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The Ultimate Guide to Best Baby Wraps

Baby wraps are a great way to care for your baby while still being able to finish your chores and jobs. Life with a newborn is no easy task, especially when you have to keep going with your daily work routine, so a baby wrap is a great way to have some quality time with your baby and get some of that work done. When having a baby, you have to be extra creative because time is a luxury most parents do not get, so baby wraps will become your new best friend! They combine the best of both worlds, time with your baby and time to be productive, so make sure you add an infant wrap to your shopping cart next time!

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What is a Baby Wrap

Baby wraps are a simple and easy way to carry your baby around while you do chores or work around the house. They are super convenient because all you need is a simple infant wrap and you will be set. With a couple of folds and some love, you will end up with a safe and cozy infant carrier wrap that can be used for any occasion. There will be no buckles or hindrances, so your baby will be able to rest on you comfortably and safely.

What are the Top baby wrap brands?

Happy Baby Wrap

Purchasing a happy baby carrier is perfect for parents who value their comfort and want to make sure they will be able to care for their baby and keep on with their daily routine as well. A happy baby wrap is awesome because of it’s lightweight, yet stretchy material which makes it super easy to carry your toddler around with ease and comfort. They use viscose bamboo, which is popular for it’s breathability and flexibility, so both you and your baby will be comfortable as they rest and you keep working! Happy wraps also come with many adorable prints to keep customers excited and looking their best every time they are carrying their baby.

Moby Wrap

If you have done your research, you have probably noticed this is the most popular baby carrier wrap, and there are many reasons for it! One of the best wraps for newborns, it is made of 100% cotton, so it will make sure your baby stays snug and cozy while they are wrapped comfortably on you. Moby carriers are also super popular because their design allows for versatility and you to be creative on how you want to carry your baby. The design transfers your toddler’s weight to your back and hips so you can have comfort while caring for your baby. In addition, there are many Moby wrap positions you can use as your baby grows, so a Moby baby carrier can be adapted and changed to your likings. A Moby wrap weight limit is also between 8-35 pounds, so it can be used for more than a year. Don’t worry if you do not know how to use this, we will teach you how to use a moby wrap later on!

Boba Wrap

A fierce rival against Moby wraps, a boba wrap newborn is another amazing baby wrap. They pride themselves in the comfort and safety of you and your baby. Their products are mostly made of cotton with 5% spandex, so there is a light stretch to ensure a perfect fit on your toddler. There is also only one boba wrap carrying position, which is your toddler sitting up and facing towards you. They do this because they believe this is the only position that ensures your baby is safe at all times. A Boba wrap’s weight limit is 7-35 pounds, but if your toddler is on the heavier side, you want to watch out for the fabric being outstretched because their fabrics are on the more flexible side. Other than that, their baby carrier wraps are perfect for all babies and is one of the best baby wraps for summer!

Boba vs Moby Wrap

Many wonder which baby wrap is better because they are both equally popular and loved by all parents, so we would say it comes down to preference. They may seem similar, but there are key differences that make them unique from each other and work better for different babies and parents. The main differences are the positions you can put your baby in when you are carrying them in a Boba or Moby carrier. With a Boba wrap, you can only carry your baby facing towards you because they believe that is the safest, but with Moby, there are 3 different positions you can use to carry your baby. Some may like the versatility of a Moby baby carrier and others may like the simplicity of a Boba holder, so it is all about your preference. A Boba wrap also has 5% spandex along with cotton, so their wraps are going to be stretchier than Moby wraps. At the end of the day, they are both great baby carrier wraps that have given many parents and their little ones much comfort and happiness.

Why would you need to use a baby wrap?

Just like much of life, things are designed for your convenience and comfortability. This goes the same for wrap carriers (baby wraps). A type of carrier, baby wraps put the stain off your arms, while still having your baby hugging your body. If you are unfamiliar with a carrier, it is any item that allows your baby to cling to your body while keeping your hands free! This is why having some sort of baby carrier is essential for daily convenience and transportation. Out of the many different types of baby carriers, baby wraps are one of the best and here is why!

Benefits of using a baby wrap

Baby wraps may not be as popularized as before, but they are still in style. Usually used on newborns and up to 6 months, baby wraps have countless benefits not only for mom or dad, but your newborn! When your baby is just born, they are usually more clingy, which means they want to stay near the mother or father as close as possible! Here are the 5 reasons baby wrapping should be your new mode of baby transportation.

It’s calming for you baby

Your newborn is in a new environment, and most times the transition is not easy. We all know the basic things like rocking your baby under your arms or singing a song, but there are many other options out there! Baby wrapping creates a tight feel on your newborn, and this is great for mimicking the womb feeling. They will feel more safe, comfortable, and relaxed, making them baby review approved!

Great for travel

A newborn baby wrap is not only comfy for your baby, but also practical for a busy parent. It can be inconvenient to carry around a stroller and drag it everywhere, while a baby wrap lets you easily transport your baby while keeping your hands free. They will be calmer in a baby wrap, and you will have eyes on your little one 24/7.

Improves your baby’s cognitive and social skills

Since your newborn is so close to you, they will start to learn things from the way you act and speak. They will hinder your socialization, which inherently improves their language and listening skills. They get to witness everything from your view, which helps them learn new surroundings. As a parent, you also get to learn your baby’s cues and specific movements.

Living life hands-free

You may not realize this yet, but having to carry your child around the house is not practical nor sustainable. Yes, there are other options such as a bouncer or swing you could get that would keep your baby occupied while you are busy with chores etc. However, a baby wrap is also a great way to maneuver around the house or public places without being burdened with a baby in your hands. You get the best of both worlds by being so close to your little one while still having the ability to do things around the house.

Great for your baby’s health

It may not seem like it, but the position you wear your baby can be extremely beneficial towards your newborn’s health. It can potentially prevent flat head syndrome and promote digestion. It also stimulates their muscles and helps them learn balance in a wrap. It can also be a great workout for mom or dad!

How to wrap a baby

The only thing that may discourage parents from getting a baby wrap is how to make a baby wrap. Looking at it, it can intimidate many parents when they see the many folds and twists, but once you know how to do it, you will not regret learning it! With anything, practice makes perfect, and although it may take a few tries, there are many resources you have that can teach you. We will provide a basic rundown on how to wear one, but depending on which baby wrap you have may differ. Although it might not be an easy wrap, when in doubt, Youtube is your best friend! There are countless amazing videos at your comfort to watch on how to put on a baby wrap.

How to do a front wrap cross carry

  1. Find the middle of the wrap (usually where the tag is!)
  2. Place the middle of wrap against your chest
  3. Take one of the ends, wrap it across your back and to the opposite shoulder and repeat with the other side. Make sure the wrap is not twisted.
  4. Place the baby under the wrap that spans across your chest. You and your baby should be tummy to tummy, and your baby’s feet sticking out. Make the wrap tight.
  5. Holding your baby, cross the end of the wrap over their opposite hip, and make sure it is supporting their bottom. Do the same with the other side.
  6. Take the two ends of the wrap and tie securely behind the back or side.


No matter if you are a veteran parent or newbie, a baby wrap is a must have in every family’s household. It can help your baby in numerous ways, from their health to development, and is also convenient. When you are traveling or busy at home, you can still care for your baby while you go do the things you need to do, like taking a relaxing stroll around the beach or finishing some extra work. Our hands can be our most powerful tools, so having them free from your baby can be convenient so you can become the boss parent you are!

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