas are warm and very beautiful. They are available in different sizes with a footie to ensure they stay in place all the time.
These pajamas from Freebirdee have a space allowance for diapers and allows the baby to enjoy some free movement. They are also picture perfect for that traditional family Christmas photo.

Winter Farm Buddies Long Sleeve Twirling Onesie (3-24m)

Make your daughters feel like princesses with this girls Christmas pajamas from Freebirdee. Like all other products on our site, the high-quality onesie material is long-lasting. They are soft and skin-friendly.
These pajamas can be worn as dresses and as classy beautiful tops for your girls. Unlike the others on the list, you can purchase these pajamas in 4 interest-free installments.

Winter Farm Buddies Coverall (0-24m)

Nothing feels good like seeing your kid smiling. The coverall from Freebirdee ensures that your kid can move freely while still keeping warm. They also have an extra room at the crotch area for diapers.
Winter farm buddies coverall is made using high-quality yarn. You get value for your money because it will last longer.
The pajamas' bamboo material is skin-friendly. Your baby might even get addicted to the pajamas' comfort. You can buy pajamas from our site in different sizes to fit your baby.

White Truffle Burgers & Fries Short Sleeve Pajama Set (2T-12Y)

What can freebirdees not produce for your Freebirdee? They can do it all. These pajamas are the best for babies who get bothered by long sleeves when it is hot. They come in white color, which is brighter. The white pajamas would make the matching family pajamas Christmas photos iconic.
Like all the other pajamas on our site, these pajamas are soft and long-lasting. You can buy these white pajamas for kids of any age at our website and get free shipping.

Winter Farm Buddies Newborn Set

A few brands produce newborn pajamas. So, we can ascertain that Freebirdees undoubtedly qualified for the best newborn set pajamas in the world. They will thus serve you from when the baby is born until they are about four months.
Winter Farm Buddies newborn set has a Two-Way zipper for a convenient diaper change. They also have fold-over gloves to prevent the baby from scratching itself. The pajama's soft material soothes the baby all time. The newborn set has a single knot hat that provides the baby with warmth and comfort. You can take terrific matching family pajamas Christmas portraits with adult matching outfits.

Winter Farm Buddies Toddler Blanket

We are all aware the Christmas season is colder than the other seasons all year long. For that reason, Freebirdee designed a matching toddler blanket. This blanket is so soft and breathable, ensuring the right amount of coziness.
The best thing about the winter farm buddies blanket is that it is oversized. You can also snuggle under the blanket with your baby. This blanket has a warmth that is addictive, and it soothes the skin.

Buttermilk Pancakes & Bacons Newborn Set

Yet another newborn pajama set from our collection. What more could you ask in pajamas? I bet nothing. This infant set of pajamas are versatile and beautiful. The gown allows easy diaper change and keeps the baby warm while still enjoying some fresh air.
The tiny single knotted hat made from the soft bamboo material keeps the baby warm. These pajamas are also cute for a baby's first Christmas photo.

Steel Blue Dragons & Knights Coverall (2T-3T)

The last item on our list is these steel blue Dragons and Knights coverall from Free birdees. These pajamas come in different sizes fit for your baby. The extra room at the crotch area facilitates diaper while the two-way zipper enables easy diaper change.

These coveralls from Freebirdees will make your baby have a good time and keep a smile the whole day. The color of these pajamas is lively and unique.
Having a perfect holiday is now easy with the Freebirdees extra ordinary pajama collection. We produce pajamas that can fit newborns and adults of all sizes and shapes. You can therefore plan for a perfect family portrait with matching outfits.

Various brands produce pajamas, but none of them can beat Freebirdees. Our brand has the best and softest baby bamboo clothing brand in the world. One more additional pro for buying our products is that we offer a flexible payment plan. For clothing worth $39 and above is paid in 4 free interest installments. You can be sure that the holidays are filled with love and fun when wearing our PJ'S.